Painting ceiling same color as walls

karle13November 9, 2013

My decorator told us to paint the walls and ceiling the same color. We do not have high ceilings or any crown moldings. Will the rooms look bigger if we paint the ceilings white??

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Try it the way the decorator wants it, then make up your mind.

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You could also try same color but lighten it by 50-75% on the ceiling.

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It depends on the color, too. Is it a light color?

Once upon a time, my kitchen walls were a medium sage green and the ceilings were a lighter version of the wall color. Barely a color, but still a color. After a few years I tired of it because the ceiling always looked dingy. When it was time to repaint, I went with creamy off white ceilings and like it so much better.

OTOH, my living room is a darkish room with mahogany trim and ceiling beams, no white in the room at all. The white ceiling was almost jarring. It didn't belong. So when it was time to paint that room, the walls were painted a medium gold and the ceiling is now 25% of the wall color. So much better!

Do you have recessed lighting? I don't like colored ceilings when there are white "polka dots" all over the place.

I love non-white ceilings when it makes sense, but it's not always the best approach.

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Using the same or a similar color can blur the boundaries or edges a bit and can make the room seem a bit bigger.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I think I only have one white ceiling in my whole house. Depending on the wall color, typically going a shade or two lighter works well for the ceiling. If the walls are already very light, then putting the same color on the ceiling is a good idea.

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As ineffablespace noted, it blurs the line between wall and ceiling and can make it feel a bit taller. When I remove popcorn in a room, I usually paint the ceiling the same color as the walls, if I don't have moulding. The color looks a bit lighter because of the way light works and your eye isn't drawn to that big, white space.

When you have moulding, it's easier to vary the colors used. Ceilings can become a feature, if the architecture calls for it. My house is not architecturally interesting, so I like my ceilings to blend away :)

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Thank you all, there is lots of recessed! The main color throughout is going to be Ben Moore Revere Pewter!! Then the bathrooms and bedrooms will be a different color, but none will be dark! A friend said they painted the ceilings the same color and hated it, and reprinted them white! She said it made her rooms feel smaller with everything being the same!

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We took the advice of a decorator many years ago and painted our kitchen a light gray/ sage. We painted the ceiling the same color. I felt like my ceiling was falling in on me. I was oh so happy to repaint! As @ sueb20 said, sometimes it makes sense, and sometimes it doesn't.

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Lori A. Sawaya

The same color on the ceiling always looks good.

The same color on the ceiling doesn't always feel good.

It's very personal. Personal color tolerances are tricky especially when it comes to color over your head.

Almost as much as I dislike the phrase "it's only paint" I dislike the phrase "the 5th wall". I think it's a dopey way to reference the ceiling.

A ceiling is very different from a wall. Unlike a wall, a ceiling is a horizontal plane above your head and color behaves differently when viewed horizontally vs. vertically.

Switching from a white ceiling sensibility to colored ceilings deserves consideration and introspection. Ideally, you can check out actual rooms with colored ceilings in order to help you decide if it's a good idea for you too.

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My last house had smallish tall rooms. In the family room there was a drop ceiling part half way through. Both living areas had high ledges as well. Initially I had them all painted the same light color. For me it seemed cozier. Later I decided to paint the drop ceiling the lightest shade on the same chit. Still later I added hallway and entry walls done in the mid-tone on the chit and painted the dining room walls the darker shade on the chit. IâÂÂm glad I started out all the same so I could tweak it at my leisure. The bedroom ceilings were only 9â tall and they stayed white, not because I like white, only because I never got around to painting them. IâÂÂm not keen on white ceilings in living areas though because to me it looks uninviting and cold.

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Agree with Funcolors. How it looks and how it feels are two different things. Also agree with Sue20 that it depends. If you do go with a white ceiling, it doesn't have to be a stark jarring white. You might want to quiet it down a bit, depending on your color schemes.

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