Prep sink and faucet placement

Kristen HallockAugust 28, 2013

So the countertop guy came out and templated yesterday. I had to make a decision on our prep sink and faucet locations. Our prep sink is a Blanco Supreme Stainless undermount. Its rectangular with rounded edges and requires a 21" cabinet. We have a 24" cabinet.

You may recall that I wanted the sink to face the range aisle, while my husband wanted it to face the fridge aisle. He thinks we will be prepping to the right of the prep sink on the fridge aisle. We both cook a fair amount. We usually do our own prepping so we arent cooking on an everyday basis together.

So we ended up deciding to have the long side of the sink on the fridge aisle. But to put the faucet on the corner, and the soap dispenser to the left of the faucet. The faucet is a Grohe Ladylux Pro. I've tried to show the placement of the sink so I can get feedback. I hope this works! The counter guy said he can have the sink the same distance from both edges of the countertop (its on a corner) so its comfortable to use from both locations. The way the faucet would be on the corner it would probably be more comfortable to use from the fridge side? I am not sure. But then the soap dispenser would be to the left.

What do you think? The orange dot is the faucet and the red is the soap dispenser. The blue is the sink.

I probably over estimated the sink size in this picture. Its actually 18.5" x 14".

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That looks like a great solution! the 22" or so reach to the faucet from the range side is about the same as the reach on your big sink.

I just looked at your faucet - it looks like you can mount it with the handle to the front.

What is the install date?

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Kristen Hallock

I'm not sure on the install date. 2 weeks probably since they had to order more slabs of our color. On 8/16 they said 2-3 weeks so hopefully we will have countertops in 8-10 days!

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My wait from template to install will be almost 4 weeks (mine go in next Wednesday). I guess I would have a really busy fabricator than one who is sitting around waiting for my job. And I've been without water in the kitchen since June 14 - what's another week?

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We arranged our prep sink and faucet about like that on the corner of the island and it is comfortable to use from either side:

Our prep sink is almost square other than the rounded corners - about 18 x 18" interior dimension. The soap dispenser to the left is reachable from either side (and I have a relatively short reach) as is the handle and air switch. We had the fabricator lay things out with the sink as close to two edges as was practical.

We also like that the sink accessories are in a tight cluster leaving as much of the island surface unobstructed as possible.

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Your kitchen is almost exactly like ours but our sink and range are flipped! I mean exactly! Wow - Looking at your plan, it's kind of scary!

We put our prep sink across from the range top and tend to prep to the left of it, but I didn't want to push back into the core of the island any more than I had to so, so the soap dispenser on the opposite corner of the sink.

It works really well for us b/c I find it's easier to get the pot to the corner for the soap then back against the center but it's just a personal preference.

We had a 21" cabinet but the sink was 19 1/2" so it's really pretty much using every bit of available space.

I'll tell you one unplanned advantage of them spread out - being able to sweep anything into the sink. Now, we have a compact disposal in that sink (which i highly recommend!)

But, looking at your plan, if you do any prep in the back of the island (back to the stovetop,) you won't do it right on the edge of the island countertop, you do it comfortably in front of you. When we do that on the back of our island, when we finish prep, we'll move the cutting board or whatever over and sweep it into the sink from the "opposite" side that the sink is oriented. If your soap dispenser is there in the middle, you'll need to pull that cutting board or whatever it is to the very edge of the counter. Is that making sense to you? We push things over into the back center of the sink all the time, so I can maximize it from the side and the back, and I'm glad that center space is available and not blocked by a soap disposer.

Since your sink is even bigger than mine, and right across from your stovetop is an open area, you may want to consider that?

Incidentally, we put the disposal push button on the side of the cabinet instead of cutting another hole - I love that - it's in the perfect spot for my hand (pic below.)

As an aside, our kitchens are not laid out like most with a long horizontal island. I was really fretting about that for the longest time in the planning phase. I gotta say - I love our layout now! The island orientation perpendicular to the sides of the kitchen allows folks to be working on all sides of the island, working on the long countertops on the perimeter, plus sitting at the end of the island. It really gives you so much working space that's all focused in on each other so it's very social - I bake with my daughters and love how we're all facing in.

Anyway, here are some pictures so you'll be able to see how your kitchen is going to turn out layout wise - just squint and imagine your rangetop where our sink is and vice versa. And, hold a mirror up to it for your prep sink location. Let me know if you have any questions since we're living in it! ;) I put my plan in (it was actually marked for lighting but you can see the cabinets) below so you can see how similar they are.

For the sink accessories, go with your gut. You use it - you know best!

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Kristen Hallock

Thanks akcorcoran. We actually have most of our kitchen done and my husband even hooked up a plastic sink and our dishwasher is in use now too. We just dont have our counters, prep sink and real sink in.

Here is a picture of what it looks like now.

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