Always order a fabric sample!

bethohio3November 15, 2012

I'd thought I'd found the perfect fabric for my office windows and almost ordered it when I ordered the guest room fabric, but talked sense into myself and ordered samples of the fabric I wanted and one other.

Well, the fabric I wanted was *totally* different than I expected. I had misread the size of the repeat. It's almost 'burlap' in weight. It's "rustier" in color than on-line. I am so glad I ordered the sample since I don't like it at all now that I've seen it.

Moral of the story: patience is a virtue :-) and ordering a sample pays off!

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oh I just can't bring myself to order fabric online, it's just something I have to see and touch in person so I always end up going to a fabric store instead. I still prefer to see the whole width of fabric myself so I can really judge how it looks over a larger area but I'm just not one of those people who can visualize things that well unless it's in front of me. I think at the very least you need to see a sample, and it's good you waited it out to get one because what a disappointment if it arrived and wasn't what you wanted.

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So, so true. I am still living with two plaid chairs that I order only seeing a swatch. Live and learn.

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Or, see the fabric in person, and then do online searches to see if you can get it MUCH cheaper. Example is the recent buy on eBay of 5.25 yards of a fabric that I had seen at Joann's and loved, but wouldn't pay $40 a yard. I paid $36 on eBay for the 5+ yards.

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I've fallen in love with fabric in magazine ads. Then, when I see it in person, I hate it. I agree that I have to see a sample before buying.

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And this is why we should have a standard warning response for any thread that involves a person asking for opinions that involve fabrics and upholstery. We are NOT seeing what these things look like in person. I think we can accurately judge whether two patterns work together, but the color and feel of fabric does not photograph accurately. I hate to think of the people that were deterred from using a fabric they loved because on our monitors it didn't look right.

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