Final inspection today - Feel so nervous

gwloloAugust 15, 2013

You know that awful churning feeling in your stomach like when you have an important exam that you feel you should have studied mor for. Well I feel that and worse. Didn't sleep well last night. DH thinks that I am just being silly about it and should stop worrying about it. The GC will take care of it. Can't help feeling the house is my baby. Been 2 years since the permits were pulled, so we really need to get this done and move in!

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Sending you positive energy to get through the day.
I remember ours- I was sure we would fail on smoke detector issues as our local code is confusing. It never came up as an issue b

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Yes, positive thoughts you're way so you can have your move in day.

I found that what City Permits say and actually require in the field (per inspection) are far apart and favor the homeowner. Don't know why I bothered with permits for our kitchen re-model, since now the City and the GC say none were needed. But I digress...

Good luck and when it's done, sigh hard (from the belly out) in relief of all that built up tension.

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Good luck! And hope some day to see photos of your finished kitchen... I've been lurking and love the bits and pieces you have posted previously!

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Relax, everything will be OK. I'm certain all the sticky issues have been flagged earlier, and this will just be a verification (unless a prior inspector overlooked something). Even if there is a surprise, your GC will handle it.

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good luck gwlolo! hope you get a nice inspector!

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How did it go? We haven't closed out our permits yet so can definitely understand.

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Thanks for the good vibes people. I made pancakes for DD and her sleepover friends just to distract myself. The inspector came in the afternoon and walked around for a good hour with my GC. A couple of electrical misses - smoke alarm in the family room outside the bedroom door, some 220 circuits not having an arc (I think this is something for preventing short circuits I think). He was not too thrilled with us reusing vintage windows to keep the look uniform. He would have preferred to have seen tempered glass etc.. But did not cite that. Re-inspection for the missing pieces on Monday and hopefully occupancy permit then. I did breathe a tiny sigh of relief. I was very worried about my creativity in the Kitchen. My GC had felt several things there had a potential to be an issue including toe kick drawers, jumper cables for UCL led bars, drawers under cooktop and DW under sink. None of that seem to have caused an issue.

Honestly with all the trouble we have been having with the GC, I am looking forward to getting him to close on the punch list and get out of our lives. All I want to do is move in, unpack and stay and home for a few days and let the happiness sink in. Hopefully just a couple more weekends I hope. I am shopping for hand soap to connect to the NeverMT.. that is a sign of confidence right!

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Congratulations on the (almost) pass! You've had such a two-year trial! I often think about what a nightmare you've been enduring. (Especially when i made "Breezy pasta" this week. :-) ) I was so happy to see this thread that you're getting near the end. The end of the reno and the end of the GC.

I want more pics!!! I hope that came across as a polite demand. ;)

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You are on your way with just a few nit picks.
We actually forced the inspection to get it to fail on the smoke detector issue as we couldn't get any answers and as I said above- he didn't even comment(and I really wanted him to do so)
BTW- we have one jumper cable for our UCL plugs as well.
I was also worried about our outlets in the toe kick in our caves.
You just never know v
Glad you had a great pancake breakfast!

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Congratulations! Two years of hassles is quite a long time.

I didn't mention this previously, but we did get quite a bit of hassles over the UCL and junctions as well.

And during the foundation work last year, got really tripped up by some unexpected foundation drainage improvements.

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Terrific! I'm very glad this is basically behind you. Back to the fun stuff. :)

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