Wood cutting board question

sis2twoAugust 10, 2013

I am interested in getting a really good quality cutting board that will be used on a new island recently purchased. The top of the island is pine and I really want a cutting board that will not slide around and scratch the island top. Do you have any recommendations about cutting boards as well as what to put on the bottom to prevent sliding. I've been looking at some boards on the Williams Sonoma website. Thanks so much.

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We got our David Levy cutting board at a local annual craft show over 14 years ago, and it's still going strong! I replaced the rubber/silicone feet a few years ago (original ones started to deteriorate/crumble), but otherwise, the board has held up just fine. We oil (sometimes wax) the board every time after it's been washed (while still damp).

They are well worth the price. I believe ours is the P-2 board.

Here is a link that might be useful: David Levy Creations

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I have a zillion cutting boards
Some are beautiful craft cutting boards done by local artisans - i have trouble using these - but it has little rubber feet on the bottom to prevent scratching.

I have a number of plastic "jelly" style cutting boards - probably won't buy anymore of these - in time, the mold in the little cracks...

I have 2 Corian boards that I received as wedding gifts - they are still holding up and I toss into the DW. They have little silicon feet that sometimes wash off - so I have extras from Corian and the hardware store.

Some of the nicest cutting boards are made by Boos - they have a website. I recently bought my new island with a Boos top - it is beautiful. OK - I can't cut on it yet and use a cutting board on top of it even though it is designed to to use as a cutting board.

For my wood boards - I use a food safe mineral oil and I also have Boos board cream which I haven't used on my new island yet.

And Cambria sent me a board to match my ktichen. I haven't used that one - i think it will make a nice cheese board as a bit hard on the knives.

Here is a shot of where most are stored - my giant ones don't quite fit. The boards in the plastic bag are bread boards and always have residual crumbs...

Have fun!

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(After I wrote the following I realized your subject line says wood. Sorry.)

You don't say what material you prefer. I recently got an Epicurean cutting board at Sur le Table (also at BB&B). What I love about it is the dark slate color is almost a match for my Caesarstone. Since I prep exclusively on a cutting board, it's always out on my counter and this one is much less obtrusive than the white one I had. It has nonskid low-profile pieces at the corners and stays put. It washes easily without fuss.

One thing I especially love about this board is the lack of unpleasant odors that can develop on the underside and the counter on which it sits, probably due to residual moisture. This board also dries quickly with the wipe of a towel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Epicurean cutting boards

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I have a 12 by 18 inch butcher block with rubber feet. This one is almost 20 years old. My BIL makes these and sells them at art shows and some galleries. His company is DHH Designs.

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Lopay - your BIL is talented - that is gorgeous!

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Emily Mathis

I have a Boos end-grain cutting board that is always out on my counter (about 12x18 I think) -- I love using it. No feet on it, so I can flip it either way. I oil it periodically (after the obsessive daily/weekly oiling at first), and it's been great.

I also have two small wooden $5. cutting board from ikea that I often use on top of the main one, and/or in another part of the kitchen. Very happy with my combo.

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I second Linelle's vote for Epicurean cutting boards. I absolutely adore mine (and I've never used the word "adore" for a cutting board before). They are incredibly durable, don't hurt my knives, and get thrown in the dishwasher when I'm done. They are wood, but in some pressed configuration -- not exactly sure... Also, these boards are thin (so I can fit more of them in the slot I have) but they never warp.

I know chefs like to put damp dishtowels under the boards to keep them from skidding around, but I've found that three silicone trivets under my biggest epicurean board are perfect. The board stays rock solid, even when I'm going to town mincing garlic or hacking off a watermelon rind.

LoPay -- that's a gorgeous board -- wow!

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I just had a custom cherry cutting board made to fit over my sink. It also has rubber feet on the bottom so I can use it on the counters. I wanted end grain to protect my knives and for durability. The craftsman does excellent work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jones Cutting Boards

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