Black Interior Doors...but there's one little issue.

beekeeperswifeNovember 27, 2012

I've been trying to work this out in my head, but I can't.So, I just put it on the back burner and forget about it.And then the topic rears its head again.

Black doors.

I love them.

But can you do them if you have the white muntins encased in the sliders in the house? ( I know I can't paint the muntins, that's not the question)This room is the big issue:It looks like this

It has french doors leading in to it.The doors are always open to the room.Can these doors be black if the sliders have the white?

Would it be odd to do black doors in the rest of the house and black french doors if I have those patio doors?

I'm thinking I have to keep all the doors in this house white. Right?

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This room is beautiful! I wouldn't change a thing.

To answer your question: I think it would look odd to have white mullions and also I don't like the idea of only doing this in one room. I think cohesiveness cannot be emphasized enough.

Just my opinion . . .

I am sure you will make it look great given how well you have done already.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Muntins, not mullions....

Muntins separate panes of glass

Mullions separate window units

Mutton is good for stew, but mutton chops are not...go figure.


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Gina, I was thinking of doing ALL the doors in the house in black, but I was concerned about how it would look if the sliders in this room (and the kitchen) were white...forever, especially having the French doors very close.

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I think your house would look fabulous with black doors, but agree the muntins are a problem. I wonder how it would look if you could just paint the door molding black, but leave the actual sliders themselves (and the muntins, obviously) in white. You would still have a black presence at the back wall. I am presuming you would leave the molding around the other doors white, right? If you could photoshop that picture probably tell you if it would work. Since the adjacent French doors are not solid, you would be getting the same width of black line from the molding on the sliders as you have on the top rail of the French doors, IYKWIM.

However, I don't think it would look strange to have the sliders in white and the other doors in black. Our bedroom door is a solid door painted black, and the door to the MBA is a French door with opaque glass that is white, and the French door to the porch is also white, since it is in the middle of two windows and all three (2windows and door in between) all have white plantation shutters. I worried that it would seem odd to have different door colors but the truth is that you would not ever even notice that.

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Maybe someone can mock it up for you. If you're looking for a way to rationalize the black doors, consider that (at least to me) the sliders read as "window" rather than "door" -- precisely because of the muntins. If they were French doors with the embedded muntins, it would be totally different. So perhaps there is enough subconscious disconnect there - door v. window -- to allow you to paint interior doors black and leave the sliders as they are.

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If I were you, I think I'd try kswl's suggestion. Why not paint one slider black and live with it for a few days. I know it's a pain, but if you don't like it, you can paint it back white. I'm thinking it might just work, especially with the black/white fireplace.


Or yes, I just saw jakabedy's response. Maybe instead of painting a door, someone could do a mock-up.

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I would keep all the doors and sliders in that room white.
I think that you haved decorated it beautifully and your black presence on the FP wall is gorgeous but I am a big believer in less is more.
Leave it alone.

That said, I do think you can have black doors in the rest of the house if they are more solid doors.

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Is this the option that you want to see?

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I think Jakabedy hit the nail squarely...the sliders read as windows rather than doors, and I think you can have your black doors with the white windows.

However...I think you do need an element of black on that side of the room to keep the weight balanced.

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Thanks for all the opinions.

And myfoursquare, that is exactly what I was thinking. Thanks for mocking that up, it is excellent.

What about if I just did the solid doors in the house black, but left the French Doors white? Would that look acceptable? I'm not going to paint the trim of those sliders black, that scares me.

This project will not even progress until after the holidays. And the first step would be needing to convince a certain dh that it would all work. I should email that picture of the black French doors to my dh (he's away right now) and tell him I painted the doors!!!! Wonder how much more his bp would go up?

Thanks again everybody.

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You could do it and make it work but it would change the whole feeling of the room. With the white it has a serene sunny feeling and with the black it gets a little more serious and will close in the space visually. Either would work though. I have to say I prefer the white.

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I think that black doors would be at odds with everything else inside the room and outside. From the inside you can see your white railings and light coloured deck, then you have your white sliders, glass table, light coloured rug and then bam! your black doors.

The other thing is that right now your dark mirrors act as a accent in concert with your fireplace and by painting the doors black that vignette loses its effectiveness. You would wind up with too much black in the room and it would become unbalanced - not only within the room, but also when taking into account the outside as well. In this case, I don;t think you can ignore the outside. If your deck railings were black it might have worked.

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The mock up looks fantastic!

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hummmmm, just saying you could.

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Or this

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Oooh, I dig the wall painted black with the door!

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JMHO, but I *love* your room just as it is!!

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I also agree with Jakabedy. However I like the white door better and don't think the french doors will look bad with other black interior doors.

Beautiful room.

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I love the black wall/white door solution!
Snappy,elegant, stylish, and brightens everything else in the room.

I wouldn't paint some kinds of doors black and leave some white.

If what you want is black doors, go all the way. The black wall looks fabulous, and frames the view outside wonderfully.

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The mock up at 7:06 is fantastic!

I still love your taste, and the room, as it is BUT if you are looking for more drama or, just a change, the mock up by caminnc is really beautiful.

It is very sophisticated and interesting.

Let us know what you do!

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I do like the look of the dark wall. However, the views from the back of this house are really great. And when I was choosing wall colors what I found was the darker colors around the windows (for the back side of the house) took away from the view. Hard to describe. With the dark walls, you saw the dark wall and window frames. With the light walls, you see "view".

Here's my breakfast area, maybe you can see what I mean.

I think I'll just put the black doors on the back burner for now. Thank you for the mock ups, they are so helpful!!

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That dining room is stunning!

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Lovely rooms.. and awesome views!!

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I absolutely get it. I think I even said as much about your beautiful view in an earlier post. Personally, I like your room as is.

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