KIA: Canningfest Spiced Peaches

springrozAugust 16, 2013

If it sits still around here, I am pickling it!! I had joined a CSA earlier in the year, and planted a garden, and there are only 3 of us, so I was getting overrun with produce. This is the spiced peaches in their luscious syrup....

It will probably be sideways...sorry if it is!


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Well, it's sideways twice! Those look gorgeous... I was just wondering if anyone would post any canning KIA. I'm your canning buddy today... just finished some jars of sweet pickle relish.

Doesn't it smell great in the kitchen?

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I'm jealous! It's been unusually cool and dry here in MD, perfect canning weather, but I just haven't gotten my act together. You've inspired me, and I hope to get to the farmers' market this weekend to get a bunch of peaches for jam. Thanks for the push!

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I still have stuff from last year :) I will enjoy your pics !! Pretty !! c

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I love spiced peaches. I have always wanted to try making these. Your kitchen must smell so good!

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Sure, fouramblues,instigation is my strong suit!!! I had some of this syrup left (my peaches only made 2 quarts) and put it in the fridge for pancakes. I made green tomato pickles, dill pickle, bread and butter pickles, pickled okra, AND pickled baby eggplant, so far......I really want some mangoes for jam, but they are scarce here in Kentucky. By the time they go on sale, they are too far gone! Someone in Texas want to pick some up for me?


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Yum yum! Wish my stove worked well enough to can again. I will live vicariously through your pics/ thread.

Maybe next year I will have a new kitchen and appliances so I can actually join you all in canning.

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I've been on a jam making spree lately: blackberry-grand marnier, marionberry-apricot, marionberry-raspberry, and rainier cherry-lavender-vanilla.

Here's blackberry-basil-vanilla.

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Oops. I meant to add that those peaches look delicious! I've been making peach ice cream and peach margaritas with the season. Could you please pass along your recipe?

My grandmother's specialty was bread and butter pickles. They are about the only pickle I enjoy these days other than cornichons. I've been hoping to make a batch with the pickles from my CSA box.

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Breezy, marionberry? I know it's not the former mayor of washington dc... Is it a bush? Have to look up marionberries. What is the flavor? Your jam looks gorgeous.

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Anyone have ideas for using lemon basil in a jam or jelly? I 've got tons of it (smells so good!) but never thought of using it in preserves until breezygirl posted above (her jar is beautiful!)

Right now I don't have any fruit, waiting for the quince to ripen but that will only be a few for baking -- lost a large crop to rust & chopped the bushes down except for a few healthy looking branches and fruit. Should be peaches at the farmer market Saturday.

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Here's what you inspired me to do today, Nancy (thanks!):

(21 half pints of spiced peach jam)

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OH YUM !!!!!! c

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trailrunner, your challah is next! Can't wait to try it...

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Looks so good - just picked up another peck of peaches. I have been freezing them but maybe I need to try some of these spiced peaches and some jam.
Do you need to use pectin or is there a way not to use pectin and just boil it longer.
Also - I don't "can" but just freeze - I assume the little glass jars are not a good choice for freezing.

Last night, I made my improved peach cobbler - forgot to take pictures again - so will have to make it again soon!

Trail - someday I will figure out bread..

Breezy - glad you have your new DW! (and I hope I didn't really jinx it!)

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a2, there are jam recipes that require pectin and those that do not. I use the Ball recipe for spiced peach jam which doesn't use pectin, and love it. I've used both of their recipes for strawberry jam, and the one without pectin tastes too cooked, not bright and fresh the way strawberry jam should taste, to me. Oh, and the glass jars are fine for freezing. I use the 4 oz ones to freeze batches of pesto in the fall before my basil plants die.

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Four - thanks - I will snag a box Thursday after my run. The Garden Center is right next to our final destination and they open at 7:30 AM!

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