Stainless Apron Front Sink - positive reveal - 3/4" ok?

Ellen1234August 21, 2013


I'm having my granite installed next Tuesday. I have a Kraus 33" SS apron front sink (bowed front).

The sink sides are 1.5" wide (looking from the top view). I like the look of a positive reveal with the stainless apron front sinks to show off the sink. I was thinking of doing a 3/4" reveal around the 3 sides.

Is there anything I need to watch out for, with that type of reveal?

Here are a couple examples of what I'm looking for.

Traditional Kitchen by Granada Hills Kitchen & Bath Designers Artesano Copper Sinks>


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I have seen a couple of threads on here about people worrying about counters and sinks getting chipped more with a positive reveal. However those people had soapstone counters and a fireclay sink so you should be good. (I'm thinking of Sombriel Mongrel to be specific).

A positive reveal is supposed to be easier to clean because you can see the gunk and wipe it up sooner I'm guessing because you can see it. Since you will have granite counters and a stainless sink you shouldn't worry about chipping.

I have never seen anyone complain about caulk getting gross and needing replacement sooner which is what I have wondered with my research. I have not come across any negatives.

Good luck.

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Better check the depth of your lip on the sink. 3/4"-1" is all that lip usually is.. For a positive reveal, 1/4" out of a 3/4" is about all that can be done and have the sink have good enough contact with the counter. You want at least 1/2" contact of the lip with the counter.

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Great advice from you both - thanks!

The lip is 1.5", so the contact with the sink would be about 3/4".

I was actually considering an even bigger reveal (say 1"), but was worried about support (and now I guess contact).

I guess if I could get away with 1/2" contact, I could go with a bigger reveal. I will see how that looks, just for curiosity sake.

I did see one on houzz that looked to be about an inch -- will have to find that again.


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Are you set on the positive reveal? I just got back from my friend's house and she has the exact sink (well, the 36" version). She has flush/zero reveal and it looks great! If you aren't totally set on the positive reveal, I'd consider a flush/zero reveal.

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From looking at pictures, I actually like the look of the positive reveal over the flush. I'm not sure why, but I just think it looks better showing the top of the sink....

I still have a couple days to change my mind though! :)

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