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Laura_PAAugust 31, 2012

Hi, I've found these forums to be so helpful, so thank you all for the great information found here. I mostly do search and read though I've posted a few questions. Now I have a question and would like some advice. I almost have the design of our kitchen nailed down. Since this design I've asked him to add more drawers (thanks to you guys) and to add base cabinet for kohler stages 45 sink.

But here's my question. I currently have the wallovens and refrigerator on the wall next to the entrance to the kitchen, separated by the pantry.

Should I move the fridge to be next to the center hallway and the ovens to the mudroom side? I am thinking it may be too much walking if I'm going to use the stages sink to prep.

Also, if I do that, is the island sink okay in it's location? The main purpose of the sink is for additional place for handwashing, getting water to drink, etc.

The angled section of the island is our only kitchen seating, as you can see.

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Fine to place fridge where ovens are-but did you rule out extending the wall separating family room a banquette back on it and then place a small table with a couple small chairs on kitchen side: could seat 4 quite nicely. The island would be just the rectangular part to the left of prep sink,but still very useful. Or,eliminate the angled end and get a 36 in bistro height table for seating. I think because of the permanence once the island is constructed, I would hesitate to put that in. I don't like the way it uses the space, but measurements aren't shown,so you know more about it at this point.

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I think switching them would be a good idea. You will be using the fridge a lot more often than the ovens. For the fridge you will be walking back and forth, back and forth,... right past the ovens every time.

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I don't care for the island at all. It's not an efficient use of the space and forces some awkward traffic patterns. Plus the secondary sink is useless as shown. IF you move the fridge like you suggest, then the prep can take place on the left end of the island, but only if there is a water source on the island convenient to that prep. Put it on the corner there and it will be convenient to the short side of the island for prep, and the aisle for hand washing.

I'd replace the door with a single door to the left and a window to the right then put a banquette there with a small table if you need seating in the kitchen.

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Thanks for your opinions. I'm considering bagging the island sink and doing 2 faucets on the stages sink.

Currently I have an island that is 62" long and a 36" bistro height table that seats 4 (or 6). The pictured island is about 96" on the straight long side. and I don't have the exact dimension for the table part.

Eliminating the slider door is not an option.

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