Pental Quartz vs. Silestone? Any pros cons to either brand?

homebuyer23August 23, 2013

I had almost decided on Silestone "Gris Expo" but at the showroom, the sample of it next to Pental Quartz "Stormy Sky" looks identical.

I wish I brought both samples home to be sure in my light but seriously in all light at the showroom they were identical.

Pental Quartz is $10/sq ft. cheaper than the Silestone.

Are there any reasons to go with Silestone over Pental?

Could they possibly be identical or are there likely some variations I cant detect in the samples? The Pental sample was big, 12x12

Thanks for any feedback!

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I have Pental and am extremely happy with it. I have Coastal Grey which is slightly darker than your color.

I think Pental is less well-known because they only serve certain markets currently, and because they changed their name a couple years ago.

I don't think you'll find any quality difference. I would make your decision based on finding the pattern you like.

The only other thing I would say is to, regardless of provider, inspect each slab before buying it. Any reputable dealer would accept a return if you find any imperfection, but if you inspect first it would save you the transportation hassle in the unlikely event of either an imperfection or crack.

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Pentalquartz (formerly Chroma) is Vicostone, made in Vietnam, which may account for the lower price. Vicostone sells to other granite companies as well as Pental.

I started with Caesarstone in my remodel last year, but it was damaged on install. My Buttermilk slabs had resin pooling, so I switched to Pentalquartz Botticino because I could view my slabs at their Portland warehouse.

The Pental slabs looked fine in the warehouse and at the fabricators. On install, we saw faint circles of all sizes in the countertop, as if it had etched. It took months for the Portland warehouse manager to come out and look at the problem. By then, all gradually disappeared except for a 5 gallon sized circle near the sink. He tried cleaning and buffing, but I can still see it in certain light. He said he'd talk to the owner of Pental about some kind of compensation and get back to me. He never did. That was last spring.

I don't know if the marks came in the manufacturing process or from the fabricators. The Pental guy could not think of anything that would cause such marks. He talked about how the Chinese cut corners by curing their quartz at lower temperatures, and it spends less time in the curing ovens, so the resins don't achieve the same hardness and durability. But Vicostone does cure properly, and they also use the Breton equipment to manufacture their quartz. China just steals the technology.

In the end, it's beautiful and we're happy with it, despite a faint can mark. Not so happy with the customer service of Pental.

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