Light Granite or Quartz! Thanks

ksquiresAugust 5, 2012

Hi everyone!

We are remodeling our kitchen and I really want a light colored countertop. I am thinking I like something like Kashmir White Granite, but heard it stains easily. I know you can get it sealed, but does that protect it against stains completely? How often do you seal it, do you do it yourself cost,etc?

If not granite, I am thinking Carmbria Quatrz in Torquay. I rather have the granite, but am worried that I might accidentally leave a stain and then ruin the countertops. Please share your opinions/experiences. Thanks so much!

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I have a light colored granite and nothing stains it since it has been sealed well. The only thing to worry about is grease but only if it's on the bottom of something and left overnight. Even that stain has faded with time and I really don't see it now. I would go with the granite you love.

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I think regular sealing is probably adequate protection, but my granite fabricator did recommend a lifetime sealer called Tekon. He didn't actually sell it, so I don't think there was anything it for him. He also didn't recommend it for all granites, only the ones that were more porous. Around here, it's applied by a dealer. I'm seriously considering having it done just so I never have to think about sealing.

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CKGM- Thanks! What sealant did you use? Was it done before you purchased the granite?

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I love Kashmir white granite. In fact, I almost picked it but my husband didn't care for it. You are right though about it possibly staining. The lighter the granite, the easier it is to stain. Of course, it's still granite and very durable. You really only have to worry if you spill red wine and leave it. If you take care of your countertops, then you will be fine. Quartz is the "new" thing but I still love all the character in granite. I ended up choosing Ivory Sukuri and it has lots of different colors. Good luck in your search. My blog explains my 3 month granite journey.

Here is a link that might be useful: Choosing the Right Granite

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I have a light colored granite called ivory fantasy. It was installed about five years ago. I have only used the sealer twice. No stains. It is very easy to apply the sealer- mine is essentially just spray and wipe off after about 30 minutes. If you love the granite, go for it. I have quartz in the bathroom. No problems there either. Both are nice, just different.

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laura mcleod

Take a look at the quartzite Madre Perla - it is light and has been bulletproof in my kitchen. No etches or stains in 2+ years (with no babying). There are several kitchen on here that have it. HTH!

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