Attaching/gluing molding to large wall mounted mirror

linnea56November 5, 2008

In a recent post about tying in colors I saw something and IÂd like to know how that was done. The before photo showed a large flat plain mirror attached to the wall, running all the way down to the top of the counter backsplash. In the after picture she had framed it nicely with wide mitered molding which really set it off and made the mirror look less utilitarian and more elegant.

I have a similar mirror in a powder room I just finished. I have not been able to figure out how to frame this because, like the one in this recent post, it runs all the way to the counter, and the edges run all the way to each side wall. I was thinking I would have to nail it to the wall and there is no wall exposed. So the molding I just saw must be laid right over the edges of the mirror. My question is, how is it fastened?

Then on an Episode of Design on a Dime today the contractor glues molding right over the edges of a mirror. But he never said what kind of glue would stick to a mirror. The glue he used looked a lot like wood glue but that canÂt be right, that would not stick to glass (or not for longÂor after a shower!). I went to the HGTV website but there was no information there.

So for you who have done this: what glue will adhere wood molding to glass?

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Have you looked at Mirror Mates? Link below.

If you are looking for glue, have you looked at F-26? or Gorilla Glue? Don't know if they will work on mirrors but if they do, you will NEVER get the frames off whatever they are glued to.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mirror Mate

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make sure the back of the moulding is painted black if not it will show in the mirror. I glued mine on using,GE silicone II, it's clear and glues it on good. Been there for three years now.

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Liquid Nails for Mirrors.

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Oh, good thought, patches_02! IÂll stain and varnish the back the same as the front.

I looked at that Mirrormates site to order a lightweight frame, but there is nothing that would work for my Craftsman style bathroom. Now I just have to look at oak moldings and see what would look Craftsman-like.

Liquid Nails for Mirrors? Never knew there was such a product. ThatÂs probably whatÂs holding the mirror to the wall since there are no clips.


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I actually just did this....Yes, make sure to paint the underside of the wood bc it reflects a bit...

My prob was that the mirror went all the way to the counter, but not to the sides and top where there were uneven spaces and depths of the I needed a handman to put in little shims on those sides...

The silicone didn't take at all. I don't know what kind he used. Then he used Gorilla Glue. Boy did it take. HOWEVER, on the top piece, he used way to much and it dripped down and e/t he scraped the mirror, you can see the gunk reflecting and between the mirror and top piece. My advice is to go with glue, but use A LITTLE!!!!

Here it is. Cheapest makeover ever..bathroom was a train wreck...

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I found little hook things at HD and screwed them to the back of the mitered casing. Then I just hooked it over the top of the mirror. IMO, simpler than glue, and obviously less permanent. (The green strip is double sided adhesive foam, which didn't work.)

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We recently thought of doing this, but in the end decided to take down the monster of a mirror over our double vanity and replaced with two nicely framed mirrors. We changed out our brass fixtures (we built 11 years ago) to ORB and I found mirrors that went well with the fixtures.

Your mirror is more than likely glued because ours was. We had the glass company come and take it down. Of course we were left with nice *circles* where the glue had been. We were repainting the room anyway so it wasn't a big deal.


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Weedyacres- is the frame just kind of hanging then? It looks fine, but I am wondering if it is not affixed?
thank you

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weedyacres - Some times the toughest projects can be so simple. lol You have a great mind!

Do you have any adhesive at the bottom...just to keep the frame from flipping up?

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The website on the link (below) might help you with your gluing question.

Here is a link that might be useful: gluing this to that

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Weedyacres- I do like the non-permanence of your idea. Great idea! Is your frame wood? IÂm wondering about the weight. My mirror runs along one whole wall so is over 5 feet long. (Thinking out loudÂ) I could use a thin molding but then it may be too thin to nail the corners together.

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I used door/window casings that are some sort of foam-like material, so they're very light. I used L-brackets and short screws on the back to hold the corners together, not nails.

Yes, it's just kind-of floating over the mirror. I used three hooks across the top, so it's stable. I do have that double-sided foam tape on the bottom corners, and it sticks enough to gently hold the bottom in place.

It's a 48" mirror, BTW.

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Beyond kewl:)

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I think you are referring to my post in there. I used casing (door and window molding) and used liquid nails, just the regular construction glue as that is all that was available at the time I did it. I did this to all the three bathrooms in our old house and they lasted really well with nothing ever coming loose even in steamy conditions for 7 years until I sold the house.

I had no issues with the back showing and I believe that is because casing sits flush on the edges with what it attaches to and has a indentation in the middle.

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BTW as for permanency I took the mirror in the master down 5 years after doing it as I built a taller vanity as the old one was water damaged (not the pic I showed). I had no problem removing the molding. I damaged the molding, but could have easily saved the mirror by just removing the glue residue if I had wanted to.

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Anyone know how to remove the mirror edging that my builder had put on my large mirror? I would like to take it off and put a dark stained window casing around the edge instead, but don't know if I would damage the mirror by trying to get the mirror edge off.

Edging seen just visible at the top

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How well would this work for a very large mirror? The one over our double sink vanity is 87" long and I don't even know how high. I'd like to keep it only if it's dressed up in some way. It's held up by clips, but even so, it would probably need to be moved up a bit. The current backsplash is only 3 1/2 inches tall (I'm thinking the new backplash will be somewhat larger tiles). Thanks!

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Annie Deighnaugh

We did something similar to weedyacres with the hooks at the top. DH bent some sheet metal to make brackets at the bottom which hooked on the back side of the mirror and we had space to screw them into the frame from the bottom.

I suppose if you don't have room on the bottom you could do the hooks on the bottom first and then screw the other brackets in from the top.

I hate screwing around with glue as most likely it will be me several years down the road who will want to remove it....thought the double stick tape would probably be doable.

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moremoremore - Could you please tell me where you got the glass knobs for your vanity? I really like them and I'm shopping for something similar for our guest bath right now.

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