Kohler Carrizo sink - only one drain?

MizLizzieAugust 27, 2012

Thanks in advance from a newbie. I'm revamping the kitchen and thinking of going from my Kohler Lakefield sink which has a small side basin for disposal to the odd looking Carrizo, pictured. This means I'll have only one drain, and it will have to accommodate my garbage disposal which, admittedly, I rarely use. But the Carrizo's odd platform looks so useful for draining pots and washing veggies. And as I get older and the back sometimes flares up, the Lakefield sometimes feels too deep. So the Carrizo might come in handy.

Is there a downside to having the disposal on your only drain? Am I overlooking any other disadvantage? I am on my 3rd Lakefield, which has been my go-to sink for 25 years in every house. Change is a fearful thing. ;-)

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I don't have a disposal and can't answer your question about the drain. Just wanted to mention that I rarely used my disposal because I compost, so I had it removed and gained under sink storage space.
I think the Carrizo sink is odd in a very cool way. Would you be concerned about the porcelain chipping on the big flat area though? I guess I am asking if you will be the only one using the sink, I have young and teen sons so I would worry- LOL.

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Lots of us with single-bowl sinks have a disposal on our only drain. I haven't found a downside yet.

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When I had a double-bowl sink, I disliked taking the dripping slimy strainer of the non-disposal drain over to the disposal side to dump the strainer's contents. So I think you will like not having to do that any more. I am now a single-bowl girl (30" wide, and would've gone wider if I could've), and wouldn't go back to a double bowl. My only concern with the sink you pictured is whether you can put down a roasting pan to soak, or a large stock pot or dutch oven to soak. I am not familiar with that kind of sink with a ledge, but it would be something to check out.

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Thanks, all. We are old empty-nesters so not too worried re chipping but the roasting pan issue is a concern. Kohler has a PDF diagram but it doesn't show the individual bowl size. It's 22" deep across, tho -- probably 19" at the bottom. Some pans could rest and soak on the platform. It's kinda workable. I'd very much like to see this sink on display. And I see they have drilled only into the granite for the soap dispenser and sprayer. I am not sure I like that. But the sink has a lot to recommend it. Still torn.

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