Experience with Jacobean kitchen faucet?

ot155August 11, 2014

We're remodeling our kitchen and considering the Jacobean pull down kitchen faucet (2470-5103). Has anyone installed it or looked at it?

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That's the one I've chosen, too, but we haven't installed it yet (haven't started on our remodel yet). I've seen it IRL. I liked the way it handled (not hooked up to water but I was able to pull out the spray, etc) and the way it looks. It seemed solidly built.

One of the features I liked about it was that you held the button to turn on the spray and simply released it to go back to a stream. We can turn on the spray feature on our current faucet (Rohl) with a button but the only way to turn it back to a stream is to turn off the water. Hate that, it's an extra step. We hold the spray head when we use the sprayer feature anyway so holding the button down isn't an issue for us. I prefer it over the toggle type switch that you have to push to turn the spray on or off.

There was a faucet - can't remember which brand now, dang it - that had a magnet inside the ring for the pull down part. It would pull the head back up into place with little effort. I thought that was slick and would resolve the issue of the head not getting put back in its place (not naming names but that would be DH and DS2). I may have to go look at that one again.

Good luck!

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