Lighting in Stacked Glass Cabs?

2LittleFishiesAugust 14, 2012

I think I need to put lighting in the glass stacked cabs we are planning. I'd assume without them you wouldn't see the display pieces inside, or am I wrong?

Can those of you with similar cabs share your experience?

What types of lights are usually used for those cabs at the top? I thought a puck at the top might be too noticeable where you are looking up at a light bulb??

We have 8 foot ceilings

I dont' think I really need lights in the 2 glass cabs that surround my hood...

Still deciding : ) I want wood shelves so the lighting would have to be in the door frame.

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I put Kimberly triple brights tape light on a dimmer (was only going to put regular in but back ordered, so they gave me the triples for the same price)
I put them in the front along between the shelf and the door - there is just enough space.
The transformer is somewhere else - either in the basement on top shelf of one of the cabs -
I like it!

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I would vote for lights in all glass cabs: You don't have to turn them on, but it is useful for finding things in a spice cab for instance, and also gorgous IMO in the evening....

I have Xenon pucks in the tops of my kitchen cabs, and currently have half xenon and half LED UCL. Xenon is not cool (temp), and LEDs have an amazing amount of light and can be found in warmer or cooler spectrum of light. I plan to replace the remaining xenons at some point. The puck issue you mention (visible from below) is true but whether it bothers you or not is something only you can know. I am more aware of the brightness of the pucks when sitting, but really haven't noticed it for several years now.

We just put LED pucks and strips in the frame for an entertainment center. LOVE the strips, and without the pucks (on dimmers) I think the rock collection on the glass shelves would not be adequately illuminated. Since I sit lower in my LR than in my kitchen I am more aware of the brightness of the pucks, but also have them dimmable to a manageable/unnoticeable level.

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I used low voltage halogen puck lights in my glass door cabinets. The transformer is in the back of the lower cabinets. The lights are recessed into the top of the cabinet. They give of a very nice light and are not bothersome when you look at them from across the room. Here is a close up:

And how they look at night from below:

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Thanks badgergal! : )

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Electrician said using puck led's may give a more even light than having the LED lights on the side for the stacked uppers. Now, I am thinking that if I have a decorative vase or bowl in the middle of the cabinet (the cabs are only about 12" high) if that light will shine down the middle of the object! (especially if it's opaque!)
Whereas light from the cabinet edges would shine on it from the sides and light it better???

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