DH is flipping out about lighting. Please weigh in with help.

deedlesAugust 11, 2013

Well, my DH is at the freaking out point about wiring up lights again. He gets like a bear trapped in a net over this topic and always thinks I want too much light.

Here is the dilemma: I have no uppers flanking my stove and need some task lighting so obv. there will be be no UCL. I wanted either pendants or recessed spots and have decided against pendants to get away from visual clutter in that area. Also, for them to be low enough for me to be useful as task, he'd be banging his head into them at 6'5". Thought about pulley lights but seemed to take away from the clean look around the stove. (please click to enlarge)

He fears there isn't enough room for the recessed light box to fit under the roof rafters. Something about scissor joists or whatever. I can't cypher out this recessed lighting stuff, it makes me crazy. And I can't seem to find the dimensions of the boxes for the led light cans. Are there boxes even?

Is there a surface mount spot light like on a track light but without the track that would give me decent task lighting from a 9 foot ceiling and be unobtrusive? I don't know what to do there, I just know I want task light and it has to come from 9' up and I really don't want much of anything hanging down.

In the overhead view below; the green dots are where I'd like to have these:

and the red dots flanking the stove are where these recessed or surface mount or maybe flashlights hanging on a string :/ would go.

Does anyone have any ideas for visually clean, good task lighting other than recessed? Or are led recessed smaller overall?

I do have a related post on the lighting forum but so far no bites.

Would so appreciate some guidance on this.

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Sophie Wheeler

Deedles, he shouldn't be messing around with cutting any holes in scissor trusses. That's altering the structural support of the home. If he's freaking out and can't get the wire where it needs to be without doing that, you REALLY need to call in an electrician. That's what they do every day, and they know how to fish wire and get those boxes where they need to go without the drama stressing you out. Just get him out of the way, have the electrician come in, and present him with a done deed. He'll gripe, but he'll be relieved he didn't mess anything up too.

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I know there are shallow LEDs, check out the one lee676 posts about 1/2 way down. I saw one other one posted here somewhere too, I think they were used by someone recently. Sorry about all the vagueness, I wasn't paying close attention at the time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shallow led

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I considered lights on a cable like track, but didn't like the look with our kitchen. However, we only have eight foot ceilings, so something like that might work with a nine foot ceiling.

What about sconces?

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It sounds like you want this to be a DIY project, but I vote for recessed lights and, to save your marriage, maybe bite the bullet and pay for an electrician to do it. If the electrician says it can't be done, then he can at least run the wiring for ceiling lights...then all DH has to do is hang them if you haven't decided on them yet.

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Holly: he's not cutting holes in anything. He says that the shallow slope of the roof doesn't leave much room above the ceiling exactly where I need the boxes. I think he just said scissor trusses to try and explain to me what was going on up there. He is totally aware of and capable of doing whatever wiring is going to happen, he just doesn't think there will be enough physical space for the big recessed boxes, since I need the light about 12" from the wall.

Williamsem: how nice are you helping me out when you've got your own headaches going on over there? Thanks, I'll check it out.

LoPay: I don't have a wall to put a sconce on. Unless you know of something that I don't?

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joanie: this IS a diy project. The whole thing. No way would he hire an electrician. His Dad was an electrician and he does know what he's doing wiring-wise, it's just the space available might not fit a recessed light is all.

Williamsem: that link might have some help in it. Just have to figure out how many lumens I need to be useful from 9 feet.

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My friend has some bright task lights on a cable track and it's one of my favorite looks. Her kitchen also has great views out the window and a vibe similar to yours. It's just great lighting and doesn't impose its look. Function wins!

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linelle: do you mean a track with several lights on it? Any clue how high her ceiling is? I know farmgirlinky had track lighting, too. I didn't like the idea of spiderwebs way up there in my track lighting....

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I couldn't get williamsen's link to work so if I am repeating I apologize. We had one spot where a heating/ AC duct interfered with the can location so we used a Glimpse LED light. It fits in a J-Box so it may work for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glimpse LED

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corgimum: Thank you, you aren't repeating. Do you use this for a task light or is it more of a general light?

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Sounds like he just needs more information. He thinks there is not enough room is different than there is not enough room. Would actually going can buying the recessed light fixture and actually seeing if it will fit? If you buy it local you should be able to return it easily.

I totally understand the DIY part. When DH had questions he would search the internet, refer to electrical book he has, call the town inspecter, and shop. Most of the time he got it right but we certainly returned a lot of stuff to HD and Lowes. Sometimes you don't know until its in your hands if it will work or not.

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Deedles- Don't you have a light in the hood? It looks like it in this picture.

From [Farmhouse plans](https://picasaweb.google.com/113704953485102437421/FarmhousePlans?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCNqkm8ynzeeRFQ&feat=embedwebsite)

If you need more task lighting, what about sconces on either side? Here's the link, if you like them :)

From Farmhouse plans

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to light

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Go to the Home Depot site, type in Lithonia LED lighting. They have mini flush mount LED, if you don't care for the white, along the right side of the page, other styles will be displayed by different manufacturers.

I used Lithonia LED can lights on dimmers throughout our home, and couldn't be happier.

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Debrak: we probably will have to go and look in person, too. I guess there is a rafter in the way right where I want one light.

Lav: there is a light in the hood, but I thought I'd like a task light down onto the counter on either side of the stove.
LoPay mentioned a sconce... I didn't think about the wall over the opening. Maybe some wall mounted would work.... have to go look now.... thanks

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Tech Lighting has all sorts of goodies for lighting challenges.

I've always been drawn to their Monorail Lighting-so crisp and creative-even thought I did 4" recessed cans which they have too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tech Lighting:

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Annie Deighnaugh

Have you thought about cable lighting? The fixtures can be small and unobtrusive and has the advantage of bringing the light source down closer to the work surface so it's brighter. Or, of course, they have very fancy fixtures and pendants (including things like airplanes and dragon flies) that also work with the cable system...all depends on what you want.

They also sell something similar called monorail lighting that also has various style fixture to attach.

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Deedles- It's mostly general as I have UCL's too. But it is located at the edge of a countertop like some of my LED ceiling lights so it does illuminate the front part of a counter. I have an LED can centered over my sink which works fine and this light would equal that.

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Annie: thanks... that might be one of the few directions I could go in for a ceiling mount task light. I'll check them out.

Corgimum: thanks for the additional info.

Still checking out lights before I have to hit the hay (work nights)

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Is that a beam going across on either side the hood? If so, how about a track mounted on the side of it, or mono point fixtures, which are like track fixtures without the track. I have a beam that goes above and behind my island hood, and have a track on it that allows lights on either side of the range, in addition to the two lights in the hood itself.

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Perhaps you could use freejacks with a adjustable/directional low voltage heads. The freejack mounts to a standard 4" junction box with round plaster ring.The electronic transformer is included and fits in junction box. There are quite a few different heads available. There are quite a few different shades available too. The rods come in couple finishes. These are pricey but might be worth it if they work for your situation.
Here is an example from Tech Lightings website:

The ones below are their Sullivan head shown with a few different shades:

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"He gets like a bear trapped in a net over this topic and always thinks I want too much light."

Too much light? There's no such thing! Well, not quite, but DW and I like well lit rooms. Besides, isn't that what dimmers are for?;-)

There are shallow recessed light cans available that may work for you. Maybe like a 4" recessed LED light. We have one above our sink and it puts out a good amount of light even with our 9 ft ceilings.

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deedles, when I said cable lights, I really don't know if that's an accurate description. Here's a not very good quality photo of what I'm talking about. I only included the people to give the room some scale. Her ceiling is vaulted and has those wonderful beams, so I guess she has a lot more overhead space to work with. The lights are over the island.

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Deedles - we did can lights but had to modify locations due to the ceiling structure, so not symmetrical but love having lots of light.
We also have decorative lighting and since we have uppers -we also have UCL.
You can never have too much light in the kitchen as long as you have switches and dimmers.

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We used the disk lights LEDs from Home Depot, they fit in a standard 4" junction box. We love them and it solved a lot of issues we would have had trying to make room for cans.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home depot disk lights

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ctycdm: I took a look at yours and that looks great. I'm open to a small track with small lights.

Badger: I do like the freejacks... was looking at techlighting after the suggestion above. They are $$ though.

lucas: will check those out, too. Are yours for task or for general lighting?

a2: I agree about the lighting. I'd rather shut off what I don't need than not be able to turn on what isn't there, you know?

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Absolutely! It is easier to do now than later!
Fortunately DH is in the same camp!
I love my bright LED for working in the kitchen and my decorative Hubbardton forge for ambience. I would have loved some pendants but the only place I could do this would have been at the sink and my garden window prevented it.
I into amoritizing over the life of the kitchen and then it doesn't sound so bad!
Good luck- you need an Internet hug with all you are going through!

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Technically they are the general lighting but I've been using the kitchen for months now with no UCL and have been fine. Still going to do UCL but at this point it seems more decorative than anything.

I will say though that I have 8' ceilings. Can't remember how high yours are.
I have one directly over the sink on one switch and five others around the perimeter in a kitchen that's roughly 10 x10.

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