Wrong grout color!! Delorean gray too dark :'-(

IkeaDaemonAugust 14, 2014

My tile guy finished grouting my white subway tile yesterday with Delorean Gray TEC AccuColor grout.

The grout looks way darker than I thought it would look. The tile guy also filled the 1/16" space with more grout than I had anticipated, making the grout lines even thicker and more noticeable.

Mehta should I do? If I decide to regrout, I know I should do it before the grout fully cures. Should I consider bleaching or coloring it?

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It might dry lighter, so I'd wait till it's fully dried, but I had to paint grout once and it's not that difficult, it also acts as a sealer, so don't seal you grout, it will prevent the paint from adhering well. Do a small sample and wait for it to dry, it dries lighter. Another option is to mix white grout paint with water and "white wash" the grout until you get the color you want. Whatever you do, wait till the grout has had time to cure.

I always recommend doing a sample board up with you choice of grout before you commit. Grout isn't that expensive and sometimes the coloring samples aren't very accurate. I just hot glue some tile to cardboard and mixed a little water with the grout and it gave me a much better idea, what the finished product would look like.

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On another thread, someone mentioned grout colorant by Aquamix, so I guess you could use that. But yes, I'd wait for it to dry, because it will dry lighter.

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Can you post a photo?

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I used DeLorean gray on a tile project and loved it when it finished, and was really disappointed when it dried because it dried soooooo much lighter. Just wait -- youâÂÂre gonna get what you want.

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I used Delorean Gray in our kitchen with white tile in 1986, and at first thought it was too dark also.
Give it time, it will lighten up and be fine!

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