portoro marble as accent in kitchen?

home4all6August 1, 2012

I'm trying to makes some decisions on finishes in our kitchen plan, just to get some ideas as we meet with builders. (So far, they have all told me I do not want soapstone or marble in my kitchen, and look at me like a silly little lady who knows not of what she speaks..we'll see about that!)

Anyway, on to my question...my new kitchen will be somewhat open to my living room. And my living room has a large, original fireplace, with white painted wood mantle, and black marble surround. I've searched online, and I think it is port'oro marble, or something similar. I'd like to replicate this look somewhere, somehow in my kitchen.

Ann sacks has it available in a variety of sizes (2"x16", 3"x6", and 12", 16", and 18" squares) but I'm just not sure how/where to try to include it? I'm thinking somewhere in the range wall, as an accent? The range wall will sit opposite of the fireplace wall in the LR, although they will not be open to each other completely. So maybe I should try to mimic the look of the mantle with my hood? I was leaning more toward a stainless vent hood, but this might more unique and interesting? I just can't visualize it AT ALL!!

I'm going for a look like katieob's and breezygirl's, with white shaker cabs, maybe soapstone on perimeters and marble or walnut on the island...but nothing is "set in stone" as of yet (did you see what I did there??)

Here is a link that might be useful: Ann Sacks portoro marble

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What do you plan to use for your other finishes? Are you going to use the marble as your main feature...and choose all other finishes with that in mind? Or do you already have a color scheme and would just like to incorporate the marble?

With four kids, I would choose all the items to be VERY durable, low maintenance and easy to clean...but that's just me. Just remember, whatever you choose should look good with the dining room, too...and compliment your outdoors, since you have all those lovely windows!

If you have cold winters, you might want some warmer choices...but again, up to you and what you like :)

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I meant to add that you might want to post your kitchen layout, too. Not everyone, who responds to this thread, may have seen your other ones.

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Thanks Lavender, for the good advice. Yes, I do need very durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean. But I also need forgiving surfaces, that are organic and imperfect from the start. I love SS for that reason--it can have that worn look, it's not too fussy, but I'm not going to break a glass when I set it down in a hurry, or if I drop a plate on it, it's all ok.
I don't want to use the port'oro marble as a surface at all, but maybe as some sort of accent? I'm just thinking out loud, here...but if I used a mantle-style range hood, could it somehow mimic my actual fireplace mantle, and could the marble be incorporated into the backsplash, in a small amount? I will try to post some of the other colors, factors going on in my house, too.

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