Depth of countertop over washer & dryer?

hedgehoggyNovember 29, 2012

For those of you who have a countertop over top of your electric washer and dryer (without pedestals)how deep is the countertop? and do your washer and dryer protrude from the edge of the counter or are they flush with it?
I am trying to figure how far from the wall the washer and dryer will be and how deep we should make the countertop. My Whirlpool washer and dryer are 31 1/2 deep.

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My Dryer extends far off the wall because of the dryer hose. I'd measure them if I were you.

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Right now we are stuck with W&D in kitchen. Our countertop is the same depth as the rest of the kitchen countertop, and the washer does stick out a bit.

However, if I had a separate laundry room, I might make the counters deeper.

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I have an Electrolux W & D. My countertop is 37" deep and the cabinet underneath is 36". The W & D are to the cabinet, although there is a tiny bit of wiggle room.

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