different drapes on windows along same wall?

dragonfly08November 6, 2012

First time poster on the Home Decorating forum... feel like I've "graduated" from the kitchen page now that renovation is done!

We have a fairly open floor layout with the kitchen, dining room and family room open to each other. It's been months and kinda slow coming... but I'm finally on to decorating. I am planning on doing curtains in the DR in a different color (and perhaps texture) than the curtains in the FR. The windows, 2 in each room, exist along the same external wall... however, they are separated by a wall, though both are open to the kitchen. Any thoughts about this? Standing in my kitchen, would it appear jarring to look at both rooms at the same time and see different window treatments? You'll see that the FR will have double curtains with sheer under layer versus only single layer curtains in DR which we'll keep open most of the time.

Here's a shot from my kitchen (using a "panoramic" setting on the camera so please excuse the funny curve that appears in photo!):

Also, if you all wouldn't mind... any color suggestions? Our walls in both DR and FR are BM Shaker Beige. I do have drapes already purchased for the DR in a light gold/tan color that's a shade darker than walls. My main concern is that the backsplash in the kitchen is a blue-grey color and I'm afraid of picking a color scheme in the other 2 rooms that may clash, since layout is so open. The one color I think I'll need to avoid is green. If I wanted to coordinate the colors, my immediate thought goes to light blue or grey in FR, but I'd like to avoid being too matchy-matchy or having a blue-grey house! Thoughts or suggestions? Here are some shots of the kitchen with tile/wall color:

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Swoon worthy kitchen!! OMG!!!
I see no reason whey you can't have different curtains....but they need to look very similar from the outside....perhaps linings would do it....but don't do tie backs in one and roman shades in another.

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oh goodness... those pics came out big!

lindac... thanks for your response. I hadn't thought about how they'd look from the outside, so that is something I will keep in mind.

Any other suggestions? Especially if I were to do a color scheme in the FR that includes grey-blue? Would you tend to stay away from that color in the FR because of the kitchen backsplash/wall?

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Adore your kitchen!!!!!! No immediate suggestions for curtains except to line them similarly so they look uniform from the exterior.

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