Wool rug in the master bath?

gmp3November 29, 2012

I currently have a cotton runner in front of the sinks and a mat in front of the shower. That worked fine all summer but the bathroom is over the garage and the tile floor gets COLD.

I found a rug that coordinates perfectly with the rest of the room (on the right) but it is wool. I'd probably keep the bath mat but use the wool rug in the center of the floor. The toilet is in a separate room, so that's not an issue.

Anyone have a wool rug in the bathroom?

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I have a wool runner in my bathroom as it has cold floors. Love it.

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Yep........I keep a 4'x8' rug between tub and double-sink vanity. Wouldn't have anything else.
In front of the toilet and shower I have washable mats.

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I also have a wool rug in the master bath. I like it there a lot and find that wool is very durable.

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I have a wool Oriental rug for the Winter . Use it every year and have no problem...my feet love it :)

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Ditto. Our master bath is quite big and I have a 5x7 wool in the center between the tub, shower, and double vanity (a companion rug to one in our master bedroom) with small washable mats in front of the shower and tub. Toilet is in separate room with a matching small washable mat.

I also have black cabinets and linen closet door, window treatment is black with a similar floral design as yours and my wool rug is black background with coordinating colors. LOL. You have great taste!

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Thanks everyone!

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Mine is even crazier. I have a silk rug. As long as you know people won't need to stand on it dripping wet, and it isn't near the W/C, it's not an issue. I have my own bath so no kids and not even DH ... I am just careful.

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We take a small wool rug on ski trips, because tile on feet is so cruel.

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Go for it, gmp! That rug works beautifully with your shower curtain. I think it's a fantastic look.

(mtn, not to hijack gmp's thread, but I'd love to see a picture of your silk rug.)

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i have wool rugs in our bath too... i even have a 2x3 wool rug in front of the shower although sometimes i put a bath mat down on top of it. we tend to dry mostly off in the shower, but a bit of water doesn't bother wool anyway...

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