I'm looking for wood charger plates -- any source suggestions?

bac717November 14, 2012

Do you use charger plates? I'm looking for wood charger plates in a lighter color (so they contrast more with our table) and would prefer to not spend a ton of money. I have looked on line at quite a few places and can come up with a dark colored charger plate and spend $20 each, but like I said, I'd prefer a lighter color and a lower price! Does anyone have anything like this and if so, where did you find it?

This is what I'm finding:

But this is what I'm looking for:

I did find one in the lighter color, but it was from the UK.

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Good luck. I have not seen wooden chargers in quite awhile.

I have been looking or knock-off Florentine chargers (colorful painted wood chargers) ever since I saw them on a table in Southern Living magazine. Surely someone makes them. It would take a long time, and a fortune, to find the real thing.

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Here are some possibilities.

Here is a link that might be useful: chargers

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Bac717, I saw wood ones at Target last Christmas. They may be carrying them again this year. Pier One or World Marker would be another place to try.

Newhomebuilder, the Florentine 'chargers' are actually trays, not knockoffs, but the real deal. I buy them whenever I see them at a good price to sell in my space at the antique mall. You can find a few on etsy, some better priced than others. They really are pretty and make a nice collection~could even be hung on a wall.

Here is a link that might be useful: Italian trays

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Here are some on ebay

Here is a link that might be useful: chargers

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Patty cakes - LOL...When I wrote that last night, I was almost in a stupor and ready for bed! I meant to say Florentine "trays" and I know they are the real thing in SL. That's why I said it would cost a fortune and time to collect enough needed. I did see a few here and there on eBay and etsy, but they are more expensive than I want to pay as I would need 12. I was hoping that someone would have started mass producing some faux trays. :)

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Check Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Unfinished ones are used in decorative painting and all you'd need to do s spray with shellac for a light, natural finish. Wish I'd known...... I freecycled half a dozen or so a few months ago.

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If none of the other suggestions pan out, both Garden Ridge and Old Time Pottery carry them at great discount prices.

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Thanks all for the suggestions. I found something on yayagal's link, but at $13 each, that's still more than I'd like to spend. I think I'm interested in purchasing 10, but if that's what I'll need to pay, maybe I'll reconsider and buy only 6 and use them for only smaller groups. I've looked at Pier One, World Market and Target and again not the right color and more than I want to spend. Don't have Garden Ridge nearby and am not sure about Old Time Pottery. Deb, I looked at Michael's and the only wooden plate was a smaller, salad size and it was over $10. I'll try Hobby Lobby, if I'm near one.

In the meantime, I've purchased another tablecloth to use. Perhaps when I stop looking, that's when I'll find something.

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I have exactly what you are looking for and getting ready to post them on Ebay. They are in excellent condition. I never use them. I have 12 of them in the natural color and 12 in green. They are 13" round. I would like to sell the set of 12 but I would do it for $60 plus actual postage. Email me at ai@wenson.com if you are interested.

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