Suggestions for Legs or Corbels on Island Overhang

chicgeekAugust 31, 2012

We're looking for some thoughts/pictures, suggestions of kitchen islands with legs and corbels.

The cabinets are being built by our contractor. The design is to include a 7'x2' island with a 10 inch overhang with furniture legs on overhang. I've seen alot of debate on the forum about islands. We're OK with the size of the island and overhang based on the way was house is laid out.Island will contain microwave drawer, prep sink and pull out trash.

My husband is not keen on the legs (feels they're hard to clean around, limit seating/access and pose a tripping hazard)due to space of pathway between one end of the island and basement door. We are thinking of corbels instead. Told designers this. Designers feel legs make island look more like a piece of furniture, since it is seen from family room and living room and corbels are just "ordinary".

We appreciate any help you can give. We are about in the middle of our kitchen/dining/family room/foyer renovation. Oh my-thank you for all the previous posts on remodeling fatigue!

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We have a 13" overhang on the long side of our island and an 11" overhang on the short end of the island. Originally we were going to add corbels but weren't really sold on the idea. When the countertop was installed we asked that they put in steel rebar under the countertop, just in case we decided not to use corbels, and if we did decide to use corbels they would be purely decorative. After the countertop was installed we decided to have no corbels as we felt that that limited the seating at the counter. I am very pleased with our decision.

13" overhang:

11" overhang:

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My, do I remember my struggle over legs, corbels, or naked! I ended up going without a leg or corbel as it suited my kitchen better. I wasn't necessarily looking to make the island look like furniture. The room is visible from the front door, family room, and living room.

We've been back in the house for about nine months now, and I'm very happy I chose to forgo leg and corbel. I like the maneuvering room without a leg for stools and bodies. A corbel may have given me that feeling also, but didn't fit my style.

I'll link my thread from last year with my pros and cons, and those of others here, of various options. Maybe some of the pics and discussions can help you.

You didn't mention plans for stools. If you will have stools, you'll only be able to fit three in that 7' anyway with or without legs. One of the biggest ah-ha moments for me on my linked thread was that the stools would always be in front of the island taking up visual space. Only you can decide if the addition of legs makes a big enough impact to warrant inclusion. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: My thread from last year

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Thank you breezygirl for your opinion and your link-your subject title was far more enticing than mine! I had looked for previous posts on the subject and your thread was perfect.

I've been looking for photos of islands that have that "leg look" but are part of the island itself. I'm starting to think that I'm just overdoing the island by trying this. The cabinets will be natural cherry. They are a shaker style recessed panel that has a slight mitre where the frame meets the panel. So legs may be unnecessary visual noise and take away from the clean lines of the cabinets.

We will have saddle type stools because of the small depth of the overhang. No more than three stools. And as you pointed out, they will provide some visual interest.

So I'll tell my DH that someone on GW suggested we should be naked. He'll wonder what I'm up to on this forum! ;-)

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chicgeek, regarding your saddle type stools. Have you bought yours yet? I have a 5-ft. peninsula and decided to get unfinished saddle stools to paint. I love their Asian look and the fact that they fit well under the counter overhang.

After an endless wait for the backordered stools to arrive, I painted them red and left them in the garage 30+ to properly cure. When I brought them into my kitchen I was delighted by the color, but two things did not please me.

1) They are 17" wide, and the two of them occupy a lot of the dining room view of my peninsula. I should have thought of this before I ordered them, but it never occurred to me. :p

2) Worse is that the edge of the seat is a rather sharp 90 degrees. I was used to the bullnose effect of the round seat stools and this is like an eased edge, with out the ease. One minute on the stool and I realized I didn't want to sit on it.

You may be considering another type of saddle stool. If so, pay me no mind. :) I decided that, as cute and red as these stools are, I'm going back to round-top. A new painting project!

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Hi Linelle, we haven't purchased our stools yet. We were advised to have saddle stools because of the depth of island overhang. I'll definitely keep the width of the stools in mind.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I don't think I'd want legs, tho they look nice....more to get nicked up and kicked up and harder to clean around. Enkeboll has enough to keep you going crazy for awhile....

Here is a link that might be useful: Enkeboll

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Is the 10" overhang on the "long" side of the island?

If so, Katieob's new kitchen gives you as sense
(although on a much larger scale) of how legs would look:

My favorite inspiration photo had legs for a more "furniture look":

My island is small and I wanted it to gesture towards furniture so I did pick legs:

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