Height of pot filler. Deciding today!

2LittleFishiesAugust 10, 2012

How high should the main piece be? I figure too high will splash but needs to work with larger pots.

Any advice on placement ??

Ours is the Moen Showhouse.

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My spout is 16 inches above my stove top. This was high enough to clear my largest pot. If I have a very small pot, I will lift it to the spout, but it is a good height for 95 % of my pots. Hope this helps.

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Mine is 17" up. Same reasoning as breadandsuch.

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I took our big canning pot, and used that as my measurement. That's in the last kitchen. This one there is no potfiller.

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Thanks, I did 15" for now (I'm short) buy GC said it can easily be moved up or down a bit later... Thanks so much!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I know it's what you want, but I never could understand a pot filler.

I dont like the idea of a faucet without a drain under it. With limited use, I wonder how stale the water gets. I'm afraid of filling a pot so that I wouldn't be able to lift to empty it....and you do have to empty it at some point which is when it's fullest, hottest and most dangerous to lift. Filling a pot with cold water isn't so scary....and that way I know I can lift it.

Just my POV FWIW.

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