HELP! My granite smells funny.....

cambro5August 16, 2008

Accidentally posted to Home Decorating forum.... sorry if this is repetitive....

I was cleaning my kitchen this morning and realized something smelled off. I checked towels, sponges, etc., and they were fine. Then I sniffed my stove top - a flat one - and it smelled a little strange. Then I sniffed my granite and it also smelled strange. Yes, I looked like a crazy person! It's not all my granite, just the areas around my sink and stove that get the most use. Am I not Cleaning it right?? I use a granite daily spray with papertowels and/or microfiber cloths and it certainly seems clean to me. Anybody ever experience this? Any solutions? I know there is some poultice you can use for stains, maybe I should try that? BTW, my granite is uba tuba so not exceptionally porous... HELP!

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Check the dishrag/sponge that you last used to wipe it down. Chances are it was musty.

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I would also check the granite spray you are using. Is that the smell you are picking up? I can't imagine why but maybe something in has turned bad.

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In reading the two prior responses, it might be a good idea to describe the odour you're smelling. My first thought was the same as lightlystarched..... a musty odour transferred from the cloth, but perhaps that's not the kind of smell you're talking about and eandhl is on the right track. I don't know where you live, but here in Ontario, Canada, we've had a ton of rain this summer. I've noticed that our dishcloths are getting musty smelling within a day or two, maybe due to added moisture in the air. I also think I've developed some weird acute sensitivity to that smell recently. Good luck!

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It's the radon oozing from your granite. Run for your life!

Sorry I couldn't resist :-)

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What kind of smell is it? I have Ubatuba and have never noticed any type of smell. How long have you had the granite? If it's relatively new and the smell is by the stove and sink, could it be from the epoxy they used? Hope you get to the bottom of this!

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Okay, let me try to describe this... my uba tuba's been in for 2 months. I do not have a garbage disposal, btw. It's not really a musty smell, more sour if anything. I do cook in this area and wonder if liquids/oils are getting onto the counter and I'm not cleaning them well enough. Someone suggested my cleaner was the culprit - it has a lemony smell that could go sour, I guess. It's Granite Gold from BB&B. I looked for the Method brand at the grocery store just now and they didn't have it. I did get some ceramic cooktop cleaner for my oven top and that seemed to help with that.

I have been using the old cleaner from my laminate counters pre-kitchen redo on the stove top - maybe it's old... and has gotten onto the granite? I will try a different granite cleaner when I can get to HD or BB&B and try that. Thanks for the suggestions!

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I have used the Granite Gold on my Ubatuba and didn't notice any type of smell. I did switch to the Method brand (did you try at Target, that's where I got mine) because of so many recommendations here and I love the smell!

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Well no worries...Radon smells like cinnamon :oP

(Wiseman started it)!!

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I know you said you checked your towels, etc. But, our dish cloths get a "sour" smell after one or two days of use (don't know why) so we use them one day & then throw them into the dirty laundry. (I do bleach them...that seems to be the only way to get rid of the odor. Bacteria maybe?) Anyway, anything we wipe down w/a cloth that smells takes on that odor. For hard/non porous surfaces, I can just wipe down again w/a hot, very soapy (clean) cloth to get rid of the odor.

Is it possible you had also used a cloth that had that odor but had since put it in the laundry?

[With porous materials, however, it's a different story. We had an instance where my DD got sick & w/o thinking I used a cloth from the previous day to wipe down the sofa (faux leather!). That sofa smelled for months afterward...I tried everything! It did eventually go away...but like I said, it took months! New FR furniture is on the list after new carpet and paint!]

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IglooChic & Weissman...stop that!


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Try about 10% rubbing alcohol to 80% water. Spritz some on the counter and wipe good with a paper towel. See if the smell goes away.

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I will try the rubbing alcohol -thanks for the tip, I think I'm afraid to use anything not labeled 'for granite'!! I don't think it is the cloths or anything because not ALL the granite smells funny, just the area around my stove and next to my sink. In other words, the areas that get the most use... I'm definitely going to Target and getting the other brand!

As far as radon is concerned, I figure I'm somewhat covered as we have a radon removal system in the house already....of course, it's in the basement... the counters definitely don't smell like cinnamon...that might be nice!

buehl, I know about smelly sofas, that's next on my house fixer upper list!!! FR sofa is old and gross!!

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For 5 yrs I used the Alcohol/water combo to clean my granite with no problems. I am not saying use it daily just see if it eliminates the smell.

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weissman! You beat me to it! I was racing to post a radon warning until I saw your post dogonit. That'a a word isn't it?

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I expect no less from weissman and Igloo!! they are both wisea**es LOL
breezy- yes but its doggonit! 2 gs!! :)

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Im having the same problem and I also checked my towels, sponge and dishcloths and then found it to be the granite COUNTERTOP. ITS ACTUALLY SMELLS OF FISH. And permeates through out the entire kitchen..even my daughter noticed it when she came over.the smell is that strong ( AND NO I dont cook fish). I WAS FLOORED!!!

but I used the alcohol and water even before I saw it here and it helped a lot..(found it on the web)
was my granite suppose to be sealed?? if so, no one told me about that, only to seal the tile behind the counter

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