Joss & Main slowest shipping on the planet?

jterrilynnNovember 15, 2012

Has anyone here ordered from Joss & Main? I ordered a moderately priced (not a high-end made to order I don't think) wall sculpture thing on Oct. 7th and it's still not here. After close to the four week mark I sent an email inquiry and got a reply back that I thought was a bit short stating that there was an estimation for delivery on my receipt. There was not so I sent a reply with a copy of the receipt. Still no delivery but now I do have an estimation delivery for the 15th to the 28th of Nov. I'm wondering if it's just my item or if anyone else has had very slow shipping with this company. They have some cool things on their site but I'm not sure I will ever buy from there again.

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That's ridiculous. I also feel like a lot of those flash sale sites have very high shipping rates. Having to wait over a month for something I ordered would be enough to make me not want to buy from them again.

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It does seem a little ridiculous that they want you to impulse-buy stuff, but they can't ship in a timely manner. What's the fun of an impulse buy if it takes 2 months to get the thing?

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Most of the flash sales sites have super slow shipping. I can't complain too much about J&M's because it's so cheap. However, anything longer than three weeks is too long, IMO. On the positive side, I've found their customer service to be very responsive.

The long shipping time usually is the fault of the manufacturer as J&M is just a clearing house. I ordered some 13 Strawberry Street plates from Amazon and had to Email them several times to get them after I had already waited a month for delivery.

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Well Jiminy Crickets I have never had to wait so long for a ship. I have an area wall in my game room that is divided into sectional molding strips and the size and colors of this wall sculpture are a perfect fit. You cannot cancel once you make the order apparently. The last correspondence stated that I would get an email once the item shipped, since that has not happened yet it's looking like I may get it next year sometime. Sheesh!

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I hope you receive your item by the November 28 date. If not, contact customer service again. There's absolutely no way you should have to wait until next year.

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Are they like One King's Lane? I've only ordered from that site once, and was pleased with what I received, but the shipping was horribly slow.

I've been ordering yarn for knitting from an eBay seller who resides in Turkey. From Turkey to Texas in less than 3 days! And yet some of these websites can't get something across the U.S. in 3 weeks? Ridiculous.

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Hi All-

I�m on the Joss & Main team. We definitely understand your frustrations and are very sorry to hear about your experiences with slow shipping. Unfortunately, shipping timing can vary a lot based on the suppliers we work with and the delicacy and size of the item � and some times unanticipated things happen despite all our best efforts to prevent them. We take your feedback very seriously and are working all the time to make sure you and all our members can buy with confidence in prompt shipping, delivery and everything that contributes to your satisfaction, as well as great design. If you have any questions or concerns about shipping for a specific item feel free to contact We�re always happy to help.

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I haven't used Joss & Main yet, but I can vouch for slow shipping at One Kings Lane and Beyond the Rack. Rue La La is also kinda slow, but not as slow as the other two I mentioned.

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I've ordered twice with Joss & Main and they came in a timely fashion. I hope it's all worth the wait.

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Well thank you Joss & Main! You will get another email if my long lost sculpture isn't here soon. I have had to visit the picture on my receipt order a few times just to remember what it looked like. I do appreciate your professional reply though.
Boy I am happy that they gave a civil answer to this post so I can feel a bit better about the whole thing. Remember the person on the kitchen forum that had a problem with her soapstone company? After her post and the bullying reply from that company I personally would not under any circumstances use them. Even though some had had a good experience with the company the rep responding came across as a mean stalker over and over.

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Well, it was a canned response. But it was a response. I hope your sculpture arrives soon, JT, and that you love it.

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Yes it was canned but at least it wasn't hostile and they care enough to keep watch. I guess since they are watching I may as well say that I'm not going to be completely happy unless I get a 50% off coupon due to the beyond slow...well past slow ship...going on six weeks so far slow. Make me happy Joss & Main!

I am sooo shameless hehehe!

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Bump. We are caught in the same vortex of non-responsive communications with J&M. Did no one else consider their exorbitant shipping rate charges on top of the inexcusably slow shipping? When we asked for a tracking number, their response yielded a non-working number, despite their insistence that it was correct. Jterrilynn, did you ever get your wall sculpture?

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Hi, yes I finally got it close to three months later. I love the stuff on their site but do not think I will order from them again. In contrast, MyHabit comes in days and some of the other online discount stores in two weeks or so.

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Their prices are good but besides slow shipping
They do not give you the mfr of item so you do not know quality
Their prices sometimes are comparable with their sister companies and they have return policies
very hard to judge quality of item
The graphics are so backward, cannot expand item
No wonder we give back a great deal, no way make an intelligent decision.

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On Feb. 7 I placed an order for an ottoman that was $57.95. I thought the price was high, but was willing to take a chance because I really liked the item. The estimated arrival date was between March 11 & 19. I was told that the long shipping time was because the items were made according to how many orders they get. When I didnâÂÂt have it on March 19 I contacted them and was given a new ship date of March 29. I was assured that back orders were a rare occurrence and the new ship date was âÂÂprovided directly from the warehouseâÂÂ. Then on March 26 I got a message that my order was canceled because the item was not available "due to unprecedented demand". A couple of months later I noticed the same item offered in the same collection for $77.95! Apparently it was available again. But I didn't love it $20 more. A week ago I happened to check the site and found the very same item under a different name for only $27.95 (1-2 weeks to ship). Considering that I had $30 credit in my account thanks to CSRs who responded to my frustrations, I went ahead and ordered it. So it only cost me less than $8 with shipping. But I wonder if I will get it this time.

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Well, color me surprised! Though it took the full stated two weeks to ship, I did receive the product today. Pleased with the item. Still, I doubt I'll be placing future orders.

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Rosann Johnson

ImPaul July 31 13 post - THAT is not uncommon at Joss and Main. I've had it happen several times. All of the flash sale sites have problems now and then, but it is becoming commonplace at Joss and Main. The longer it takes to get your item, the more likely you won't get it at all. They will claim they had too many orders to fill them all (vendor fault, of course) then the item will show up again at a different price. My last experiences with them have ended my consumer loyalty completely...first item gone wrong was a substitute sent to me and a series of email exchanges with customer service where they wanted photos of the item received with a tape measure beside it - really? So if I measure a fake little suitcase and it is the same measurement as the WALL SHELF I ordered, it will magically become a wall shelf?! Then, the last item I had in my order queue just got cancelled because the vendor didn't send them as many as they sold...fine. I always went to the internet to investigate the truth of pricing and only ever bought what I knew was truly marked down, or that was priced in a range I was willing to pay for the item if I couldn't find it elsewhere. My opinion is they are your typical marketers who started out honest and then converted.

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Shipping is somewhat slow, but my first order I
Paid for shipping then I get free shipping for the next
29 days or so. That helps.

I'll echo what the previous poster said - they need
to advertise the mfg of their products so the end
Consumer can make an educated decision. I don't
Know if I'm buying junk or not.

And I disagree. Prices are NOT necessarily reasonable,
Especially considering you have zero clue as to the
Quality or mfg. I've seen some pretty pricy
Furniture that I'm confident is more than likely
Foam based. - in other words, nothing more than
Expensive junk. Like the chair I purchased
Recently. Pretty junk that I overpaid for.

And no way to search an item by number or name
Or perform ANY type of search on their site?

Exhausting and time consuming. Who has time for that?
Oh, people who want to impulse shop for junk that
They can't return.

Poor standards. Won't use them again.

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Joss and Main is a flash sale site for Wayfair. If I am considering furniture I am often able to find the manufacturer by Googling specific dimensions. I just cut and paste from the Joss and Main description. I occasionally luck out Googling descriptions of rugs and other items but it doesn't work as well as the furniture trick.

Unless there is a clearance sale, J and M prices plus shipping are often only slightly better than Wayfair. And Wayfair usually has a better return policy.

I did find a great deal on some side tables on J and M but never received them because they supposedly sold out.

This post was edited by deee on Fri, Aug 16, 13 at 7:14

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I purchased a large industrial cabinet made of what looks like a reclaimed wood top and the rest is metal. It arrived well packaged with the cabinet in a box and that inside a larger box. We paid over 400.00 and the ship fee was 9.95 for a fairly large piece. The shipping was via FedEx and took approximately 9 or so days which is acceptable to me. We unpacked the item and got rid of the cardboard and styrofoam, bubble wrapping and went back to look at the cabinet and there was a small ding with a scratch that ran down the left panel about 11" and adjacent was a smaller scratch in a Z shape. My first thought was maybe there were some really large industrial staples and we had done the damage so I checked the open boxes, but no metal anyplace! I contacted them and they replied quickly offering me $20.00 GASP! Over 400.00 for a cabinet and they are offering me 20.00. I got to thinking to ship it back and get another the shipping alone for them would be quadruple that and wondered how they came up with 20.00 to make it right. I received another email from them not much later asking me a lot of questions about the damage (answers that were previously given in my original email) and a short time later they offered to ship me out a new cabinet. I did tell them I peruse their site daily when I get the emails and had the intent to purchase again from them, but not if they were going to offer 20.00 for damage to metal (IMO, hard to repair) I also have told friends and family about J&M and well... I was hoping for the positive outcome I got. I will shop with them again and continue to give them the shout our to friends and family. A happy ending for our cabinet and us! They did what was right and I applaud them for that.

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A company may try to tell you that you cannot cancel its order, but I feel as if they cannot uphold their end of the bargain and get the item to me, I'm going to cancel.
One word of caution: Order using either your credit card, or if using Paypal, open a dispute before the deadline for opening a dispute passes, (I think it is 40 or 45 days).

A company can still choose to ship an item once a dispute is opened, but they only have a short time to do so before Paypal decides the claim and gives you a refund, if that is what you have requested.

Too many times, companies will string you along until you have no remedy.
To get you to sit there and not take any action to solve the issue, they will get some silver tongued rep to give you a load of hogwash in the form of a meaningless apology.

I can't sit on hogwash, or hang it on my walls, so I don't listen, and if everyone doesn't listen, and takes the time to open a dispute, these companies will change their ways or go out of business.

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