Fast and Furious in Warm White Reveal with pictures!!

DreamItCanBeAugust 4, 2011

Thank you to all who have posted and given advice. Though I haven't asked many questions myself, I've benefited from the questions asked and answered by others more than you will ever know!

Background: We bought our 10 year old house 3 years ago in a foreclosure auction. We loved the neighborhood, saw lots of potential, and were happy to get the house for 30% less than the appraisal value. We had tried, unsuccessfully, to negotiate a short sale with the bank for 4 months prior to the auction. Sadly, the previous owners had not cared for the home. Though the bones of the house were good, we had to repaint every surface, refinish the hardwood, and replace the carpeting. The kitchen was in decent shape, but the layout had some issues and the cabinets were builder grade and the cabinets themselves were in poor condition. We lived with the kitchen until this summer.

We did the following renovation with a budget of $21K. We did all of the labor ourselves (thanks to a REALLY handy father) with the exception of the Cambria countertops. We did the renovation from demo to finish in 17 days. Yikes! I need a vacation!

Cabinets: Mid Continent Portico in maple with Antique White paint. APC, full extension drawers, soft close doors and drawers. Super Susan, pull-out recycling.

Cabinet crown: From HD, painted ourselves with BM Pearl finish paint which was color matched from the cabinet doors.

Cabinet Hardware: Amerock Satin Nickel Subtle Arch 5" center to center

Backsplash: Vermeere Ceramic Linear Mosaic in Linen, crackle finish (this was a custom order gone wrong that I capitalized on in the back room of my tile shop)

Paint: BM Pashima-AF-100 Aura paint (color chosen after using the BM/Cambria color assistant on the Cambria website)

Countertop: Cambria Quartz in Windermere 3cm, pencil edge, island corners gently softened corners.

Sink/Faucet: 16 gauge SS. Krauss KUB-10, faucet solid stainless pull-down Krauss KPF2120, Soap Dispenser Krauss SD20 modified with a never MT. Krauss bundle purchased from Overstocks at a great price.

Disposal: Insinkerator Evolution Excel with Insinkerator Air Switch on the counter. Love this disposal! So quiet and so powerful!

Floor: Wicanders Series 1000 Identity Chestnut floating planks

Fridge: KA KFC522EVMS counter depth, with water inside. Love it!

Microwave: GE PEM31SMSS in the island semi-built into a custom order cabinet built to size.

Range: GE Profile PG5968SEPSS gas on glass � love this!

Hood: Broan Evolution 3

Dishwasher: KA KUDE40FXSS so quiet!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Renovation

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lovely lovely lovely! congrats - i do love white kitchens! you must be so happy

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Wow great transformation! Great job!!! Love the Cambria. Beautiful backsplash. Please share more info. This is exactly what I'm looking for to go with our Delicatus Brown granite.

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That is seriously pretty!

At this point, I'd be happy to be done in 17 months, lol! 17 days is insane ;)

I hope you are reading this with your feet up, a cold beverage in one hand, and the other hand patting yourself on the back!

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very very pretty. I really love the granite and paint color

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The countertop/backsplash combo is a stunner!

Great job, all the way around!

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Its beautiful and so tasteful. Love the cambria...I think this is the first windermere I have seen installed. Its gorgeous! The whole kitchen looks like a totally different kitchen than the previous version. ENJOY!

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It might have been fast and furious, but it doesn't look like you missed a thing!!! Really pretty. REALLY PRETTY! What size is your sink?

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Looks great! Love the colors.

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Oooooh! It is Beautiful! So clean and crisp. Everything flows and compliments each other perfectly. Congrats and enjoy!!! :)

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That grey is a good choice. It ties the whole together. Congrats on your efficient progress--have you set a record? I'm so jealous.

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Incredible! It's really lovely. Love the colors and finishes!

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Wow, 17 days! Beautiful and so well laid out! Love your cambria! Congratulations and enjoy!

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17 DAYS!?! Yes, you all need a vacation after that marathon. It is very beautiful and looks very handy to boot.

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I love the backsplash. Beautiful kitchen.

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I want a fraction of your DIY skills!!! Lovely kitchen!

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Thanks everyone! I still can't believe we got it done that fast. I had done all of the prep work ahead by setting up the makeshift kitchen, emptying out the cabinets, and having everything on site that we would need. We made a couple of trips to the hardware store, but not nearly as bad as I had feared! We started demo on Saturday morning, and were ready for template on Wednesday. I took one week off, and my partner took a long weekend. Dad was staying with us (from Florida) for the whole time. We lucked out with cost on rubish - 600 pounds of old ceramic, backsplash, and misc. drywall for $23! Our old cabs, countertops, sink, faucet, & disposal were taken by the local ReStore (along with a donation reciept!). Look into that when you demo - it was a welcome surprise and they even came to pick up everything at the house!

@ RICSFAN: I really had my heart set on the Grazia Rixi crackle tile. When I went to order, I was poking around in the 'closeout room' and came upon the Vermeere. It had been custom ordered at $38/sf and the salesperson raved and raved about it. I was concerned there wouldn't be enough (I had 18 little tiles left - EEK!), but they gave it to me for $9/sf. We risked it. I love it - didn't realize the color depth and variation it would have over the large span. I'm glad we took the risk!
@Brianadarnell - I have only seen one install of the Windermere on the web, which is part of the reason I was hesitant to go with it. I do love it - the Cambria site makes it seem green, but it isn't. All creams and grays - with lots of sparkle!
@clueless - the sink is a Krauss KUB-10. It is big! I really enjoy being able to fit a whole cookie sheet inside and don't miss the second sink at all.

Regarding DIY skills, we sure have learned a ton! Looking forward to enjoying the rest of the summer!

Thanks again, for all of the positive comments. Feel free to ask any other questions!

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re rubbish...we just paid $400 to dispose of a trailerload of old roofing...consider yourself twice blessed

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Great organizational skills, great energy, great serendipity, and an outcome that is not only great but also Guinness-worthy under the category Gorgeous Kitchen Brought into Being with the Most Alacrity by Non-Professionals.

Might I have a gene splice, please?

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Looks great! Love the combo of counters, BS, and paint!

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I love your new kitchen. My color choices exactly. Congrats on a super fast job too. It must seem so different having a lighter kitchen after the darker cabinets and orange walls.

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It is really pretty. Taking off that set of cabinets on the wall really changed the look of it. I had to go back and forth until I saw what made it so much bigger. How do you like the floor?

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Love the floor so far... I'm hoping it holds up. I'm not worried about the surface, as it's a commercial floor. I do worry about the possibility of water getting into the planks. Regarding the layout - we did take away the 12" cabinets and counter on the one wall. It was a huge junk collector and made the room feel smaller. We added 14" to the overall depth of the island (by backing 14" microwave/cabinet on the back side of the island) and added about 10" of overall length. By going to a D shaped single bowl sink, I was able to shrink the sink base cabinet and add a 15" cabinet that we retrofitted with a pull-out recycling can. The island is a fabulous work space and serving space now. I love it!

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Beautiful! I keep seeing the old kitchens everyone has and think they look great (of course the new kitchens are all incredible and better) but the old ones still are looking better than what I have now! Congratulations on your new kitchen!

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Really gorgeous. The color changes are a breath of fresh air...So much more relaxing and elegant. Love the backsplash.

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So great!!! What an accomplishment! Fantastic transformation!

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Yikes is right...17 days? That's gotta be a record. What a beautiful kitchen. It looks great! I love your use of color.

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Wow--17 days? I was thinking that we were going to be pushing 17 YEARS--LOL! YOU are amazing!

Beautiful kitchen! It looks so bright and spacious! You must be thrilled! Congratulations on your wonderful transformation!

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Wow - your kitchen is beautiful and so amazing that you did virtually all yourself in 17 days no less!! I am really impressed. I guess good planning goes a long way. That is what I hoping for anyway.

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Really great job!! I am seriously jealous as we are entering somewhere around week 12 or 14 of our remodel...and your results are fabulous for a fraction of that! I just hope our final reesult will be as nice...congrats on a beautiful kitchen!

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Great Job!!

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DreamItCanBe, did you ever consider using Windermere itself as the backsplash? Do you think that would work? I have white cabinets too.
What's that color on your wall?

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