What size christmas tree with 10 foot ceiling?

jillandmattNovember 17, 2012

Hello- our new home has 10 foot ceilings and we need to buy a Christmas tree. The 9 foot tall tree will fit of course but I'm concerned it will look too massive in our great room which is about 14'x20'. Any thoughts??? Should we stick with the 7.5 foot tree or go for the 9'? Thanks!

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Go for the 9'! We have 10' ceilings and it looks wonderful to have a tree filling the vertical space. We may actually get a 10' this year, because you lose so much when you make the fresh cut, etc...

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Go with the bigger tree!

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I would go for the 9 ft, but would consider a slim-line tree (not a pencil). This way you have the height, but not huge dimension at the base of the tree.

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10 foot!

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We've gone back and forth on this same issue and have bought varying heights of trees through the years. When the extended family was smaller we went with the bigger tree. Our LR is a little bigger than your space and the bigger trees do take up more "around" space. As the extended family got bigger with nieces and nephews marrying and starting to have kids (we always have Christmas dinner) the tree had to take up less room so we started to go with the shorter ones.

Both sizes can be dramatic in their own right. It really comes down to how you decorate it and show it off.

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I agree about getting a slim tree, at 9'. My old LR was 12 x 20, close to your LR measurements, and it drove me crazy putting our tree up until I bought a slimmer one. They're just as pretty as the fuller one's.

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I actually saw a 9ft. slim artificial tree at Walmart that looked pretty good. I have 10ft. ceilings also and we get a live tree. I always look for the skinniest, tallest one I can find in my budget :)

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I agree, filling the height can be so beautiful. But like a PP mentioned, sometimes the larger trees are "girthy."

This tree was gorgeous, but it was huge! It barely fit in our corner. We also had to trim a little bit off the top branch. It was supposed to be 6-7' what we ordered but was closer to 8'.

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I think I will go with a 9' on the slimmer side. Thank you to everyone who replied. I really appreciate the help!

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