Anyone with Friendly Village china?

olivesmomNovember 28, 2012

How white is the background on friendly village? Between Mikasa's Italian Countryside and Antique White, which would coordinate the best?

I ask because I ordered some Christmas scene salad plates to use this holiday season and I need dinner plates to go underneath. I like both antique white and Italian countryside, and after sale and the F&F coupon both 45 pc sets are $150 @ Macys's through the 3rd. My friendly village plates won't arrive before the sale ends, so I need to now which set of "white" plates to get.

I like the antique white because it is porcelain vs the Italian countryside which is stoneware. However, I've also ordered some Spode Woodland and Italian countryside goes much better with it. At some point I might get both sets since I like them both and could always use something in the whiter side, but I can't afford to get both sets right now. Regardless, I need dinner plates asap to use with the friendly village Christmas- which would you go with, antique white or Italian countryside? Thanks!

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are you near a Dillards? Or go online and see what price Dillards has on that set. I used to work there and they always beat Macy's prices.

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I have Friendly Village plates. It's a soft, beige-y, antique white.

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I also have friendly village. However, mine are the old ones, made in England. I think they are a bit darker than the new ones.

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Has anyone seen Friendly Village paired with either Mikasa Italian Countryside or Antique White?

I need to pick one tomorrow. Will Italian Countryside be too yellow?

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I don't know which will look better with Friendly Village. However, Friendly Village is so highly patterned on the verge/rim that I think either one will probably work even if it isn't an exact match. Remember, too, that you usually have dimmer light for dinner parties, so any color difference will be less noticeable than it would be in bright sunlight.

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The new (2011)ones are pretty white not cream colored...hope this helps.

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I use my Friendly Village and Spode Hunting Dogs salad plates with my Italian Countryside dinner plates. The colors play well together - very close.

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Just bumping this up for olivesmom - hope you were able to view this in time to make your decision!

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Thanks! I went with Italian countryside based on the photos above. I hope my friendly village Christmas plates arrive soon. I can't wait to come up with a place setting using them and the Italian countryside.

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