Outlet covers?

KarMar00August 14, 2014

As my electrician was putting in my outlets I couldn't help but think the white I originally said I wanted is too stark.
Do white covers belong only in white kitchens?

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If this was my kitchen, I would just have the guy put on the cheap plastic white ones. This is such an easy piece to change yourself. There are lots of fun outlet covers, from all colors to wood to different metals to funky designs. Put the white ones on for now and then live with them for a while and if they bother you, get new ones. No point deciding on this design detail now and holding up being done!

They look fine. If you already think they're too stark, get the almond plastic ones instead. What color is the trim in your house?

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I would also suggest changing to screw less plates and paddle switches vs the toggles. Much cleaner look, and lots of color choices.

Here is a link that might be useful: Screw Less switch plates

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We changed our white outlet covers to screwless stainless and they look so much better.

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My electrician had several shades of white/cream/almond from which to choose. The switches, outlets, and covers are all the same color.

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IMO your best bet is to go with almond or ivory outlets, switches and faceplates. Lutron makes them.

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I had the white ones initially and felt they were too white. I changed to ivory and now they coordinate well with the cabinets, and with the ceramic outlet/switch covers. As someone mentioned above, it was easy to change them out, not expensive either.

I am old fashioned and prefer the look of toggle switches.

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We bought the oversize textured white steel Tay-Mac covers and spray painted them with a Krylon satin. Screws too. They fit a little more flush (flusher?) than the rigid plastic and don't deform anywhere as easily as the "unbreakable" nylon ones. There are LOTS more colors of paint one can choose from than the limited selection of colors the plate manufacturers decide we want.

You do lose the ability to exactly match outlet/switch color to the plate, but with common switch/outlet color choices of white, ivory, black, gray, and brown, you can get a good look that blends.

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I just bought and painted wood outlet covers. 5 bucks apiece.

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