Granite Cut by Knife

GODJOEYAugust 29, 2013

Yesterday my knife slipped thinking my granite could take a knife slice it did not. It slightly scored the granite enough that my nail can catch it but it's hard to see by the eyes alone.

I have now read all these slabs were resin coated. Maybe it is the coating that got sliced. Is there anything anyone can recommend as a filler without messing with the rest of the resin coat?

Sad I wish people told me this before I got the granite it is not forgiving as I was lead to believe. Would a polish help?

I just purchased Hope plolish to see if ths helps heh just another lesson I got to learn first hand. Thank you for any responses I appreciate it.

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It is unlikely you actually scratched granite with a kitchen knife. Most often the "scratch" is actually the metal edge of the knife left behind on the surface of the stone. Take steel wool and rub the "scratch"; most likely the line will disappear as the steel wool removes the metal from the surface of the stone.

This is why we don't recommend people cut on their granite; not because it'll scratch the granite but rather because the granite will ruin the edges on their cutlery. (would you cut something on your driveway with a good kitchen knife?)

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