granite is hazy after sealing

suzi8866August 15, 2009

I used Miracle Seal and Enhance One Step on my slate floors. I was so pleased with the results, I tried it on a section of my granite countertop.

At first it looked great, but now there are hazy, smeary spots. What do I do next? Thanks.

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get a clean dry cloth and buff off the haze... if that does not work,
put a little more of the sealer on a clean cloth, wipe over the areas that
are hazy, then buff it immediately with a clean dry cloth.

what you are seeing is a residue being left on the surface - buffing removes
the excess, and once it is buffed off - everything should look great...



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What granite do you have?

The haze you see is from sealer residue on the surface of the stone. You did not do a good enough job of buffing (removing) the sealer after application and the excess sealer remained on the surface. Most likely your granite had no benefit from the enhancer anyway.

There are a few ways to remove the sealer - you could either get in there and scrape it up with a single edge razor, try to find a solvent that would remove the sealer (phone the Miracle customer support line to find out what they recommend), or try to re-emulsify the sealer with some sealer.

This might sound counter productive, but quite often it works just fine with solvent based sealers. Take a rag, soak it with some sealer and rub it on a small area of dull granite. Quickly, with a clean, lint-free rag, buff the re-emulsified sealer until all traces of the residue has been removed. Repeat this process until all sealer residue is removed. Do this in small, manageable areas so that you have control of the removal process. If you work in too large areas, the sealer will dry before you can get to buff off the residue.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to remove excess sealer, and elbow grease remains the main ingredient of any removal process.

If you could identify your stone, we could try to determine if you even needed sealing to begin with. Was there any particular reason you wanted to enhance the stone, bar the fact that your slate looked nice after you enhanced it? Was your granite dull and dingy before you sealed it?

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Also, try buffing with 000 or 0000 steel wool (try it in an inconspicuous area first). Unless your stone is really prone to scratching very easily, it shouldn't harm it at all (according to our granite guys).

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Thank you for your advice. I will try that. My granite is Crema Bordeaux. It looks pretty good after three years. I had the impression that periodic sealing is useful, but maybe I should just leave it alone.

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