Where should the backsplash end?

ktam_88August 19, 2009

Hi there. I need some advise on where the backsplash should end. Should it stop at the cabinet or go to the end of the countertop edge? I am leaning towards ending it at the cabinet. Thank you for your assistance in advance.


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ktam--I guess it's mostly a matter of preference, but it seems to me that most kitchens have the backsplash to the end of the countertop.

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Here is a pic of my backsplash that was recently done. He did it in line with the cabinet and the end of the counter where the ogee edge starts.

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I am struggling with this same issue. Many magazines I look through are like nursetammi, but the kitchen place in town that has alot of displays all show going to the end of the countertop. I asked my salesperson and she said go to the end of the countertop.

I have a side wall like above picture, but on both sides so I am leaning toward going to end of countertop.

Guess it's a matter of preference

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It's clearly a matter of preference; both ways are done and look fine.
When I was inquiring about this last year, (because I also needed someone to tell me the "right" way) the consensus seemed to be to end it at the top cabinet so there was a bit ( like maybe 2 or 3" if that much )of countertop extended without a backsplash.That is what I did and it looks fine to me.
Of course, that was probably " so last year" and now I am hopelessly out of trend.:)
Of course, that

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This is a good question. Another related issue: When the cabinets end at a wall and you want to bring the backsplash around the corner should it end at the front of the cabinet or continue to the front of the counter? I've seen it done both ways!



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I had planned to end mine at the end of the counter like nursetammi did but my walls were not square and I ended up with a small gap at the wall. My contractor said I could either put clear caulk or bring it around the wall. So I brought it around and I'm glad I did.

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Good thoughts. Does anyone have the Corian backsplash that goes 4 and 1/2 inches up the wall? If so, do you recommend it? We're going to have a custom copper hood (cheap custom, says my contractor, who knows metal fabricators in small downtown storefronts!), and I'm wondering if that part of the backsplash should be ceramic or glass tile...otherwise, it's American Clay paint for a plaster -like look, but I guess we should seal it for easier cleaning, if that's possible.
Thanks much!

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I also debated at the end of the cabinet vs. all the way to the counter. I think the cabinet edge looks better. We have a lot of mosaics!

Still need to caulk, but I have grouted.

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I prefer lining it up to the edge of the cabinets, so that there is one continuous vertical line. Lining up the backsplash top the counter edge doesn't look right to me since you only see about an inch or two of vertical countertop edge...

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Thanks everyone for your input. We have decided to end our backsplash at the end of the top cabinet. We like the clean look of one vertical line.

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gsciencechick - what kind of tile is that? love it. More pics?

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