plug in wall sconces;buffet lamps in bedroom?

rj56November 11, 2010

I would like to add some lighting in my small master bedroom and have a couple of ideas. 1)Use plug in wall sconces on either side of the bed or on either side of the mirror above the dresser. Has anyone used those? Or 2)use buffet lamps on my dresser. I currently have one lamp on a bedside table, and one lamp on my dresser

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I recently put 2 small buffet lamps on my bedroom dresser and am very pleased with them. I used small bulbs so they are not very bright but they give a very nice glow to the room.

Do you have the buffet lamps already? If so, just try it. If not and you buy them and don't like them on your dresser could you use them somewhere else? Or return them.

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I have had plug-in sconces beside the bed -- but they took the place of lights on the nightstands. I liked them, got them at Pottery Barn. The plug-in sconces that look best, IMHO, are those that have a metal channel/extension that takes the electrical cord down the wall some distance from the light fixture itself. That keeps the look of the sconce from being too compromised by the kinky cord angling to the outlet.

We have a vintage retro lamp on DH's chest of drawers. It helps light up a corner of the room that is otherwise dark (unless the closet is open and that light is on). I like the look. I think your buffet lights could do the same thing.

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I have the plug-in sconces in my oh so small master bedroom. I lucked out because my drapes can hide the wires. And, my husband attached a cord so that I don't have to stretch to turn it on/off. I bought these a few years ago at IKEA, very cheap. I also had (expensive) ones from RH which came with the metal channel to hide the cord.
I do like not having a lamp on my end tables. There is a lamp on the long dresser, but I'm trying to convince my husband that I *need* a chandelier hung!

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Thank you all. If I get the sconces, I will definitely get the ones with a channel to hide the cord. The outlet is behind the bed, so that should work. I haven't purchased buffet lamps as still looking for something to fall in love with. When I reach the point that I'm ready for the plunge I'll look more earnestly. Thanks again for the opinions. paintergirl, I'd love a chandelier too...maybe in my next life!

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