Bosch Induction Range Availability

KiraBAugust 6, 2014

Looking for Bosch Benchmark Induction Slide-in Range.
These are new models that just came out. We need one urgently, as our shipment got delayed.

If you know of a store that physically has these in stock, please advice. Looking to order /have delivered asap.

Your help is much appreciated!

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Sorry I don't (I wish these had been available when we did our kitchen in January), but have you tried the chains - Ferguson's and Pacific Sales? Maybe they can check around for you.

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Thank you! I did, but can't seem to locate anyone who has it in stock... Hoping a kind soul out there knows a store/ dealer who does...

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My sincerest apologies if I am wrong, but this seems spammy to me. Asking where to find a product and not even specifying what city, or even an area of the country?

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That doesn't make sense to me - wouldn't they be specifying a store with a link if it were spam?

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I see where you are coming from. It sounds to me like a "buzz generator." OP doesn't say where they are. What good would it do them to know we have one in Bangor if they are in Santa Fe? But if a bunch of people post "Hey! I saw one at XYZ store in ABCville!" It might make a bunch of people reading think "Say, that's near me. Maybe I'll go see that."

I acknowledge I could be completely wrong, and my apologies from the sincerest pumpkin patch if so! It just seems to me that a person who is web savvy enough to post on a forum is web savvy enough to do a google search and order from an online store.

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To address some of your questions about spam, I actually don't think it matters where in US the item is, as most of the stores now ship. If it makes any difference, we are in San Fran, California. I prefer to order out of state to save on tax.

So if anyone can help locate the item, I would be greatful!


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The site listed below shows a Bosch Benchmark, Model: HIIP054U, Style: 30, but I have no idea if that is the model number you are looking for.

Bosch Benchmark Appliances Plessers Appliances & Electronics Free Shipping
Bosch Benchmark HIIP054U
30" Slide-in Induction Range with 4 Heating Elements, 4.6 cu. ft. European Convection Oven, Self-Clean, 11 Cooking Modes, Meat Probe and Warming Drawer

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch Benchmark HIIP054U

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Thank you! It is the model. The only induction range Bosch has at this time.. The store has them backordered. Already spoke to them :(

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