New Kitchen Layout - what do you think?

katie707August 1, 2013

Hi - we are getting ready to renovate our kitchen and the designer came back with some great plans but I am still not sure if I like the cooktop on the island with a hood coming down or if we should somehow move it in front of the window. And she also has 2 islands planned - with a sink in the middle island along with the sink under the window ... not sure we need that and won't it be tight with only 3 feet between spaces? I would think we would be better off with just one larger island? Oh and we are taking the entire wall down where the cooktop currently is, so I am losing the double ovens - FYI. And we are on a slab. Please see what you think ... I just can't figure it out. We are a family of 5 and like to entertain, too!

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Here is a picture of the original kitchen layout

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The design essentially makes the clean up area a completely separate part of the kitchen, and it works in that regard.

But I agree that it is too tight between islands and I really don't care for cooktops on the same counter as seating. It's potentially uncomfortable / dangerous, and you are seated overlooking a hot, and possibly dirty stove while you are eating

I would not want the cooktop in this location, so the plan would not work for me. Out of curiousity was there any reason for the cavity walls inside the angles other than to maintain the shape of the angle itself?

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palimpsest - that last picture with the angles is the current kitchen - before we renovate - we are taking out those weird angles. Is that what you were asking?

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Kristen Hallock

I think she was asking if there is anything in those angled walls, like plumbing or something that would have to be moved.

I also would not want the cooktop in the island. And I dont think your aisles are wide enough. some of them say 3' wide, right? Those will probably be much too tight. 36" is a minimum if its a 1 cook kitchen and there is no traffic walking thru.

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Khallock - yes the aisles are 3 feet, that is why I'm not sure we need the "double island" set up - wouldn't one big island just work better, even if I had to put the sink there?
And we are pretty sure there is nothing in those angled walls, its just for looks. Thank you!

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I would hate the double island set up as shown. Prep on inner island then carry everything to outer island? Then cook on display to your close up fans sitting at the outer island. Looks like your kitchen designer just wants to sell more cabinets.

What if you loose the desk and move the pantry to that space. Then scoot the fridge down into the corner where pantry is shown and try to get cook top or range on that wall.

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Katie mentioned that this is a slab house. That's probably why the KD left what looks like a gas cooktop in essentially its current location. Moving plumbing, incl gas lines, with slab construction is pretty involved (expensive). I do agree it would be better to move it if you can. And 3 ft aisles are too narrow.

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What I think is your space is a really frustrating shape with way too many doors. It has plenty of space. I'm guessing that when inspiration and aspirin failed the designer decided to just cut line and give up.

1. Is there even one door you could give up/move?

2. Do you love your laundry as is? Could you move it elsewhere? Could you shorten it back to create a vertical wall?

I confess, I like the angled cabinets around the sink. Not because they're functional but because they're a special look integral to this house and tie in with all the other hypoteneuses? Hypoteni? I just looked it up--someone suggested hypoteneese. :)

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I agree with Rosie - it's really hard to come up with a logical plan here. I too wandered about relocating the laundry room.

Katie, what are your goals for the remodel? You've opened up a wall to what I assume is family room, and added island seating. Is the seating the priority, or the open plan?

I assume you currently eat all your meals at the dining room table, since you don't have other seating.

Could you post a sketch of the layout of the rest of the house?

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