UnderCabinet Lighting?

honey_badgerAugust 21, 2012

Kitchen is coming together and I still haven't decided on what kind of undercabinet lighting to go with. I'm down to xenon or LED. I like the idea of xenon as i can use a dimmer with it, but i also like the idea of the low power that LEDs use. Trouble seems to be, with LEDs, is that as they burn out, you need to replace the entire strip - at least the ones i have been looking at seem that way. And i'm not sure how the light given off by the LEDs looks - too cold? Anyway, what have folks been putting in for undercabinet lighting and would you do it again?

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I have the warm LED from environmentallights.com. They aren't cool at all. I don't think you need to worry about them burning out for many years. They are supposed to have a life span of 25,000 to 100,000 hours. That 25,000 is 10 years if left on 24x7.

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I put those Xeon hockey puck lights in the last kitchen I redid I liked them and so do the tenants that live there now. Only problem is they are not as efficient as LED is. The Xeon bulbs did seem to last a long time for me but I would bet LED would last very much longer

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We went with LED strips.
Ours are cool but that's what we wanted.
They're also available in warm and dimmable.
We'd definetly go with LEDs again.
You'll also get lots of good info & advice over at the lighting forum.

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We also used the LED strips from Environmental Lights, and love them. They are dimmable, have warm light, don't throw off any heat, and should last many years. They are very low profile and hide neatly behind the trim on the bottom of the cabinet. The sales people at Environmental Lights were extremely helpful. I emailed them my cabinet layout and they did up a plan with a bill of materials for us. We did the installation ourselves, and they were wonderful about answering our questions.

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My xenons were very warm with one of them being so hot it self-destructed (cooked the glass). Replacing them with warm (light, not temp) dimmable LEDs.

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Another one that went with dimmable LED strips from Environmental Lights. Mine are the warm white and I love them! As SadieV said above, their sales people are wonderful to work with.


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Another plug for Environmental Lights. Great quality light, they dim very well with no flickering, and they were very helpful during the ordering process. Also one of the least expensive options out there when I was looking.

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We went with the Environmental LED lights - even our electrician was impressed with them. very helpful sales people.

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Just purchased puck style LEDs not installed yet. Its says the bulbs should last 20+ years if used 6 hours a day.

Bought them at Lowes, 4 dimmible pucks for less than $100. They are plug in but DH found a way to hide the outlet behind the crown molding. Then the outlet will have a switch. The dimmable knob will be mounted under a cabinet. It was so much easier to find plug in than hardwire for less than $100.

Sorry for all the extra info. but I'm so excited I don't have to see the wire plugged in!

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I have dimmable Sea Gull Ambiance Linear LED. They are a series of little lights attached to a cable, so when one goes out, I think you'd just replace that one. But they're not supposed to burn out for years. Love them, no flickering, cool light, energy efficient. Low profile, so they don't show.

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I have Diode LED brand and love them. Electrician got them through the local electrical warehouse. They have a retail presence on line, called Elemental LED. I have the warm 2700k vs the cool at 5000k. This is the color temp not the actual heat of the fixture. The fixtures are cool to the touch. I have all mine on dimmers. The driver is non dimmable.

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I have GM led light bars that are can be dimmed. 3000 on the light spectrum so very neural. 2700s look just like regular lights but we wanted a whiter light instead of standard yellow. We are so used to the yellow look of lights that it does take time to get used to these but I like them!

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We have CSL LED planned. They are dim able and warm.And meets title 24. Code.

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Don't have it installed yet but will be using GMLighting LED tape which comes in 3 different light colors (warm 2700k, warm 3500k and natural4200K). They are dimmable.

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we have the same as Ginny20 except we used the xenon bulbs. the led bulbs were very $$, so we will wait till the price comes down to switch over.

with the seagull lighting you can use either the xenon or led bulb and don't have to change the housing just the bulb.
they are dimmable and we do use that feature.
they have been in a year and we love them and would use again.
love the temp of the light (warm). so far none have burned out.
they do throw off some heat, but use them mostly in the darker, cooler/colder months so not a problem for us.


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For all of you who ordered from Enviornmental lights, which product did you buy specifically?

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I went with Inspired LED because it was the lowest I found and the website was so simple and informative I was not overwhelmed with choices. The owner there is very helpful with any questions and will tell you what you need if you just want to submit plans. He will make the lights, connecting cords and power cords in custom lengths. I went with the designer series kits in a warm light. I think having the lights encased was worth the tad extra and supposedly it diffuses the lighting also. They are still very thin and do not show even without a light rail. The regular series without the protective dome are even thinner. They were so easy to install. The kits come with a 4 position dimmer which is a must because the brightest is really bright and the last just perfect for leaving on all night long. The light is very evenly distributed. I did not like the spot light look created with pucks. On the 18" cabinets I used a 10" length, the 36" cabinets I used an 18" plus a 10" hooked together. Plenty of light. It was $158.00 for (3) 18" designer series, (3) 10" designer series, two power supplies, two dimmers and all the connecting cords. The connecting cord heads are very small and round so you just have to drill a small hole to link from cabinet to cabinet. They were shipped by priority mail the same day that I ordered them.

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I put in Philips ew Powercore LED light bars, direct wire and I didn't bother with a dimmer. They are a very easy install.
The light it gives off is really nice(not yellow like the LED strips) and functional too. I leave them on all the time and only use the pendants when I need a lot of light on cloudy,rainy days or at night. Since I have dark soapstone countertops I was concerned with having enough light but they shine plenty of light. Very happy with them.

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Which color temperature powercore lights did you use?

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We have led strips by Maxim Starstrand ucl. Very warm color. They are dimmable. Here's the thing I have recognized....the strips have little tiny bulbs and illuminate more in the direction they are pointed. ie, we have ours facing downward, stuck on the bottom of the cabinet and the bs is not as illuminated. We could have pointed them towards the bs but then the counter would not have been as illuminated.

With the Seagull lights in last house, the counter and the bs were illuminated equally because the light aimed downward, angled back and at at the bs due to shape of it.

Imagine a flashlight vs a light bulb.

In hindsight I think we actually preferred the look of the Seagull lighting. Although those did get warm, and these do not. And I like leaving these on all the time and not feeling guilty about wasting energy.

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