Modern Kitchen w Freestanding Stoves

aloha2009August 18, 2012

Does anyone ever use a freestanding stove with the controls on the back when creating a modern kitchen? I've seen some very nice stoves with electronic controls. All I ever see of finished kitchens though are ones that are slide in or expensive Viking etc. type freestanding stoves. I really like the idea of my cooking appliances all being together, but I don't want to sacrifice aesthetics completely.

Pics would be really helpful if you have any. TIa

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Sophie Wheeler

Modern kitchen are all about clean lines. The strong horizontal line of the cabinets and counters is interrupted by a stove with a backguard. That is why you very rarely see one used. If you do, it is one of the more industrial looking pro style ranges with the room having an industrial modern vibe.

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I did a search on the Finished Kitchen Blog, and it seems like the answer is yes. Evaperconti and JennG are two examples. I did a search on low budget kitchens and contemporary kitchens.

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I'm trying to keep the clean lines but seem to have to sacrifice quite a bit to maintain that at times.

I found that with the 2" or so that is needed in the back to accommodate the slide-in range, the slide-in ranges look sleek on the top but stick out around 6" into the aisle ruining that line by quite a bit. I'm already interrupting the area with windows that go close (but not fully) to the countertop on either side of the cooking area. So no matter what I do there will be interruption unless of course I give up the windows which isn't negotiable.

My DH likes the look a lot of having separate wall ovens and cooktop but the $$ to have it that way is really bothering me and I'm not getting the function that I would prefer. It seems I have to purchase "inferior" appliances to come in around the same price as having the range all inclusive. Plus long term, I believe that the typical range that we have today, will encompass the MW within the range as a standard feature. Then I will have a dinosaur wall oven that will be obsolete.

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Sophie Wheeler

Have you actually visited an appliance showroom here? A free standing range usually sticks out more than a slide in does. All ranges have to have the oven doors be forward of the cabinets as a safety feature. Slide ins use that backguard space (that extra 2" trim space you were referring to) as extra room for pot and pan handles and give you much more room on your cooking surface. It doesn't shove the slide in out a further 2" unless you have an incorrect install going on.

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Hollysprings, I've seen several of the slide-in ranges installed and they all seem to stick out about 5-6" opposed the freestanding ranges that stick out about 2".

Apparently there needs to be about a 2" clearance in the back. Combining that with the controls in front, everyone I've seen sticks out quite a bit. It seems acceptable when there is a perpendicular counter run. It really sticks out in a galley type configuration IMO.

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We just bought a freestanding GE induction range a few months ago, it will stay when we remodel in May. It's almost flush with our counters, does not stick out much except the handles.

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