Urgent - Free standing range - how to flush with the quartz?

thedorkAugust 28, 2013

The fabricators are here today and they are asking me whether I need the range to flush with the countertop - I have 30'' bertazzoni or they are proposing a very tiny overhang of the stone to go a little over the range so there are no spils, dirt etc. when I am cooking.

What is your experience? Thank you!

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Is your range slide-in or free-standing? Are your fabricators suggesting the counter be higher than the range to overlap? I can't visualize that at all.

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No, the Bertazzoni should be adjusted so that it and the top of the countertop are level or the range slightly higher and the countertop template with a very small gap just enough to allow the range to slide in and out without scraping.

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He suggests a little higher than the range

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I have a free-standing stove and quartz counter. My stove is about 3/8" higher than the counter with a miniscule gap on either side. I've had no food/cooking stuff fall into the side gaps.

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Regarding the "gap"-it was the one part I got gray hairs about. Yet my GC was right: just enough to slide the range in. Much less than I had planned.

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The top of the range should be slightly higher than the countertop, not the other way around.

Right now our countertops are slightly higher than the range, which was probably never adjusted height-wise, and we are scorching the edge of the countertop on one side. (It's laminate).

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The range should NEVER be lower than the adjacent counter. It's base, before the grades should be adjusted to being just slightly higher. Say 1/8". It's a fire safety thing. Quartz has a resin component and it CAN scorch.

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I am sorry I made a mistake - I did mean I higher than the counter.

He proposed 1/8'' higher.

Thank you all for the great responses and advice! Phew...

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Here is my quartz + 30" Berta - counter is slightly higher (photo 1) - nothing gets in the the space between range and counter. I had my GC line up the bottom of the Berta "lip" with the bottom of my 3cm quartz (photo 2) which I thought matched up rather nicely and leaves a clean line. I hope you love your range as much as I love mine!

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