Kitchen Chandelier -- Please Vote!

erinctAugust 14, 2011

We're pretty sure we're going with the following chandelier over our eat-in-kitchen table (rectangle table yet to be selected):

Which chandelier do you think works better for over the kitchen island? The areas are open to each other.

This chandelier is from the same collection as the eat-in-kitchen one, but I'm a bit worried it might be too "heavy" looking for over the island (i.e., it has solid glass globes on it so it's not as see-through):

This one seems more not-in-your-face but I'm not sure how it goes with the eat-in-kitchen one. I originally wanted a crystal chandelier, but then thought it might be too dressy for our space. This might be a nice compromise?!? It's a bit hard to see and all the crystals haven't been hung yet.

Other options/ideas welcome! I think our electrician is coming back next week, so if I can use one of these I'd like too, but I can also try to put him off if I need to order another one!

Thanks so much for your help and thoughts!!!

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I like #2. I think it would be fun to change the color of the shades - depending on the decor that you have in the kitchen. I think the chandelier is pretty - but I picture that more in a formal dining room.

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#2. I love crystal chandeliers, but I don't like #3. It's such a compromise I-don't-have-the-guts-to-do-the-real-thing look. In any case, I don't think a traditional shandy goes with your over-the-table fixture, while #2 is okay with it.

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The crystal chandelier is more chrome than crystal. Unless you're gonna use more chrome in the kitchen, it adds an extra decor element that will fight you. Can you find a different crystal one with minimal metal and perhaps less delicate, more clunky glass pieces?

Personally, I'd have trouble with fabric shades in a cooking area. In order to clean fabric shades in my house, I take them outdoors and thump them to knock out the dust. How will you clean the kitchen shades? .... But then, I'd have trouble keeping clear glass dust-free over a peninsula or island also. (I bought matte white and chrome for my peninsula and am not disappointed. The seeded matte glass hides a multitude of sins.)

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My vote is for #2 also.

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Yup, another for #2 here.

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I really like #2 :) It honors the other and adds a touch of frivolity. Great picks!

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I like #1. I find #2 too busy. I also like #3 and because of the chrome, it makes it less dressy and more suitable for kitchen instead of dining room.

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Another vote for #1.

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I think some people are voting based on your first pic as "#1" which is not to be voted on. If I read it right, I thought the choices were the second photo or the last 2 (same fixture). Is that correct?

If so, I like the non crystal fixture in the kitchen, photo #2. I think it is more casual and warm and not trying to be too fussy. I imagine cleaning the crystals would be a pain. I can't tell if the shades are fabric or not. I am guessing they are not.... Even if they were, you could always replace them down the road of need be.

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I am with dianalo... I like the one with the shades that kind of matches the first one. Question though, they all look like they will hang too high, or maybe not, hard to tell.

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I'm not sure I like either pairing that well, but if I have to vote, it's for #1.

The first one has the shade shape and the glass balls in common. What doesn't work for me is the drum shade over the table with the branching chandelier over the island. Same reason with the swagged one--the branches with drum bother me. They're either too mismatched or not mismatched enough.

There are a lot of branched chandeliers inside of drum shades currently. How about the swags and drops of #3 over the island, and a simpler branched chandelier in a drum over the table? Then you'd have the bling, have your shade, and have them sort of tie together too.

Your kitchen is fine for the "dressy" goopy crystal chandelier. It goes fine! And swagged chandeliers are being used in less formal and more eclectic rooms right now, so you'll be right on style with the less dressy elements of your space. The problem with the simple drum is that it's not dressy enough! It would be okay without the other chandelier, but it's pearls with sports shoes given the two together.

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Sorry no can vote yet. I was looking at them thinking cleaning issues and the clean lines of your cabs. What is your cab hardware? I would need a wee bit more info to weigh in on this. What will the rest of your space look like?

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I think it's important that they work together, and the one over the table seems to work with #1 better. in my opinion.

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WOW -- thanks so much everyone! Looks like the first of the two options over the island is the clear winner here! Some more information for those that asked:

florantha: We'll have lots more chrome or shiny silver accents. Both faucets and all cabinet hardware will be chrome, and I have a few shiny silver platters that I'm hoping to display, which is why I chose this chandelier over others because I thought it would tie into the shiny chrome used elsewhere. Shades are a solid white glass.

dianalo: You are correct! But based on some feedback here I'm open to changing that one as well. The five shades on the first option are not fabric, they're a solid white glass, and I'm not sure if they are replaceable or not (would have to check). One concern I originally had was that the glass is pretty white and our cabinets are a more warm white so I wasn't sure how it would work together.

mercymygft: According to our local lighting store the height of both is ok even leaving 12-14" for the chain.

plllog: I've always been accused of being too matchy-matchy, so this was my first adventure into trying hard not to do that, and I guess I failed! I actually thought that staying within the same collection would automatically work, but maybe not. I think I've seen the type of drum shade chandy you're referring to, but I thought it would be too dressy for over an eat-in-kitchen table. I was trying to make that part of the kitchen less formal and blingy and the main part of the kitchen more so (not draping in crystal formal though). My husband originally thought the drum shade one I picked out was way too formal and was trying to get me to do something more understated. Looks like we both have a lot to learn!!!

celtinNE: Our hardware will be shiny chrome but we're still waiting for the samples to arrive so I don't have pics yet. I'm thinking of a thassos marble backsplash (maybe 4x8 or 3x6 subway) with some type of thassos/other marble design for behind the range. This is one of the options I'm currently looking at:

Part of the problem I'm having is that I found a picture in a magazine that I really liked after our cabinets had already been finished, so I'm trying to add some of the elements into it that I really liked and the chandelier was one of them. The kitchen I'm referring to is shown in the link below.

Any more thoughts on how to make this all work, or which chandy works best is so much appreciated!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kraftmaid Picture

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It's hard to tell from the photos. Will you have other recessed lights over the island? I am really into having good lighting when I'm prepping, cooking, etc. The chandys are pretty, but will the island be lit enough? It wouldn't be for me unless there are also recessed lights flanking the chandy.

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Thanks for the update Erin. I vote for #2 with those details in mind. Best of luck with your choice.

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We have all white lighting with chrome accents throughout our house and I just love it. Our cabs are a slightly warmer white and it all works fine together.

I think the chandy with crystal in unexpected places like kitchens and baths was a clever idea, but has been done a lot and that trend is on its way out. I had fallen for it too but when push came to shove, went with clean lines and chrome tying it all together. No need to replace the shades if they aren't fabric. I mentioned that in case they were fabric and did not wear well in the kitchen. Your 2 picks are from the same series but are not clones, so they work well near each other. You just don't want to put those in every other room....

Its funny, but your more modern lighting reminded me of something that would work in beekeeperswife's home and she voted that way too ;) It has a classic feel but in a fresh way.

I love love love your bs choice with the marble arabesques!

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I just want to make sure my vote is clarified. I like the second option (the frillier one). Especially now that I've seen your to-die-for backsplash. Jealous jealous jealous. The first option feels too chunky and matchy matchy.

As far as the chandelier being on it's way out... a respectful disagreement with the previous poster :) I think, honestly, aside from the etsy/pinterest set (who, sometimes I get the feeling are a bunch of 20-somethings who don't even own kitchens, much less make design decisions for them) we're just on the cusp of it becoming mainstream. If it becomes tired, it's just a light fixture, not nearly as much of a destructive commitment as, say a backsplash, floor, or hardware of a particualr size. If you love it for 5 years, then, IMO, you get your money's worth.

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Well I tried to post on your thread but I see it didn't happen. Who knows what thread got my completely off-topic comments about your chandelier!

That backsplash is gorgeous, as are your windows, cabinets and the rest of your kitchen. I really like your light fixture #1. I'd worry, though, that adding either #2 or #3 into the mix would detract from the visual impact and uniqueness of #1. For that reason I'd be tempted to look for something without any decorative crystal or glass for your second fixture.

Take my comment with a grain of salt, though. You obviously have great taste and your kitchen will be lovely. You can assess the space and the interplay between various elements much better than I can from my monitor.

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Just have to say that while the kitchen in your inspiration photo is gorgeous, and that backsplash is to die for, all those glass cabinets with ONE placestting behind each one totally cracked me up.

I like the frillier chandelier as well!

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Would something more straightforward, like this, work over your island?

Here is a link that might be useful: restoration hardware pendant

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Oh, Erin, why are you fighting yourself so much? You're overthinking it. There is nothing informal about that arabesque tile. I think it'll look good in your kitchen. Every element you've shown us thus far except the drum shade light goes well together.

Stop labelling it!! The labels are leading you astray. A light fixture isn't going to make your eating area informal. Handwoven placemats (or vinyl), newspapers, Barbie cloths, math worksheets, chipped crockery, funky ugly S&P that a crazy relative gave you for a wedding present that you're hoping will break but are indestructible, instructions for creating a Halloween horn of plenty that you have no time or patience to pursue but you leave out to remind you that you have to do something, and silverware that wasn't used at breakfast left on the table for lunch, all will make it an informal space.

I took another look at your lighting fixtures. I still think the swagged chandelier that you really liked so much will look great over the island with the lights reflecting in the upper uppers' glass. But you wanna know what will look good over the table? The other chandelier. It is less formal with the little drum shades on it, and it looks good with the swagged chandelier in a way that the big drum doesn't. And you must like them both since you already bought them.

Therefore, I change my vote to #1 and #2, and skip the big drum!

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Thanks for the extra votes everyone! I thought sleeping on it would help, but that plan didn't work so well. Now I'm just tired and confused! :) I have to return the one I don't want by tomorrow, and I don't like being under pressure to make this type of decision!

judydel: We have a ton of recessed lights in the kitchen, including one on each side of the chandelier. Before we did the renovation that's all we had because the middle fixture was capped off (the previous homeowner took the chandelier with them). Most people comment on how excessive our recessed lights are!

lazydaisynot: That's exactly the pendant I was thinking of using if we had been able to easily and inexpensively convert the two recessed lights over the island into pendants. I like the look of two or three pendants together, but I thought one would look too small.

plllog: Thanks for your advice! I am a total overthinker, especially when it comes to design decisions! Years ago when we moved into the house we bought our first dining room set and it's so not us and I'm pretty much stuck with it now. I'm just so afraid of messing up another room! Fortunately lighting is pretty easy to change, and none of the chandeliers break the bank!!

I really appreciate all your thoughts!!!!

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OHHHHH, you like the famous Kraftmaid Kitchen ad, do you? So do I. I tried forever to figure out what that tile is.
But before I go any further with the answer, I must tell you, OF COURSE I LOVE THE ARBESQUE TILES. (I'm sure you have seen my kitchen, right?)

Anyhow, the Kraftmaid tiles are Casamood- Vetro Neutra Glass- in Bianco Lux. I've posted a link to Mission Stone & Tile's blog, where it identified.

In my kitchen, I have the same crystal chandy over the table and the island. I only used different shade treatments on each. One has as a sheer drum shade, and the other the individual shades. The small individual shades really help aim the light and direct it towards the island. They also really make the light glisten more than when I had no shades on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mission Stone & Tile: The Kraftmaid Backsplash

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Thanks beekeeperswife! I have seen your arabesque backsplash and love it! I also like the sparkliness of the Kraftmaid kitchen, but I'm a bit worried it would look too busy with our countertops (White Fantasy Quartzite). When I brought a sample to the showroom it looked best with cleaner tiles that didn't compete with it, so I thought I would add a little something over the stove. Would that small sparkly tile look good in a little box over the stove surrounded by thassos subway? The arabesque I posted can be customized with any stones, but I'm not sure what sparkly one would work with the marble.

I also love your chandeliers, and seeing them made me realize that they can be done in a kitchen without looking out of place! Thanks for all the inspiration!!!

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Why not do the arabesque behind the stove and use the plainer thassos subways for field tiles the rest of the way?
I think the sparkly tile may be too much for your counters.

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I like the matching set...

In fact, I -really- like the matching set. Would you might pointing me in the direction of the products?

(And I love your arabesque. I'm living through you here, so I hope you stay with it! )

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dianalo: That's what I was originally thinking, so you've confirmed my original thought -- thanks!

Steph2000: I don't get to help people on here that often, so I'm more than happy to help!!! Those light fixtures are by Quoizel. The drum shade is the Downtown Three Light Pendant (DW2817C) (it comes in a larger version as well) and the other one is the Downtown Five Light Chandelier (DW5005C). I bought the chandelier at (lowest price and good return policy since I was buying a few different ones) and the drum shade I found on (item # 12456113 -- saved me $100+). If you need any other information let me know!

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Thank you so much. And such detailed information! You are one organized woman (I am quickly learning I need to get organized over here myself)!!

I just think they are beautiful.

Modern but classic. Shiny but understated. Easy to clean, except for the fabric drum shade. lol

I'm a sucker for lights. But my pricepoint is significantly smaller than some...

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They are both good in either spaces. But you shouldn't be taking votes on something you will be looking at all the time. It should be something YOU like...

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I would love to see a pic of your finished kitchen as I am doing white cabinets w/the same counter as you. And I LOVE your backsplash selection!

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Erin: what did you choose????

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