Outlets in Backsplash

drewemAugust 9, 2012

Good morning all! I was wondering if this was a good idea. I'm thinking ahead to the BS, and asked the builder to move the outlets down towards the counter and turn them sideways.

That way they aren't smack in the middle of the wall, getting in the way of any future design. Whatever that may be, mural, or stripe of something in the middle, etc.

Good idea, or bad?


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Have you looked into Plugmold? Then you don't have to have any outlets visible anywhere at all. We have no outlets you can see anywhere in our whole kitchen- I was fanatical about that

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All my wall outlets are placed low horizontally. Many, many here also turn theirs, especially if the will be doing subway bs.

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A lot of people mix the horizontal outlets with plugmold. If you keep a coffee maker or toaster plugged in all the time, you may not want the cord dangling from the cabinets. But the outlets that normally remain clear until you need them, you can use the plugmold.

pal has done the horizontal outlets frequently. It's important to do a tile layout first so that the outlet fits into a tile course.

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Mine are installed like breezygirl's. They look great, less noticeable. I don't see the outlets/plugs behind any appliances that are kept plugged in, such as my coffee maker and toaster oven. Good option if you don't want to use plugmolds.

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Thanks for the helpful picture breezygirl! That's exactly what I was thinking.

I haven't thought of plugmold, but I can imagine what the builder would say...it begins with an N...and ends with an o. haha. Hey, I'm still working on getting the Bianco...so I don't want to push my luck.

Thanks again! It's good to know that my thoughts aren't crazy, and people actually move the outlets around!

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Wish I had done the same as Breezy in my Subway tiles.

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I had mine installed horizontally with the bottoms of the switchplates 4" above the counter. It's true, you can hide them behind appliances.

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Do you ever have any problems plugging anything in? Strange question, I know, but just thought of it.

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My 30-year old kitchen (to be remodeled hopefully in the next year or two) has horizontal outlets already. No issues plugging things in at all...

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laura mcleod

We did the combo deal like Marcolo mentioned - sideways behind the coffee pot and toaster and the rest underneath upped cabs so as not to interrupt the BS. (We did a slab BS and not tile, so I felt like it would be tougher to hide the outlets).

Some of the outlet installations on here are amazing, it is definitely worth it to map out the tile installation so the outlet will sit in line - they pretty much disappear!

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We're doing plugmold. Our coffeemaker won't be sitting out on the counter and we don't plan on having anything else plugged in all the time on the counter, so we don't plan on having the lower sideway plugs, just plugmold. But, if we were going to keep something plugged in all the time, we would definitely consider putting it lower so that it isn't going to show as much.

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Drew--No, I don't have any issue plugging in or removing plugs. It's actually better for me as it's an easier reach.

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