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hellobrittAugust 8, 2013

We have a 1920's house that had a kitchen in the very back room (10' x 10'). We gutted the house and plan to move the kitchen to the middle of the house, which is about 12' long by 15' wide. On each 15' section, there is a large opening. Further, there is also a window on one of the walls.

We are planning to have the course of that window raised above counter height. How high should the opening be above the floor for that window .

The plan is to have each 12' wall with cabinets and a center island with an overhang on the side opposite the range. We are not sure how much space to put between the islands and the walls. The walk-way in the left of the image is the "main walk" to get from the living room to the dining room. Any ideas on how to position the island so that it is long enough for a sink, dishwasher, trash bin, and base cabinet (about 87") without creating choke points with the edges of the opening?

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Window height may depend on how you want to trim the window out. If you match the trim on other windows in the house, how high would the window need to be to sit above the counter (typically the counter is about 36" high)? Add some height, if you want some backsplash under the window trim.

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Also, you may want to consider moving the trash pullout to the other side of the sink. That orientation is working well in our new kitchen. Scrape the plates into the trash, rinse in the sink (if necessary) and then place in the dishwasher.

How wide are each of your walkways?

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Fantastic suggestion about moving the trash-bin! Thanks

The stool + apron is about 5", so I think making the masonry opening at 42" above the floor will work.

The room is 15' wide. The widths are:
1. 24-3/4" for the left wall cabinets
2. 26" for the right wall (I guess the refrigerator handle and range might extend beyond this a little)
3. For the island 10"overhang +12-3/4" wall cab +24-3/4" base cab +1-1/4" overhang

What i am most worried about is the distance between the corners of the island and the openings... they will be narrower than the walkway. I don't know how narrow is too narrow.

That means the walkways are 40-1/4".

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To me, those walkways seem reasonable, but others here seem to prefer their walkways wider. I think it boils down to how many cooks you will have working all at once. Our narrowest walkway is 39", which is working fine for us so far.

The one narrow point that I see is between the corner of the island and the opening by the window. Will someone be able to comfortably get through there?

Do you intend to prep on the back side of the island? If not, you might consider eliminating the toe kicks there. For the back of our island, we do not have a toe kick. We wrapped sides and back of our island with baseboard molding. We do have toe kick on the front side, where we will do all of our prep work and cooking. I think it gives the island more of a furniture look.

For the spice rack, wouldn't you want that next to the range, for easier access while cooking?

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