Ever given away functioning appliances? To whom?

sjhockeyfan325August 23, 2013

We're moving into a condo and redoing the kitchen. The kitchen appliances are very clean and functional, Bosch oven and DW, Bosch radiant cooktop (on which one burner is very scratched) and a top-freezer KA fridge -- all stainless, and except for the scratches on the one burner, all in very good condition.

What would you do with them on remodel -- is there anyone to whom I can donate them?

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Habitat for Humanity often takes used appliances. They don't put them in new houses, but sell them, and use the proceeds to buy new materials.

I'm remodeling my kitchen right now, and can't bear to throw out useable appliances. I only bought a new fridge because a friend of mine could use the old one in his lake cabin (it's 24 years old, but works fine). I don't plan to replace the equally old range, but I might feel differently once I put that old thing in my new kitchen.

If yours are in good condition, why do you want to replace them?

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You could sell them on CL or another local classifieds, or even list them in a free section. You could donate them to a friend or family member who could use new appliances. You could give them to Habitat for Humanity's Restore. We were given our first two washing machines, which were much older (think 1970s era models) and were very grateful to the family member. Bottom line: yes, there are people out there who would probably love a matching set of appliances for free or cheap.

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If you donate to Habitat (or Goodwill, or Salvation Army or any other 501c3 organization) get a receipt for tax purposes. Call around and schedule the pickup in advance of demo day. My local REstore took the cabinets, the laminate countertops, the appliances, faucets, etc. Win for me, win for them, win for my GC who didn't have to take all that to a dump.

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The refrigerator delivery guy bought my old one. He and a friend came back after work and loaded it up on his truck ... he had a lot of other appliances on there, so I imagine he had some sort of side business. I would have put it on CL had he not bought it. If I can sell anything used during a remodel, I will. Even a few dollars coming in makes me feel a bit better about all the dollars going out.

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In addition to ideas above, you can sometimes find unexpected places to donate. When I was single and re-doing my condo, I gave the fridge to the Lincoln Park Zoo (I was on the board at the time and very involved there.) They used it in one of their animal houses for animal food and other stuff. They didn't care that it was an ugly color!

You could also consider a shelter, senior center, or other type of non-profit to make a donation.

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If yours are in good condition, why do you want to replace them?

Refrigerator - too small, top freezer
Cooktop - replacing radiant with induction
Oven - want convection
Microwave - current one is "over the cooktop" and I hate it
Dishwasher - current ones are much quieter and layout is better, and our living space is open plan

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Even Habitat won't take them - too old:

"Anything more than 5 years old; Dishwashers more than 3 years old". These appliances are at least 11 years old (estimating based on when our sellers bought the place).

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Our contractor asked us if he could buy our 19 year old range and 10 year old OTR microwave for his hunting camp. Both were in good shape and very clean. We kept the fridge for the garage and after looking at all the white dishwashers on CL and the price they were going for, I donated the DW to the Salvation Army because they would come and pick it up (and they expressed extreme gratitude for the donation).

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as others suggested, CL...

if you are ok with not getting any money for them, there is a place on CL that says "free stuff"...
i got rid of my dryer that way, it was 18 years old running great but had to get a new washer & wanted both to match load size wise, and a young couple hard on their luck took it, so i felt good about that....
animal shelters, churches any non-profit, ebay....send out a mass email to all your contacts and maybe if they don't want it they might know someone who does...

good luck :)

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Thank sprt and others - yes, I am absolutely okay with giving them away to someone who really needs them. I'll look into Craigslist (when we moved, I gave a lot of stuff to schools and other people in need using freecycle. Maybe I'll try that again).

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laura mcleod

We gave ours to our GC's 23 year old son, who was working several jobs to make ends meet - it made our contractor very happy, which helped make our project (and us) very happy.

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If you are not looking to sell them and don't want any tax write off, you could use Freecycle. You can post things on there that you want to give away as well as anything free that you are looking for.

We have our old appliances that we need to do something with. They are newer appliances and work fine. We will try CL first and see if we can sell them. Failing that, we will donate them somewhere (ReStore, Salvation Army, ARC, etc.).

Here is a link that might be useful: Freecycle

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Landlords are always looking for good used appliances. I sold my 24 year old GE electric range for $50 on Craigslist.

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My local ReStore didn't quibble at the age of my dishwasher, so it must be a local policy.

Here in Columbus we also have the Furniture Bank, which takes and passes on basic home furnishings (beds, tables, small desks, chairs etc ) some large appliances, and things like dishes to people referred by social service agencies. (for example, those who have been homeless, now have a job and place to live but no furniture, or have lost everything in a fire)

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A friend took our old fridge, and ReStore took our old range. They quibbled about picking anything up at my house (I had cabs, sink/faucet, toilet, and light fixtures also) and it took a couple of months to get them there. We gave away our old, still-functioning gas dryer on CL's free section after I was unsuccessful for months selling it on CL. You'd be amazed how fast, and what kind of free items, people snap up on CL for free.

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I don't know where you live .. we gave our side-by-side Kitchen Aid fridge to the LADWP ( Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power) which has a recycling program and encourages customers to donate their old refrigerators. They gave us a bag of energy-efficient bulbs in return which was pleasantly unexpected. Maybe your local DWP has a similar program?
Our other appliances were all either on their very last legs or 'dead', but in the past we have donated to Vietnam Vets -I don't know if they still take appliances now. Also, in the past, we have donated small appliances to the Salvation Army and our cars to the Red Cross.

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Freecycle, but also you may have Facebook groups locally for buying/selling/giving away. Our local freecycle is much less active since the FB groups started up. One local FB trading group has 4500 members in a city of 13,000.

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Our Habitat here will also not accept appliances over a certain age either. We found a local charity who took our coil electric stove and fridge. But they were also specific in what they took, too. They only took electric stoves vs. gas, and it had to be a range vs. cooktop. They also came to pick them up. Also took our old sofa at a later date.

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We donated our range and DW to our church. Our church gives the appliances away to families in need. They didn't care that the range was 13 years old and DW was, I think, 7 years old. While they don't tell you who they give them to (a policy I totally agree with), they did tell us that the family they gave the range to were extremely grateful and couldn't believe they actually got a convection range! I loved that range. And, other than one small chip in the white paint on the top, it was in great condition.

Originally, we planned to keep our MW and put it in the Pantry or basement, but shortly after our remodel was done, our church did a "makeover" for a local family and at the last minute they needed a MW - so we donated it as well.

So, if you have a home church - check with them. You may be able to help several families in need!

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My mom donated her appliances. She gave them to the small company that she bought her new appliances from. They took them when they delivered the new appliances. She told the owner to pick a family in need that seemed like they would appreciate them - and not tell where they came from. He called several weeks later to tell her they had found a great home from people who were overcome with relief and gratitude.

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My neighborhood has a NextDoor profile and I posted my old appliances to my neighbors for free. A lot of us have the same builder grade starter appliances and after 18 yrs some have started to fail. The neighbor that took my cooktop and oven/ microwave unit will use them for parts. Even if you dont have an online board you may also have a condo bulletin board to post on whether they are free or for sale.

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Yes gave a friend of ours the dishwasher we had when remodeled in 05 . Good working condition was white and we were doing stainless. A washer to a friends son when I got a front loader. I think that is it most got used till they worn out.

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One thing about CL and freecycle ... there are people who stalk those pages so they are the ones who respond first to a post for free stuff. They take it for free and then sell it. I would much rather have someone who is in need get the item. Or, even if they are not needy, but they want the item for whatever reason and plan to use it themselves. I have found things on Craigslist for free and have used every item I have ever gotten.

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Interesting Angela. When I gave away stuff on freecycle when we moved, I communicated with each person first -- I really wanted the stuff to go the "right" person. I'm sure there are people who lie their way through this kind of thing, but I think I did a good job, and will remember to do the same thing this time!

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I have donated to Habitat Restore before and would encourage every one to go that route. For our stove though, my husband just wanted it gone. We dragged it out to the curb. Before I walked back to the house, a lady with three kids stopped and picked it up. It wasn't out there more than two minutes.

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Diane, the biggest shocker for me was when we left a toilet at the curb one night and it was taken by morning.

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