Pot filler height and position - Standard?

bbs_homeshopAugust 21, 2008

Help!!! I have a pot filler going in and I'm not sure what the height or the X axis should be - side-to-side. I have a Wolf 48" and the pipe is currently position on on side on the range. I have heard that the height should be based off your tallest pot.. Is this correct way to determine the correct height? Please let me know your thoughts.

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I originally had my potfiller at the height of my highest pot. I found it was too high for my everyday use. Big splashes in my pots. So I had it lowered 3 inches. My backsplash wasn't in...so no problem. The bottom of the spigot is 14" off the top of the grates.

I use my PF every day...I find the height perfect for my usage. On the rare occasion when I pull put the tallest pot, I just fill it the old-fashioned way!

As to side-to-side, mine sits to the side of my range to service the burners on that end of the stove. My backsplash is plain tile, so I didn't have to worry about whether the PF affected a design.


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I agree with mom24kids. I had the plumber place it 2 inches higher than my tallest pot. I forgot that since the PF had two hinges, that the spigot would be 2 inches higher than that, so it is actually 4 inches higher. Yes, it splashes way too much, so I don't use it as much as I could. We didn't actually connect the faucet to the pipe until after the tile was in because we wanted to make sure we had the correct spacing for our tile. At this point, it would be a major PITA to move it down and we have too many other things with higher priorities.

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Mine is the same height as momto4kids. There was a post over the past 6 months about this and a fair amount of responses. I chose 14" as that seemed to be the most common response from other GWers. Try a search to see if it comes up.

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Its kind of funny that I asked roughly the same question about 18 months ago when it came time to rough in our planned PF and completely eliminated having one based on the responses I got.

There were a host of reasons we pulled it but the key decision point was no drain to protect against overflows and/or accidents. Since I had a prep sink within a step of the range, it was not as big a problem for me.

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