'New' style trends from Martha Stewart

live_wire_oakAugust 26, 2010

I've got an advance copy of the new cabinet literature for the new Martha Stewart cabinets from my friend at HD when I paid a visit to see what she was raving about. (They will be exclusive to them & are made by Masterbrand at what sounds too good to be true price point.)

What I'm noticing is that "everything old is new again".


Oak partial overlay cabinets--with shiny BRASS hardware! (Mount Desert Doorstyle) Eveyone who is about to paint your cabinets, hold on! The look is classic, yet updated with black appliances and lots and lots of glass. She even used plain tile floors with, *gasp* light colored grout! No ebony wood floors anywhere except the Mod looking Perry Street collection and that's covered with seagrass rugs to minimize it.

COLORS--for cabinets! Yes, they're mostly greyed down, tauped down versions of color, but there are buttery yellows, peaceful blues, oceaney greens, almost blacks, and lots and lots of various shades of grey. And, it isn't paint! It's a "new" thermofoil type construction that wraps each individual piece of a 5 piece door before assembly. It's supposed to bond better with the substrate too. But, the result is NOT "plasticy" or "fake" looking at all. It looks great! (Yes, in person too. I stopped by to see the new displays.)

White appliances are big features in her vignettes. It's that "beachy style" that she does so well with grey and blue tones, but she really isn't showing very much stainless.

4"x4" tile is everywhere---and in plain white. Yes, she shows some subways, but in most of her kitchens, it's just plain old cheap "bathroom" tile set in a regular square pattern. And maybe we've gotten so far away from it for so long that it looks "fresh" again.

Corian! Yes, it's not your mother's Corian, but it is the dreaded "solid plastic" countertops in a big, big way. The colors are all from the "Private Collection" with lots of directional movement similar to a granite or marble. I'm totally in love with the Sea Salt, SHoreline, and Acadia colors. The Warm Soapstone isn't bad either, but it's really the only dark color in her collection. No acres of black countertops in her white kitchens!

So, anyone getting ready to "update" your kitchen, you may want to hold on for a bit for "classic" to become more mainstream popular again.

I'd link to a website, but apparantly that's not up yet.

I'm off for my own little beach vacation, and I might even be inspired to make my own kitchen more "beachy" now. I just love her Rainwater color.

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I saw these cabinets at Home Depot and just loved them. I'm sure they will be a *hit* .... everything she touches seems to turn to gold :) I do like her style .... and loved the look of painted cabinets. One day I may be *just* brave enough to do that to mine!!

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Love hearing that colored cabinets and white appliances are going to be hot. Especially white appliances. Does that mean manufacturers will soon start offering more of their line, especially the more high-end items, in white? That would be great. Still not loving the big, bold grain of my honey oak, though, so while she says it's "new", I'm going to have to let it go.

A KD tried to talk me into the Warm Soapstone Corian. Guess I need to see it in person. I liked Corian in the '80s but that was back when it was *the* upscale countertop.

Thanks for the sneak peek, LWO.

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Hey thanks LWO!

So that means my 4x4 ceramic white backsplash is in again?!?!? Maybe I really should think twice about changing it!

I *just* (as in 2 months ago) changed out ALL my brass hardware for brushed nickel. The knobs are still sitting in my basement. Maybe I better hang onto those for a while too. : )

White appliances too? I already have those! You're killing me - I am trying to convince DH that we need to "update" everything!

The Corian part shocks me the most. I am not a big solid surface fan, but I have seen the Private Collection colors and some really are pretty! So it sounds like *movement* is in, and the big chucky, quartz-y looking countertops are out? (At least to her anyway)

It sounds like she is tending toward the soothing, back-to-basics, no frills kind of look. And maybe in this day and age with the economy that's not a bad thing.

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I was just at IKEA today, and I really liked their white appliances. They had a fridge that was very smooth and shiny; I hadn't seen that finish before.

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I love the recycled prison furniture look and the "jumpsuit orange" Corian counters :-)

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Although I'm not usually a big Martha Stewart fan, I do think you are all right about getting back to basics. I've always liked white appliances (they're never really out of style) and painted cabinets, I'm glad that countertops and backsplashes are starting to be simplified, too. Personally, I like antique brass hardware, but it's nice to see something besides stainless steel, nickel hardware and granite countertops for a change. (No offense to all those, who love them.) It's just nice to see something else :)

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I have always thought oak got dumped on a little too much, there is something comforting about a nice oak kitchen. My oak kitchen was made of cardboard...so it is time for something new and solid. Really though, that Martha is one smart cookie and knows that in order to keep the very very modest budget people spending she has to make them feel good about some of what they already have, which in alot of cases is oak. It's really rather brillant if you think about it. People who can't actually buy a whole new Martha kitchen can still feel hip to the action by adding Martha paint colors and more. That woman is fixin on making lots of $$$$.

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wow I really wished I hadn't opened this thread! I, too, just LAST WEEK took off my polished brass knobs and put on brushed nickel. I'm keeping my white thermofoil cabinets but just had granite installed. Got rid of the shiny polished brass faucet, for stainless. Oh, and my appliances are white but was planning on going stainless/black as soon as I can afford!

Figures - I'm always a decade behind everyone else. But at 51 - in another decade (or 2) I really won't care!

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i think it's all about appealing to a customer base that can't or doesn't want to look too luxe. retro-austere-back-to-basics-with-some-flair.

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I am getting ready to paint these cabinets tomorrow. Hope I am not being foolish. My 4x4 tiles are going, too.

That "paint/color expert", who's site is often referred here says that painted cabs are here to stay....

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Finally! I was right about something on this forum! I just predicted (in that pic filled backsplash thread) that 4x4 squares were coming back with a vengeance. Although, I was thinking they'd be back in a lot of color, in muted tones.

This is a great and informative thread, Live_wire_oak, thanks for sharing. I picked up a copy of Martha's latest magazine because I wanted to copy her kitchen organization (yeah right). Anyway, there was an article about her new line. I saved it for my mom who is contemplating a kitchen re-do. I'm really excited and am going to try to talk her into some painted cabs and a white 4x4 backsplash......

I think painted cabinets and furniture are here to stay and that they have never gone out. The popularity of them fluctuates up and down but never gone. Everyone will always paint stuff when they get sick of it. Right?

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Thanks for posting this as I was just going through the new Restoration Hardware catalog and thinking that I really need to reconsider painting my existing oak cabinets. I really love their aged wood finishes. It would be hard to duplicate, but something close might be good.

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RATS!!!! Less than a year with brass hardware in my new kitchen and Martha Stewart is already imitating me. Sheesh!!

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Now I'm sorry I didn't check out the display when I saw it the other night at HD. It looks like enough of my stuff is out of style in be in again!

I was trying to figure out how to incorporate the new kitchen with satin nickel pulls in with my old oak dining room furniture with the brass knobs once I take down the wall between them. I've also been looking at 4" white square tiles for my back splash. I still have that tile in my 1930's bathroom.

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Brass has been popping up on kitchen faucets featured by Kohler and IKEA.

Teal has been popping up on paint websites and print ads.

The 80s redux started a few years back with the vintage furniture market, so its ripe for the new version of a 25-30 year old "look" to start creeping into kitchen and bath design.

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LOL, Plllog! You're cracking me up! I've always loved your brass fixtures.

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I'm doing mostly brass lighting fixtures throughout my house. It's Visual Comfort--the stuff you find at Circa Lighting. Unfortunately Visual Comfort is taking so long to ship my newly-hip brass lights that they will be dated by the time I install them.

Teal is also a color I'm putting in new house. I love the way it goes with persimmons and oranges. Hoping it also goes well with inexplicable plaster holes and head wounds.

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I sooooo want a retro-tile bathroom...those will come around again...I just know it!!!

I love Martha Stewart...but was slightly annoyed when she copied my white glass front kitchen with the Jadite Fire-King diner ware display...sheeesh...I'm with you on the decor plagiarism plllog...LOL.

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The old stuff always comes around again with a twist to freshen it up. An old oak 80's kitchen with brass hardware and white 4x4 tile will still look like an 80's kitchen, I'm afraid, unless you perk it up with the Martha tricks, whatever they are. But at least there's a road map coming to freshen and reuse some of the old stuff. Can't wait to see what she's doing now.

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Found some pics on this blog...

Here is a link that might be useful: Bargainhoot blog with photos of MS cabinets

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thanks for posting this. I found some pictures on Martha's blog.

Here is a link that might be useful: Martha Stewart - kitchens at Home Depot

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Confused. All the pictures posted look like very typical GW painted kitchens, not Ronald Reagan Memorials constructed with pee-colored oak.

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The oak, brass, and corian stuff was in a preview package sent out to kitchen designers apparently and is not showing up on the web yet.

Martha Stewart's influence is such that if she gives it the nod, people will start using it, so to some extent she may create a market for brass and oak--much like Oprah can turn a not great and not particularly popular book (200 something rank?)into a #1 bestseller and movie just by Oprahsez.

I feel however, there has been a way to do a brass and oak kitchen all along, if you wanted to, and not have it look Reagan era, necessarily. Sorry Gardenwebbers but you are a kinda uptight and faddish bunch 8[ :)

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>All the pictures posted look like very typical GW painted kitchens

Yeah, I don't see anything especially noteworthy about them, at least not in the links.

I loved the 80s--bring on the clear pastels!

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By Writersblock:"I loved the 80s--bring on the clear pastels!"

Just curious not trying to start something.

If you loved the 80's clear pastels,which I also happen to love and never quit using, why do you not just use them? Do we really have to do what happens to be "in" at the time?

Interesting thread and I AM going to use it on my DH to get him to let me paint, well gel stain or?? some color tint, the bathroom cabinet doors and drawers. LOL


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I would use them constantly if I could get them. In paint, I can mix my own, but unfortunately I can't weave my own fabrics, and everything--everything!--these days has a hefty infusion of gray in the color.

So yes, although I don't care and don't wish to be "in" (only followers follow trends), I'm forced to do it through lack of what I want.

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It's kind of like the way for a few years during the early 80s all kitchen doodads came in colonial blue, dusty rose, or gray, and if you didn't like those colors, too bad.

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OK Got you. Thanks. I am so lucky to have a nice paint man that will cater to my whims of paint colors. I am on painting my third house with him. So glad he stays put. The best solution to get the light colors I want in the clear no gray, is to take the color I like in darker and have him mix it in half strength.

Also I have found some lovely pastels at.......... gasp.............. Walmart. EEEKKK Ducking. Sorry.


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Whew, that takes a lot of stress off me, I'm putting my kitchen back together and calling it *updated*. And I couldn't wait to get rid of those 4" white tiles. Geesh glad the backsplash is still on....

Anybody want to buy two monster stainless coolers? I'm putting my white kitchenaid back in, it never fails.....

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There was nothing inherently "wrong" with oak and bright brass the last time around (except, perhaps, it was so often used it became "common".) The problem was that the finishes didn't hold up. The finish over the oak yellowed. The "no tarnish" finish over the brass would fail allowing the brass to tarnish but was intact enough to interfere with polishing. Today's finishes hopefully will better preserve that just installed look.

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>The best solution to get the light colors I want in the clear no gray, is to take the color I like in darker and have him mix it in half strength.

I use artists acrylics for tinting my samples. Just buy a quart or so of the white base paint and then blend in till I get what I want.

Interesting that your walmart still has fabrics. Ours ditched 'em for a larger electronics area, but they never carried anything but poor quality polyester blends when they did have them.

Getting back to the original topic of this thread, it's very interesting about the martha cabinets--has anyone had a chance to see what the quality is like? Our HD is barely keeping the doors open and they haven't updated their stock since the height of the boom.

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Funny, the yellow kitchen shown in her blog looks very similar to my kitchen that I finished 8 months ago! :)
Where Martha is genious, is that she gives you "her choices" for counter, hardware, paint for each cabinet style and color. Folks that are designed challenged or daunted by the idea of a kitchen remodel, will love that, and will be more inclined to buy her cabinets even if the same style/color is offered by another manufacturer.

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Sophie Wheeler

It's going to be like the old Garanimals at Sears. Her stuff is labeled with little icons, and if you match the icons, you can be assured that everything matches. It's great for those who aren't sure about putting a look together.

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After reading this post yesterday I couldn't resist making up an excuse (we desperately need grass seed) to run out to Home Depot at lunch. They had a small Martha Stewart cabinet display with the door styles, hardware, and coordinating Corian. Martha is a genius: great styles and wonderful colors. I predict these cabinets will be a big hit for the mid-price range kitchen remodeller who wants the look of a more custom kitchen.

Based on the small display and a few quick shutting and openings of drawers, the cabinets felt as sturdy as the other HD brands like Kraftmaid. (Decora seemed, perhaps, a bit better made.) There was no information about price and no workers in the kitchen department to ask for more information. If they are a good price they could be a good alternative to some of the Ikea thermofoil cabinets. That is, they are cute, stylish cabinets. But, I don't think they will satisfy anyone with the desire and budget for real painted wood.

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For those of us who are designed challenged (what a gentle phrase), someone like Martha who can put together colors and designs that work well together is a Godsend. I used to have my DD to lean on for that, but she doesn't live nearby anymore so I can't ask (beg) her to go shopping with me. I have a deep fear that when I am done with my remodel that it will look like crap because I will have made bad choices.

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Well, that was disappointing. I was planning to do Ikea and I'm inconveniently far from a store so I was hoping these might be an alternative. Meh.

Very much like Kraftmaid in quality.

Cost ranges from $103 lf for a plain white slab door to $186 or thereabouts. I guess if I'd been depressed for want of a pumpkin butter colored thermofoil door I'd be all happy, but I didn't like most of the colors at all, and it's not like you can get any style in any color--they're very specific. Detailing was quite nice on the doors, though.

I did like the looks of the hardware very much. The display had a very pretty semi-ornate washed gold handle design, but it was quite rough and bumpity on the inside when I grabbed one.

I think I'll stick with Ikea and put up with the inconvenience.

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Reading those links, I got a bit tired of Martha referring more than once to "kitchens in my homes." Thanks for reiterating the plurals Ms. M!

But as for color, I've never really understood why more people don't do colored cabinets. I adore them. I think they add so much beauty, life, and character to a kitchen. (I'm working on a buttery yellow (which I like to call "vintage drab yellow") kitchen. Someday I'd love to see my kitchen a vintage green color. Or blue. Or....or.....or.....



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Riverspots, the no tarnish finish is usually lacquer. You can remove the remaining lacquer to get rid of freckles. :)

But I'm just rolling here at Hollysprings. Garanimals!!! I love it!!

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The beadboard white I am looking at for my wall cabinets is $153 per average linear foot. The shaker maple in chocolate or crimson I am looking at for my base cabinets is $136 per average linear foot.

About 5% cheaper than Master Brands(which is making Martha's cabinets)own Diamond Cabinets they have at Lowes. Much smaller selection buy some slightly different colors. About same quality.

Saw the Sea Salt Corian. No prices yet. But looks like Matha's Corian will have two price points A and B. As opposed to Corian's standard A,B,C,D and E. Looks just as plasticy as standard Corian. Although it did look nice from a distance.

Not making a run for white appliances,standard bathroom tile,oak cabinets nor brass hardware.Even if Martha screams at the top of her lungs on all her media platforms.

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Yeah, I was noticing that the MS beadboard style was significantly cheaper than the Shenendoah beadboard cabs at our Lowes. I guess if I were planning to use one of the lines carried by the orange store or the blue store these would be a nice alternative. (But personally I think they're all overpriced for the quality you get.)

But our store only had the Martha Steward beadboard design in battleship gray and a grayish blue color, not white. In white white, they had the plain slab, a raised panel door similar to Ikea lidingo, and a door that was something like a flat center panel door with a beaded stile, only it had a third stile across the middle of the door, too.

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We saw these today and my wife immediately fell in love with them. After looking at the standard specs of the boxes, I'm a bit concerned. 3/8 particle board is standard. The particle board doesn't bother me, but the 3/8ths certainly does.


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I heard months ago (Martha was being interviewed by Charlie Rose) that she was coming out with a cabinet line. Since that time I have run searches periodically, but there's nothing I can find other than a press release from MasterBrands that they had been chosen as the manufacturer. About 2 wks ago I was in HD for something unrelated and saw the display. Asked a salesman if he had any literature. Replied (grumpily, I might add) that he didn't, but he would on September 1. The guy must be sick and tired of answering the same question. Big display to flip through, but no literature? Sounded a bit strange to me. More likely that they have cases and cases of catalogs, but aren't allowed to distribute until Sept. 1. I thought the cabinets and Corian were beautiful! Honestly, the drawers seemed just as well constructed as those that the KD who's pressuring the hell outta me for a deposit is pushing in his showroom. As usual, Martha has been reading my mind. I am so tired of seeing the granite, granite, granite thing all over the place, and actually considered Corian again. Problem is I think the colors are exclusive to her line. Can't seem to find them on regular Corian display boards. Actually stood in HD that day and wrote them down on a piece of paper so I could check Corian's website when I got home. Am also tired of the stainless, stainless, stainless thing and have given serious thought to ordering my Bertazzoni range in White instead. (Has a SS top, so figured I could use a SS frige with it. Would go with a white one (the only color frige I've ever owned in my life!), but trying to find a high end fridge in white is damned near impossible. Besides, my "dream stove" is the one in "Everybody Loves Raymond"'s kitchen, and a white Berta while not the same thing, is a close second in terms of being dear to my heart. Of course my son, daughter-in-law and daughter all tell me I'm crazy. They want to know how I could possibly consider anything other than SS for a kitchen remodel I've waited so long for. Now I can tell them if Martha can do it, so can I! Hmmm. I've had plain white 4x4 squares as a backsplash for the past 15 years. Am considering plain white subways or (horrors!) plain old SS subways even, for the remodel. That's why I like 'Martha Style' so much. Clean, simple lines; muted, ashen, muddied, drabbed-out colors. And best of all u-n-c-l-u-t-t-e-r-e-d! Have been thinking of kicking the pain in my neck (and elsewhere!)KD to the curb anyway. Clear the aisles at the "Big Orange"! Martha, here I come!

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wow, so interesting! thanks for posting up the links. i also like the pre-matched paint colors and countertops for that "i'm scared i'll spend $$$ and it'll still look like crap" feeling.

my holdup is i don't think i could get over the feel & look of corian up close.

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FWIW, foxy01, our store had stacks of the MS catalogs lying around. Try yours again. They may just not have gotten them when you were there before.

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We just tore out the 4x4 tile backsplash! (But it really needed to go) --however it's not too late -- we're going to keep our original brass hardware.

There seems to be a strong "grey" trend -- I'm seeing it everywhere. Wondering how long it will be til wood counters (and may-be even tile counters) and checkerboard floors come back . . . .

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Regarding fabric trends...you have more control than you think.

Shoppers who are tied to the ready-made are at the mercy of the year's collective color pickers. If you shop Restoration Hardware or Crate and Barrel or Sears or Anthropologie or Ikea, you're going to get a certain idea of what's out there. But if you shop farther, you'll find more. Keep looking. If you look a little to the left and right in a wider view, you can find many things.

The big home-sew fabric retailers, esp. Joann Fabrics, are easily accessed, by computer as well as stores in city neighborhoods. The internet has made window shade vendors large and small very available. And there are amazing resources online for fabrics, including the classic fabrics for classic homes shown in the posh mags from this decade and decades previous.

But you can also do amazing things in simple ways.
Plain fabric when placed in proximity to another plain fabric can give tremendous visual impact and a classy made-to-order fit. Look at plain fabrics in roman shades with a second fabric as a trim band. Or discover how "Seminole Quilting" can make a distinctive custom look using bands of adjacent colors, easily made using only a sewing machine and a scissors.

A tablecloth or bedsheet in a fabric that you love can become curtains or stool cushions or chair slipcovers or small appliance covers. Piping is fashionable right now and you can do with piping what you can't do with plain seams--make the line of the seam stand out. Piping isn't hard to do, just time-consuming because it adds extra steps and you change out the sewing machine foot more often. Plaid, print, or contrasting color or self-color--each piping has a different kind of distinction.

Those of you who are doing a "midcentury modern" look are able to find many never-used old fabrics from dealers plus new reproductions of classic 50s and 60s looks. Marimekko supergraphic patterns--the standard of college students in 1970s--are now in Crate and Barrel tablecloths for affordable prices--try the online Outlet center, although shipping ain't cheap. Looking for a 1930s-40s look? Rummage around--you can get amazing old print tablecloths and feed sack prints and all the in-your-face primary colors to go with those jade or red kitchenware pieces you treasure. For the post-WWI to 1920s look, get that distinctive blue and/or coral and/or near-orange or find some clean white. Almost every antique mall has a vendor who specializes in old fabrics.

American traditional can use single color plaids or stripes on white, toile (printed scenes in one color on white), white linen, off-white linen. (Avoid the cutesy ruffled cafe curtains unless you're doing a 20th century look.) Drama is out there for your eating area if you choose extra long draping fabrics to puddle on the floor. A Gustavian touch would be translucent light colored linen or faux linen and perhaps some old lace, well starched--a great foil to Martha Stewart's kitchens for those who don't want bare windows.

If you love the minimalist Restoration Hardware canvas-linen oatmeal colored upholstery trend you can reproduce it at a fraction of their prices if you make your own kitchen pieces.

Or commission someone. Custom sewing is available in all kinds of places. It ain't cheap, but you need to ask yourself, "What would I charge to do this?" and pay accordingly.

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oh noooooooooooooooo... I am having br*ss nightmares.. nooooo... ;)

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I'm guessing you're replying to my post about pastels, florantha? Sorry, but that's only true in a very limited way. Fabric colorways are dictated by current trends, even in traditional fabrics. For instance, I have a chair covered in a pale aqua Robert Allen velvet from the mid 80s that needs redoing.

There is nobody, nobody, nobody who makes a decent quality upholstery-weight fabric (and I'm willing to switch to chintz, microfiber, whatever) that has a clear non-muted aqua like that in a solid now. I've been looking for over three years, and my work takes me to Palm Beach constantly, so I have access to what those people can get (nobody cares less about decor trends than old Palm Beach) and without having fabric dyed to order, it just doesn't exist. I've looked in NY, I've looked in Europe, I've looked everywhere.

We have Joann, we have Calico Corners, S FL has a million upholstery fabric wholesalers, and I've been to all of them, including Schumacher and so on. Yes, there are traditional designs, but it's just totally not the same palette.

After all, the fabric industry is part of the fashion/decorating industry and they follow the same trends in order to sell their stuff. If all the bellwether designers are telling everyone you need vomit green, they'd darned well better have a wide range of fabric in vomit green if they want people to use their products, and it's not profitable to continue to produce unfashionable hues.

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foxy01 - I was coming back in this thread to ask when it was being unveiled officially but you answered it in your reply. So thank you!

Also, one thing to note...I remember 5 years ago when we had to remodel our home after Hurricane Katrina. Just looked...5 years ago TO THE DAY is when Katrina hit! OMG! *Shudders at the memories* Anyway, I got cabinet quotes from local places for mid and high end cabinetry as wall as from Home Depot and Lowes. The HD and Lowes quotes were surprisingly higher than my local cabinet places. So I'd be interested to see the pricepoint of a kitchen quote in comparison to some local cabinet places. We ended up with Cardell cabinetry from a local cabinet place and 5 years later they look and function as good as the day we bought them and they were LESS then the big box stores!

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writersblock, I think I know the fabric that you want, and this is not it, but I saw this this morning and am wondering if it would be useful to you:

Here is a link that might be useful: velvet

    Bookmark   August 29, 2010 at 2:21PM
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Don't forget the style councils. There are people who get together to decide what color housewares, et al., are going to be. While they may think they're "predicting" trends, they're actually causing them because the manufacturers of things that only come in a few colors, like laundry baskets, follow them, and the manufacturers of other things then have to follow too...

Martha is a big enough brand that she gets to call her own colors and that's what's so interesting about what she's doing.

Oh, and Pharoah? You'd like my brass. :) It's not bad repro early American. It's just warm and glowy yellow, rather than the cold gray pewter or aluminum it's disguising.

    Bookmark   August 29, 2010 at 4:37PM
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I would love to see nice brass. I am too disturbed by the bright 80s brass :)

    Bookmark   August 29, 2010 at 4:45PM
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Thanks for the heads up live wire-I went looking for the display when we were at HD for something else today.

Those of you looking for darker gray-green putty cabinets will probably like her "Ocean Floor" color. I had lots of paint swatches in my purse---it was similar in tone to Farrow & Ball "Light Gray" and I think Benjamin Moore "Coastal Fog" would make a nice (much lighter, but similar toned) wall color with it.

    Bookmark   August 29, 2010 at 5:26PM
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I am so glad I found this post. But, I just changed out my brass for ORB in the kitchen....but haven't gotten to the bathrooms yet....so guess they will stay~~

We are in the process of planning a new build....and I found the MS line at DH and fell in love with the white picket fence...so clean and neat lines. I have always liked white appliances...hate to see smudges on the SS and black. So right now, I am thinking of using white cabinets and white appliances...hardwood floors...and thinking about a dark brown counter top...and might even go to laminate rather than the granite. I found a beautiful white tri-door LG frig that I fell in love with.

To me, white always looks clean and classic...although my DD doesn't agree with my choice for a new built house. She thinks I will cheapen the look and DH also agrees with her. Of course, his choice is cherry, but that is what I have now and I'd like a change.

Is there anyone else who has used white cabinets and appliances in a new build?...if so, I would love for you to share your pics. Thanks!!!

    Bookmark   August 29, 2010 at 5:39PM
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Curmudgeon mode on: Haven't chosen white cabs but have just installed custom, unstained common red oak and have white cast iron topmount sinks and existing white appliances. Don't find this any problem--an assertive paint color and an assertive laminate countertop will be my allies, plus I'm not done yet and there are more assertions left to assert.

The glory of white appliances and modest cabinetry is that you have money left for other things. Like loan payments.

Just learned that 1 in 7 or 1 in 6 mortgages are in arrears currently. In this economy, do you really need to spend more than necessary? If so, may I touch you? And can I write to my kids about having touched royalty?

    Bookmark   August 29, 2010 at 9:18PM
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Martha seems to be everywhere these days...you go girl!!!

I always check out the Grandin Road Halloween pages and she has products there (in case you can't afford the cabinets, you can get a spooky lantern...LOL).

    Bookmark   August 29, 2010 at 9:20PM
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Bayareafrancy - You make me laugh. I winced when I saw that line too. Could she not say "kitchens I love" or whatever? But I guess humility is not part of the brand.

MY kitchens are amazing...because they are imaginary. What I like about GW is I can imagine having all the beautiful kitchens I see, but they are so different that they probably would not make a very good product line. Nothing for Martha to worry about :) She (when I say "she" I mean the collective she of all the people that work for her) is amazing at putting out simple classic products at a decent price point. Pretty soon she will be selling Martha houses, completely furnished. After all the work on renovating my place I could see why it would be attractive.

    Bookmark   August 30, 2010 at 11:13AM
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There are already Martha Stewart designed houses. They are unfurnished.

Here is a link that might be useful: KB Home & Martha Stewart

    Bookmark   August 30, 2010 at 3:28PM
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Well, imagine that, I am in style. LOL. I have creamy white--with a hint of yellow-- painted cabs with white appliances, and the bottom row of my backsplash is white 4x4s. No brass though. Just can't do the brass.

I wasn't trying to be trendy, but there it is... ;^)

I love love love color in a kitchen! I so wanted to paint my cabinets a fun color, but I compromised with the Hubster, as he was adamantly against painted cabinets at first. He agreed with my creamy color, but a blue or green or yellow, and he was not on board. He "let" me paint the walls my favorite periwinkle, though. :^)

(Good grief! Why am I still awake???)

    Bookmark   September 1, 2010 at 3:55AM
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The website is up guys!!

Martha Stewart Kitchens

    Bookmark   September 8, 2010 at 9:20AM
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I wish they let you look at things in more detail. Every time I click on something it takes me to a page to make a design appointment.

    Bookmark   September 8, 2010 at 11:55AM
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If you are near a Home Depot, you can just walk in and take a look. I did that last week and thought they looked pretty nice. One of the doors was already losing its trim though and this was only Sept 1, the first day of the launch.

The Martha Stewart paint colors have been reworked and are beautiful. Some of the cabinet colors are available as paint and I picked up a few samples.

    Bookmark   September 8, 2010 at 2:55PM
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DH and I took a 6 + week hiatus from the DIY low budget kitchen remodel while DH figured out our funky HVAC duct issues. Which I just have to say, he says it's fine the way it is, so 6 + weeks wasted, but I digress.

So, I totally missed the new MS cabinet intro since I haven't been to a HD at all during the hiatus. Surprising since I was practically camped there when they introduced the new paint colors.

Anyhoo, I saw this post and high tailed it to the HD and picked up my catalog yesterday and caressed the sample doors (you know you did too). Lovely.

Interesting to note, I got a super great deal on solid (shiny) brass knobs and cup pulls at my local mom & pop hardware store. At 50 cents each, I couldn't pass it up for the price, they're the good, heavy stuff. I'm planning to remove the laquer to age the brass to a mellow patina to go in my vintage-y space. So now I can tell my family and friends that my new hardware is "in" according to Martha instead of saying that I'm just extremely frugal (ie cheap). : )

    Bookmark   September 8, 2010 at 10:47PM
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Does anybody know how does the quality of the Martha Stewart laminate compare with Ikea Lidingo??
I was set on going with the white Lidingo until I saw the M. Stewart "fortune cookie" ( an orangy yellow) at HD... I LOVE the color, I think it will be less stark than white. The price is comparable to that of IKEA (considering that our contractor will charge extra to build the IKEA ones). But I am discouraged by the lack of literature (specifications and measurements), which forces me to go to HD each time I have a question. They say it comes with a lifetime warranty, but of course having to replace a cabinet after the granite is installed will not be possible. I am told that it is the same makers as Thomasville. Thanks for you input!

    Bookmark   September 10, 2010 at 4:12PM
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My sense (I've had Ikea white cabinets for the past 12 years) is that Ikea is a bit better quality than the new Martha Stewart cabinets. In any case, they have a completely different construction since they are frameless. Still, Martha is offering a fun look at a great price. I do like her colors. I could imagine putting together an inexpensive "Sarah Richardson"-inspired kitchen with her cabinets. Interestingly though, at my local Home Depot today the kitchen salesperson steered me away from the Martha Stewart display, insisting that Kraftmaid was much better quality.

For what it is worth, the garrulous HD salesman said that Martha Stewart was testing the waters with her line at this price point and that he expected that her line would be sold starting next year with upgraded construction bringing it in line, quality wise, with Kraftmaid. He also said that Kraftmaid was coming out with many new colors and styles in the next couple of weeks. When, taking advantage of his candor, I asked him if the Decora and Kraftmaid cabinets sold through Home Depot were exactly the same as Decora and Kraftmaid through an independent cabinet dealer, he hesitated and said they were "nearly the same" but have fewer options and upgrades.

I'm always interested in what you can get salespeople to tell you!

    Bookmark   September 10, 2010 at 4:25PM
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I admit to being kind of style-deaf, but I think it would be cool to see some more variety in kitchen looks.

Stainless, white, subways, soapstone and granite are attractive, and a beautiful kitchen of any style is a beautiful kitchen, but there are many way to achieve beauty and if it takes Martha to shine a spotlight on that, kudos to her.

I'd like to see images of her designs, when and if anyone has some to post. If they have a touch of retro, that's fine with me. Inspiration from the 80's are back in so much of apparel - big top / skinny bottom, jeggings, sparkly, bright colors - why not in kitchens too?

I'll be over here, stylin' my neon and Vuarnets, rockin' to Stray Cats and watching Remington Steele.

    Bookmark   September 10, 2010 at 6:53PM
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thank you, Francoise, it is going to be a tough decision! I have not even thought about frame/frameless cabinets...
Will let you know!

    Bookmark   September 11, 2010 at 1:43PM
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Yes, the '80's are the Big Thing now. I just saw a segment on "Dateline" that discussed how the Preppy look of the '80's is all the rage. Remember Izod, plaid cotton pants, argyle, pink cloth belts and sweaters tied around the neck? I'd rather forget, but it seems that's what we'll be seeing this fall. So the '80's kitchen MUST be back. Though, I didn't realize my backsplash's 4 x 4 tile was '80's. I thought it was timeless...

Here is a link that might be useful: Nightline Video - Preppy Comeback

    Bookmark   September 11, 2010 at 6:06PM
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Although the Martha Stewart line "looks" great...thats just it...they "look" great. Since the line is new, they do not have alot of standard sizes..ie W1521...like most other brands. There are not many options, ie "flush finished ends" and they dont even make a standard 24" deep refrigerator cabinet, you have to increase the depth of a 12" wall cabinet at an extra price. I priced a kitchen in the Martha Stewart line vs Kraftmaid and Martha was 1100 more!.

I think Martha's doors look much better than Kraftmaid, but that Kraftmaid box construction is better. Marth's box APC construction is comparable to Thomasville, which I wouldnt use (Thomasville) if they were free. I designed a large kitchen with Thomasville cabinetry about a year ago and 9 of the 15 base cabinets came bowled!

I would definitely wait until the MS line had a few improvements, or used her doors on KM boxes if they fit.

    Bookmark   September 12, 2010 at 11:05PM
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I was reading this and wondering why we would substitute Martha's judgment for our own?
If you want brass or don't want brass, why does it matter what Martha says on the subject?
If she introduces new designs or looks, then that is wonderful. Variety is the spice of life.
If she is dictating what looks we "should" use, then that is scary. Or, I should say, that it is scary if people follow her dictates as if they were the "rules"... Now, if she were to buy a new kitchen for me, I might let her choose my stuff for me after all. Otherwise, let her intro her ideas and we can pick and choose what we like or don't, just as if Joe Schmoe designed it.

    Bookmark   September 12, 2010 at 11:34PM
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Joe Schmoe, Martha Stewart, Christopher Peacock....

Just about everyone is listening to someone. At least a little bit. ;-)

    Bookmark   September 13, 2010 at 8:22AM
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archnista, you are wrong about the sizes available. THey are just Masterbrand cabinets with a couple of her own innovations for her line. THat means that they come in a HUGE variety of sizes, including the ones your KD said don't exist. Your experience with them is the epitome of the biggest problem with them though. It's really hit or miss whether or not you get a KD at any box store that knows their stuff and has even opened up a spec book. My friend who gave me the sneak peak is knowledgable about all of her cabinet lines as well as general construction knowledge and current style trends. I would trust her to do my own kitchen. However, at one of the stores just a couple of miles away, well, let's just say, there's a couple of lulus! You have to have enough knowledge yourself to be able to screen box store KD's to be sure they can do their jobs.

I don't think it's so much that we slavishly follow fashion but that following your own taste can be somewhat lonely. When you're "updated", you're part of the pack. You're not alone. Your tastes are "justified" as being "stylish" and "resellable". Especially now that HGTV and all of it's ilk have televised what the "national groupthink style" is, it's hard to go against that and have a style that is seen as individual yet not "out of style".

We all want to belong---yet be seen as "individuals"---the perfect white kitchen like everyone else, just with that peacock blue glass tile backsplash or walnut checkerboard island top, etc. That's why I think Martha is a genius here. She's taking "classic everyday style" from "real people" and publishing it as "updated Martha style." People can feel good about choices that budget forced them into that maybe they were uncomfortable with because the "mainstream" didn't show those choices as "fashionable" in the media. 4" white tile is a good example. It's a great budget choice, and I know plenty of kitchens that used it because of that reason, yet were really unhappy that they couldn't afford travertine or glass or something equally trendy. Now that Martha is showing it again, maybe "budget chic" will make a comeback! LOL!

    Bookmark   September 13, 2010 at 8:38AM
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Just a quick note about the oak Martha cabinets. I was at HD yesterday for a three hours KD appointment, and had a very long chat about the cabinets. I mentioned the '70's oak look and she said that Martha did not add those to the line. She said Thomasville added that design because they felt she did not have enough dark colored cabinets in her line. Can you imagine, second guessing her taste and adding that oak cabinet?
Anyway, I've got a pretty nice kitchen plan using Martha's Skylands in Picket, with Chrystalline uppers. Went with the top construction choice, because the basic construction was furniture board and plywood mix.

    Bookmark   October 7, 2010 at 4:03PM
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I have also had the experience with the big box store KD not knowing the extent of their cabinet line. I think in general KDs these types of kitchen places are very familiar with their favorites. I don't really fault them for not knowing about it, but it does get annoying when they say it doesn't exist without even trying to look it up first.

I have even had a custom dealer (P&F) say X cabinet didn't exist, --because he hadn't seen it. Until I faxed the specs of X from several different manufacturers to his office :)--To his credit I don't think it was in the P&F lineup yet.

    Bookmark   October 7, 2010 at 7:21PM
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funny thing. 30 years ago everyone had oak cabinets and the most popular style was raised panel arch topped uppers or white melamine flat panel. I hated them then and always dreamed of having a shaker style door in a medium cherry color and I am finally getting what I have wanted for 30 years. I just couldn't afford them until now. I think basic good style in quality materials will always be in style;whether painted wood or natural, brass or stainless, wood, tile, glass or stone, etc. my mother redid her kitchen over 20 years ago with dark stained oak cabinets (yes with raised
panels) and they stll look great. The only thing she needs to change to
update is is to change the tile countertop. the great thing now is there are
more choices then ever before and no one cabinet or knob should dictate the in thing.

    Bookmark   October 8, 2010 at 12:08AM
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I had my kitchen priced in Martha - best price I've gotten for any line - 19 cabinets which includes and island. $8500 with all the discounts applied. But, they do not offer a reversed raised door panel and I'd really like that rather than veneer. Hoping they come out with more options.

    Bookmark   October 12, 2010 at 1:42PM
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I'm just pleased that Corian is making a comeback. I love my corian counter...only thing the PO's did to the kitchen that I LIKE. Not the color so much as the functionality...

    Bookmark   October 12, 2010 at 9:24PM
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Has anyone bought the Martha Stewart white laminate kitchen cabinets? I'm looking for cabinets and have read so much great information on here about manufacturers. I'm looking for black/ebony base cabinets and 24" tall white glass for the top. God bless Martha, she has what I want.......I wonder if I can have the door hinges changed such that the cabinet door lifts. I'm trying to create a Pedini kitchen design with out the Pedini cost. Martha's new white cabinet line is styling and she's dead on with corian white counters. just want to read any feedback about MS cabinets before I purchase them..if I do.

    Bookmark   June 13, 2014 at 9:56PM
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