Adding 2nd HVAC vent in kitchen?

littledebbieAugust 2, 2012

I have another HVAC kitchen question. Our kitchen doesn't get enough air because the HVAC vent under the kitchen sink is half covered up from a remodel that was done in '96. Our contractor said when the new cabinets are put in that he will make sure the vent is not blocked at all anymore. But he also said he could add a 2nd vent under the sink we are putting into the island. I just realized that the island sink is almost parallel to the kitchen sink, so the 2 vents would be blowing toward each other about 4 feet apart. Whoever stands in that spot will get air from 2 directions. So my question is: Will the 1 vent be enough if it is completely uncovered, instead of being half blocked off by the tile floor, like it is currently? Or if we decide to put in the 2nd vent under the sink, will it be a bad idea to have the vents 4 feet across from each other? We would prefer not to move where the sink is in the island.

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Sophie Wheeler

You need a HVAC specialist in to assess the system as a whole. Adding a second vent does nothing if the system doesn't have the air velocity to push out conditioned air from that vent. Any new cooking equipment also will need to be accounted for, as it will produce a lot of heat, and the ventilation system will attempt to remove that. You need to be sure your home doesn't need makeup air as a consequence. A HVAC professional will assess the size of the ducts, the current air flow, the capacity of the air handler and the condensor and then make recommendations as to how to balance the comfort of the home as a whole.

A "contractor" does NOT have the qualifications necessary to address your needs here.

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