Quartzite countertops- polished or honed please comment

mela9130August 15, 2012

New to the forums so not sure if I missed finding the consensus on this- my initial thought don't remove the polish because you will create potential problems by making it porous, if so why hone then- just for the look?

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In general, yes, most do it for the look. We honed (leathered, actually) our perimeter granite for the look and the upkeep. I disliked having to clean and then polish our previous dark counters.

I left our island quartzite polished. It's light. I like the look of the polished island with the leathered perimeter.

For me, it was a combination of aesthetics and functionality even though our unshiny was granite.

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My quartzite is light and I agree, just wanted to make sure there wasn't
anything I was missing... Tx!

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We're using granite rather than quartzite. And our finish is leathered rather than honed. It will be on our island and perimeter.

We weren't LOOKING for a non-shiny granite - but, when we found it, it's just what we wanted.

According to our fabricator (who has flamed granite in her house), it is no worse in porosity than it's shiny counterpart if you keep it sealed. She went on to say that we really aren't going to need to seal it often - she's had hers in for about 4 years and hasn't yet needed to reseal.

Things that we *think* we like (since it isn't installed yet) is that we won't need to worry so much about fingerprints and wiping streaks. And, a crumb or two isn't going to show up as easily as with the shiny ones. I also suspect (but this reminds me to post here) that the lack of shine will mean that if we are using LED strips, the individual diodes won't show as much in the countertop as a shiny one.

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