Many thanks, didn't pick Cold Spring Granite, more input requeste

Rybren2August 22, 2012

Thanks for the advice but thanks even more to all the people that take time to share their experiences. I have never used a forum before and I actually think you've saved my sanity. I had never heard of OTK before but once I read about it I realized that I was having trouble picking granite because yes, it was beautiful, but it wasn't what I had ever envisioned as MY kitchen. So I went out and found a beautiful slab of Calacatta marble for my island. I LOVE it. To me, it looks like a watercolor painting. I couldn't be more pleased and excited. So now I have a island counter top. Looking for ideas for perimeter counters to coordinate with the Calacatta. This picture was very difficult to take as I was wedged between the blocks of marble so colour is off. Really not that blue. Just beautiful white, grey and taupe veining. Thinking Cambrian Black leathered. Any other suggestions? Also, need to pick hardwood floors. Pre-finished or site finished? Thinking medium toned oak. Is it worth the agg (sanding, fumes, out of house for a few days) for the non beveled result. Prefer no bevels but DH wants prefinished although only $900 difference in price between the two. Cabinets are BM White Dove!

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That slab is beautiful!

Some people have used soapstone on the perimeter counters and marble on the island, with stunning results. One that comes to mind is Segbrown's kitchen

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Beautiful counter! As far as the floor I just had pre-finished hardwood put in the kitchen, and had pre-finished hardwood put in the living room/dining room last year. No bevels anywhere. Looks just like the original to the house hardwoods I have upstairs which were presumably site finished back in 1950.


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I should correct my message to say that I don't see any bevels. I am sure they are there but they are not noticeable. So maybe if you found the right pre-finished hardwood you would be happy with it. I am living through a kitchen remodel now and there is enough mess, noise, and smells going on, lol, that I am glad I didn't go with site finished floors and add that to the mix :)

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I've been looking at wood floors recently too. When I asked about the bevel, I think the one I was looking at was a "micro bevel", the floor guy said they are actually a functional feature. They prevent hard corners from slightly protruding if/when the boards expand and contact, so they won't catch your socks or feel harsh in feet. They also provide a place for dust and sand to settle between cleanings instead of remaining on the top surface where it can contribute to wear and scuffing. I had never thought about it before, but that makes a lot of sense.

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I'm going to make your floor choice harder:

We went with site finished white oak and I love it. It was 4 days of amazing fumes (oil finish) but I love the result. We had 4 coats of oil based poly and it just makes me happy to slide across them in my sock feet.

However ...

Our GC is redoing his house and he went with prefinished wood floors. I didn't ask why (my mind was locked in on the oak floors we wanted) but I have to say that if he chose them, they must be pretty darn great because if they aren't, he has to redo them and so he has a lot of skin in the game (meaning its his nights and weekends at stake, not just a few bucks to pay someone, you know?).

I'd go with whatever you like best :)

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Here's an option without horrible fumes. I wish I had known about it before we did ours 2 years ago.

Penofin Verde

Here is a link that might be useful: Penofin Verde

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