Where and how do you hang your cloth dishtowels?

als6wAugust 13, 2009

Just wondering where most of you put these- did you have a space specially built in your cabs, do you hang them on your oven or fridge handle or do you have them on a hook near your sink or other?


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There have been a number of threads re: this topic (some with great pics) if you do a search, you should be able to bring some up.

We had our KD/cab guy install two Sagatsune towel bars inside our both of our sink cab doors (a bit pricy, but the only one that was the correct width and depth/projection). We use one for the dishtowel, and the other, for a microfiber cloth for wiping down the counters.

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Love my 25 year old wooden swivel rack! When I eventually redo the kitchen, I'll be hanging it back up!!

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thanks to both of you. I will do a search to see what comes up as well.

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I just "artfully" place them on an empty spot on the counter, or, if they are really damp or wet, they go into the laundry room. If I'm preparing a meal, I usually run the corner of the dishtowel through the belt loop on my jeans so it's always handy.

I keep a basket full of clean towels on the counter next to the sink, I have about 25 of them and tend to use them instead of paper towels for a lot of things, so they go into the laundry room daily.

I have a nice towel rack, like gbsim, but I couldn't find a place to put it, and I sure didn't want to screw it into the side of my new cabinets.

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I actually found the 'perfect' towel rack at HD, and I think it cost all of $4. It is chrome, holds 2-3 tea towels, and has hooks that I hang my pot scrubber, dedicated coffee pot scrubber and bottle brushes from. I hung it inside the door of the sink cabinet. The hooks were too wide to fit the holes of the scrubbers, so DH just squeezed them together (they are U-shaped and thin enough to pinch with pliers).

I also keep a hand towel (with crocheted top and button) on the oven door handle.

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I have a pull out towel rack on the interior right hand side of my sink cabinet. I generally keep them out during the day, and hang the damp ones to dry under the sink overnight.

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I hang mine on the dishwasher handle (which is right next to sink, so easy to grab). I go through a lot of dishtowels and rags everyday, so I keep a bucket in the walk-in pantry for all the dirties that get brought upstairs to the laundry every night.

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My island table has a rail on either side. They hang off that.

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"I just "artfully" place them on an empty spot on the counter..." LOL, momj47! That's what I do but I love the positive spin you give.

Our plan is to to add a round hand towel ring, like the kind you'd find in a powder room, on the side of the upper cabinet next to the sink. I hate putting a hole in the new cabinets too but this seemed the best solution for us. I tried to talk hubby into doing what I've seen others here do - the open cupboard area in a base cupboard with pull out tower bars - but he wouldn't go for it. We thought about hanging them on a bar inside our sink door but figured they'd mildew faster plus to get to the towel, we'd have to touch the handle with wet or icky hands so that idea got tossed, too.

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I'm with Momj, I put them on the counter, because that's where I like them! Sometimes on the kitchen stool (my grandmother's--the Cosco kind. It's ugly and rickety and it's staying!). My housekeeper, however, tends to drape them over the oven handle. Since the oven is gone (new side opening ovens are nowhere near the sink), I think she's going to be tempted by the Advantium handle. I used to humor her and leave it. But it's not going there!!

So I'm monitoring this topic (having read many previous) and hoping to find a solution I like. During the design phase I considered it well. And didn't like anything better.

Maybe I need to find a freestanding rack for the counter...

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I am leaning toward putting a hook into she side of the upper next to my sink...i agree that storing in the undersink cab would mean you'd have to touch the handles with wet/soapy hands...

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I used to hang it from a base cabinet pull, but now that we have dog I'd rather not dry my hands on doggie drool and hair! I keep it on the counter all day and toss it in the laundry as needed.

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One lowe-cab door under the prep sink and the pull-out garbage door by the main sink have bars for handles, and the towels go on them.

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Right now, mine are on the freezer door handle (but that has to change!). Originally, I planned to have them in a pullout under the sink (but that is not convenient). A larger handle on the trash pullout door seems like a good solution (it is next to the sink).

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I put up one of those hooks with the removable adhesive strip (I can't think of what they are called) on the side of the upper cabinet next to the sink. No holes, no screws and I can just pull the tape and take it off whenever I want. Best solution for me

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I use the freezer door handle and sometimes the warming drawer handle...the oven is "off limits" b/c my front door view is the ovens!

Here are some towel threads...including the famous "towel pig"!

What to do with the Dish Towel?!?!

OT. Kitchen-towel-hanging-on-the-oven-door-survey...

Where do you hang your cloth hand towels?

narrow open cabinet to hang damp dish towels

These are about dish cloths:

where do you keep kitchen cloths?

Ew...wet rags on kitchen sink

Dish cloth or sponge? And where do you store it between uses?

Where to store that wet dishrag?

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just want to do a reality check to make sure we all realize we are insane.

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ROTFL als6w! Because I was just about to open every one of those threads that buehl posted but your comment stopped me short! :-) (never fear, I'll get to them later...)


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This is insane! But reading through all these ideas made me realize what I want to do - attach a towel rack to the tile backsplash. Well, once I have the backsplash...

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letter 100, that is the exact conclusion I just reached---also after I finally figure out the backsplash. Although I did briefly consider one of those pull out clothes line things seen in motel bathrooms. LOL.

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LOL too! Yes we are insane. Today my insanity has revolved around cabinet stain.
What to do with the towels seems a great next obsession.

At one time I saw a rack sort of like gbsim's above, only it was freestanding for the countertop. I like that because you can move it around. A link to it might just still be in one of those threads above.
I bought one that hangs from the top of a lower door, and the two rods are just too close together. If you pull one off, the other comes with it.

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