How handy does this pot storage look to you?

deedlesAugust 14, 2012

Found this searching around this morning. Yea or Nay for convenience and accessibility? Anyone have something like this?

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Does it turn on a lazy Susan top wheel or something?
If it's just hanging in there and all the tops are thrown into the bottom? Ick.

My plasticware drawer gets like that and I hate it. If it were metal pans, I probably wouldn't get fed up and throw them all out. However, once again, someone is crawling around on the floor trying to find something, or hang something up.

No thanks.

Maybe if the top, hanging wheel turned, and there were a bottom shelf that also turned, so the tops could come to me?


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Being that low and apparently w/o a door would leave a lot of unpleasant dirt on, at least, the lids, I would think.

My cats would be in there in a flash.

If it was on a turning lazy-susan I think I would also come to loathe the noise it created as the pots banged into each other.

Now, something with pots hanging on fixed positions, or in slots of some kind, both with some type of close-able apparatus that pulled out would be cool. Have you considered those corner drawers?

Everyone always says about exposed pot storage, whether hanging or on shelves: if they are everyday pots then they get used before they get grungy. That may avoid outright grunge, but what about everyday dust, the fugitive dust from cat litter boxes,hair and dander, etc., that's always floating around? I don't want even 24 hours worth of that stuff in my food, thank you. I presently have a hanging pot rack and I wash every pot before use, every time, so it's a big pain in the neck. Can't wait to get my stuff shut away in cupboards. I have some fairly frequently-used pots on open shelves, with lids on, and even those need rinsing after a few days as I don't want to chance of tipping any dust into the pot if the lid is dirty.

Sorry to be so unenthusiastic about this idea.


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To me it looks annoying as all get-out. Fiddly, hard to replace pans properly, have to bend over anyway... ycch!

Another poster just pointed out these King Korners which look kooler than sliced bread to me, though I've never seen em.

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yikes! get some deep drawers. best thing EVER!

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Didn't notice there wasn't a door. A hanging lazy susan with hooks and a bottom turntable might make it more workable. Wasn't really thinking of using it, just never saw anything like it before and wondered what GW thought.

Guess I now know the answer to THAT! :)

or at least, so far...

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Okay, another thought: what if the pans hung from a top mount lazy susan and then you had an open slide out on the bottom of the entirely open cab.... as in the example of the corner drawers, for the lids etc.?

Or you could have a deep, maybe 10" (proper) corner drawer on the bottom for lids and then an open space in the upper 20" for the pans to hang and rotate. I guess there'd be some reaching and once again, the width of the pans (and the radius of the hypoteneuse or whatever the 'H' math thing that I don't get)might make it unworkable. Like, the pan edges would hit the cabinet frame if they were too wide. I wonder how wide too wide would be? I don't even know why I'm thinking about this... just thinking of ways to fit 10# in a 5# bag.

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To me, anything that involves bending down to find a hook is bad, bad, bad design for pot storage.

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You're spending a lot of time on fiddling with something, where a simple corner drawer thing or a plain old lazy Susan would work just fine.

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...but ... if you're 4 - 12 years old and looking for a place to hide ;) Ask my kids and they'd be very big fans!!!

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I've seen hanging pots, perhaps behind a lower cabinet door or hanging above an oven, and the concept is fine, but putting them into the corner like that makes me think that getting them out and putting them back could be a real pain. Now a sturdy hanging rod that slid out (similar to a closet rod that pulls down) could be cool, but those corner pans look like a pain to me. Definitely would not want pet fur or dust bunnies accumulating in the bottom of an open cabinet.

Aliris -- can see the hiding place. :D Bet that deep corner would be a hiding place for kitties too.

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I'd hate to have to find the hooks to hang the pans on when putting them up.
And...when you are alseep at night, those skillets are going to fall and put dents in the All-Clad lids.

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What's the name of the guy that built the incredibly complex machines (e.g. the game Mousetrap?)to do something like, make toast or crack an egg. I guess this fits in that category.

Over it. All about finding space for a prep sink now!

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Rube Goldberg.

In fairness to the poor homeowner whose kitchen this is, it was probably a last-ditch retrofit attempt to make some use of a useless space. Probably the door broke or drove them crazy.

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Fori is not pleased

Yup, I was thinking along the lines of Marcolo. Sometimes we don't remodel our kitchens but have stupid cabinets and no good spot for our pans. I would want a door. But I don't think it is worse than what I have now.

Would I plan a cabinet like that? Of course not. But as a retrofit, it's probably okay.

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Come see me for your sore back!

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a2gemini: Why? What can you do for my sore back? Have you a secret remedy!

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Deedles- good ergonomics helps and that pot holder would not make the grade.
No magic cures for back pain but prevention is key!

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It's like taking the black pill!

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